1. Big028

    toyota denso winch 24v 38600 60070 Req for Info

    Hi there. 1st post. I bought a seemingly old winch from a garage sale..... it is a denso winch 24v 38600 60070. Not sure if it works but I would like to get some info on it and if possible a wiring diagram. Need this info to consider installing it in my V8 Hilux. I thank in advance anyone...
  2. OffRoadScott

    850J questions

    Okay so after a lot of research my brain is dead trying to figure this out on my own. Currently, I have the OME 2.5 medium-lift with the 851 springs in the front. Plans have a front bumper, winch in the future. Would the 850J be too much after the added weight, would the front still sit...
  3. sigorama

    For Sale  FJ70 Chrome Front Bumper, OEM

    I have a 70 series chrome front bumper for sale. One small ding in the front, but I'm guessing a good body guy could straighten that out. I did not remove this from the FJ70, just bought it for a project and now am switching gears. Includes the OEM yellow lights. In very good condition overall...
  4. thomasedwa

    Only changing out front shocks and springs to support winch

    Hi! I have an '93 80 series with an ARB Deluxe bull bar everything else is stock. I need a winch not so much for recovery right now but for pulling brush and pulling roots out of the ground. Could I change out just the front shocks with these FOX shocks: 1989-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Fox 2.0...
  5. Jim Tate

    For Sale  Looking for FJ80 ARB winch bumper

    Hello, Im looking for a deal on an ARB bumper, roof rack, rear tire carry bumper for my 1993 FZJ80. Cant afford new, so preferably used well as I'm on a tight budget. Thankyou :) Jim 53O-6O4-569I
  6. dahlmaker

    For Sale  Warn 86255 VR 10,000 Winch

    ***SOLD*** Selling my Warn VR 10,000 Winch. Purchased it 9/5/16 from 4Wheel Parts. It's sat on my truck for almost two years and has never even been unspooled! New house and new kid = no time for wheelin and needing some cash. I'm asking $400 and I'm in Los Angeles. Local pickup only. Thanks!
  7. Stik11987

    Anyone running warn vr10 on arb deluxe bumper?

    Hi is anyone running the warn vr10 on an arb bumper? I bought a vr10s and was going to purchase the ARB3411050 bumper but am worried about compatibility. And yes I know I goofed on buying the winch first. A sale got the better of me!

    COMEUP Winch used in Historic crossing of Greenland Ice Sheet

    ComeUp Winch is proud to have been the trusted winches on the vehicles used recently in this historic expedition. The first 4wheel Drive vehicles to traverse the long axis of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Take a look at this article from Outside Magazine, in connection with Overland Journal that...
  9. B

    Warn Xeon 10-S Platinum vs Comeup 9.5rsi

    Hey everyone, hoping to get some specific feedback on a decision I am getting ready to make. Much like I suspect many others have done, I have spent many hours scouring both this forum and others to try and gain a better feel of what winch I want to purchase. I am at a point now where I have...
  10. M

    Pto winch slipping grinding under heavy load

    Hi, any ine who can point me into the right direction. My pto winch is slipping with gear noise under heavy load only. Checked the bronze gear in the winch and all splines on the drive shaft. All ok. Break pin replaced by 6mm bolt also still intact. Any thing in the pto it self that can...
  11. zonker

    Winch Circuit Breaker

    I installed a Comeup Seal 9.5rs last year. Don't know where my mind was at as I come from somewhat of an electrical background. With that said.. I like a dumb a** did not fuse or install a circuit breaker in the positive from the battery to the winch. Going back to rectify this situation.. I...
  12. 1hundy

    Wanted  Winch Bumper and Rear bumper with tire carrier for 100 series Routt Colorado

    Looking for someone who might be selling their 100 and bring it back to stock. Looking for a front winch bumper and a rear bumper with tire carrier and or swing outs. Would also be interested in full roof rack. I have a 2006 100 in Thunderstorm grey, would be happy to give my stock bumpers if...
  13. sigorama

    For Sale  1971 FJ40 PTO

    Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Power Take Off for transfer case. Removed from a 1970 FJ-40. In good condition. $425 Email me at
  14. tupa

    PTO Winch License plate Holder

    Hi everyone, Did Toyota make a special license plate bracket to use with their PTO winch AND foglights mounted on the bumper? On the picture, the bezel is square, so it must be a 7901+ bracket. As a comparison, I took a picture of a front bumper and there are no holes. This is from a '76, but...
  15. stock

    Group buy Comeup Winch

    Hi all. I'm hosting a group buy on Comeup Winchs. This will be limited to the following, which are some of their best sellers also. There is some extra juice available if we get more than 5 orders that I can disclose via PM. Feel free to message me and/or post here. Links below to the ComeUp USA...
  16. stock

    Group buy Comeup winch

    Any interest? I was going to contact Ok4wd in NJ and see if they are interested. Not really sure how a group buy works with a international company like @COMEUP . Maybe direct?


    RARE FOR SALE, Original mechanical winch for LandCruiser from 1960 to 1984 Complete with winch, leveler, PTO, shaft and yoke. It works and was removed from my 83 BJ 45. It's heavy so freight shipping might be the only option. Those are hard to find. Asking $3000 + shipping
  18. Economist LC76

    OEM Winch chain & hook correct position

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has information about TOYOTA recommendation regarding the hook fixation on the mechanical winch? The original brochures show quite unstable position of the hook. Looks like when you start driving the hook will contact the front panel Standard owner's manuals don't...
  19. MrBG

    For Sale  Like new Warn 96815: Warn VR10-S Winch

    Selling a warn vr-10s winch. Never used, recently installed by the PO of the ‘81 BJ40 I just purchased. Still has the factory manual and decals. Heavy duty synthetic line. Retails for $769, looking to get $650. I don’t have use for a winch on the new BJ as I don’t plan on doing any hardcore...
  20. RFB

    For Sale  smittybilt x20 12000 synthetic

    built in 2017,installed a few months ago. used once to pull out a jeep(literally) 400. to MUD members not going lower sorry. location is mass. comes with cover(new in box) and a new WARN hook and aluminium hawse fairlead. and wired or wireless remote that works really well. 508-718-8253
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