1. Redcrayon

    For Sale  2004 white 100 series in Spring Hill, TN(near nashville) $10,000 205,000miles

    I have found a 2008 land cruiser I want and I was seeing if there is any interest in my land cruiser prior to trading it in. I am at work now so I can include photos when I get home...... for now, I can list the work I've had done since purchase in 2016 from Herrin Gear Toyota in Jackson, MS...
  2. Charlie Aubin

    New 4x4 Vehicle Recovery Kit- BOG OUT 20% Discount on

    Hi there New members of IH8Mud and enjoying being part of. We're a small family business and excited to have our unique Aussie recovery gear in store in America. We have just launched on Amazon USA and are offering a limited number of 20% discounts on BOG OUT Twin Pack purchases on Amazon -...
  3. KennyG

    For Sale  200 series ARB front bumper with Warn 10k pound winch.

    So quick story, my friend owns a body shop and told me he had a Land Cruiser bumper laying around and he’d give me a good deal on it, so I bought it. Turns out it’s for a 200 series. So I’m just selling it for exactly what I paid for it, just need it gone. Has a dent in the center of the bumper...
  4. Charlie Aubin

    New Product from Australia - BOG OUT Turns Wheels into Winches

    G'day! We're thrilled to be new members of IH8Mud and excited to be bringing our unique Aussie recovery gear to America. We will be launching with some special discounts on next week ;) BOG OUT has been well tested in Australia for over four years. It is a simple system that TURNS...
  5. CruiserDog

    For Sale  Land Cruiser HDJ81 factory winch, controller, and winch bumper

    1992 land cruiser hdj81 12v factory winch setup -All the parts included (controller, wiring, brackets, and recovery points) -Dark grey bumper. -works great just doesn't fit with the recent mods. -it is located in the Northern California bay area. -prefer local pick up but shipping can be figured...
  6. O Ironman

    Winching Tips & Tricks 01 - Winching A Tree Off The Trail

    Often in backcountry travel, we come across a downed tree across the trail. We take you through a basic tree removal winching scenario using our 12,000LB Monster Winch and Large Recovery Kit. Having the right equipment outfitted to your vehicle is important but investing in training and...
  7. D

    For Sale  2008 Toyota Land Cruiser For Sale

    2008 Toyota Land Cruiser - Great Condition - 185,600 miles - ARB front bumper - 9000lb winch - New BFGoodrich Tires - DVD - Tan Leather Interior - $23,500
  8. Alexh85

    Winching Backwards

    I was being an idiot again, and i got stuck with no one to pull me out backwards, so i tried winching backwards with pulleys. Too see if it actually works, or is it just a story people tell when their drunk. This is how i rigged up my winch rope; I didn't want to break anything, so i took...
  9. Ambrew

    For Sale  Warn Winch controller with plug

    Works. was on an 8274. Always interested in trading for bj42 or fj45 parts. 60$ usd shipped to Canada/Usa
  10. lettereleven

    Factory winch troubleshooting

    Howdy, I'm trying to figure out which part of my factory winch is the problem. Is there any means of testing it off-vehicle? Ground and power seem intuitive, but I'm not sure how to bypass the #1 magnet switch (under the battery). Is it possible? Overall, I my winch isnt working. The #1...
  11. Slashzero

    For Sale  TJM Winch Tray, never used

    Hello, I have a TJM Winch Tray (957MTT1581C) for sale. This can be used to do a hidden winch mod on an OEM bumper, which was my original plan. I don’t think I will ever do the hidden winch install on my 2003 LC, plus I just went in on the Metaltech 4x4 group buy so looking to get some money...
  12. 2000_land_cruiser

    Hidden Winch Mount Behind Factory Bumper - 100 Series

    Well I've been posting on Instagram a ton and wanted to finally post something on here for everyone to look at! Below is my build for my hidden winch Mount inside my factory bumper! To start the build I used a universal winch plate from Harbor Fraud! From there I cut it up and welded with my...
  13. O

    Wanted  Factory Toyota/JDM Winch for 1997 TLC - Houston

    Looking for one, preferable near Houston, but willing to arrange chipping if possible. Pm me.
  14. rghouse

    Offroad Boar 13000lb winch Amazon 4.5 stars

    Ok Its time, I buried the Super Duty on Monday and my Jeep buddy (with a smittybilt on the front) had to rescue me. Ground is mush right now and a load of oak in the back didnt help. So.... Anybody running one of these wild Boar 13k winches? Equipped with Synthetic rope and wireless remote for...
  15. S

    For Sale  Chevys

    Mods please delete post.
  16. O

    Wanted  Factory Toyota/JDM Winch for 1997 TLC - Houston

    Looking to buy one for my Cruiser. Preferable near Houston, but willing to arrange chipping if possible. PM me.
  17. O

    Wanted  Factory Toyota/JDM Winch for 1997 TLC - Houston

    Looking for one, preferable near Houston, but willing to arrange chipping if possible. Pm me.
  18. V

    Warn 8074 Restoration

    Hey everyone. I just bought a '71 FJ40 that came with a Warn 8074 winch. I've decided to restore the winch but I've hit a snag pretty early that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I've removed the circlip holding the brake assembly to the shaft but the assembly will not come off! I've tried...
  19. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  Warn M12000 Winch - New

    Bought this Warn M12000 winch brand new a few months ago and will use a different winch on my 80, so this one is for sale. It is still brand new, unused, and in the box. Asking $1200 o.b.o. plus shipping from Cincinnati. Thanks! -Alberto
  20. E

    Winch lock on 4Plus bumper

    Finally got a winch on my new 4Plus bumper yesterday. I lost a little sleep thinking how easy it'd be for the winch to walk away so this morning I bought some peace of mind from Home Depot for ~20 bucks. The idea is that access to one of the front winch bolts is prevented by the lock. Accessing...
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