1. dudenhoeffer

    Vortec 5.3 Swap - making a "thumpy ticky" noise @ back in Intake Manifold

    I posted this video on a couple Vortec forums, noone so far seems to know what the cause of this noise is... I posted this video: So I'm going to throw it up here and see if all you "toyota guys" can shed some light on the situation. Happens when warm. Takes a minute to start again when...
  2. 88red

    For Sale 1988 FJ62 5.3Vortec Swap Maryland Sold

    For sale today is a fresh frame off 5.3 Vortec swap. This Cruiser is a pleasure to drive and Im sure will give the new owner many smiles down the road. $27,500 Located in Baltimore, MD The Details. 5.3 vortec V8 swap. Pull out motor from 2001 tahoe. 124K miles on the motor. 4l60e transmission...
  3. dudenhoeffer

    So disappointed with my FlexLite electric cooling fans

    So, this is a bit of a rant... please forgive... but I figured I'd share my hard earned experience and perhaps save others some hardship in the process. DO NOT BUY A 412 DUAL FLEX-A-LITE FAN SET FOR YOUR VORTEC SWAP... There, I said it. Feels good. Now... why? You may be thinking, "I thought...
  4. RexTreks

    Builds '94 Re-Power | GM 5.3 Vortec L59 - Build Tracker

    Hey all I've had my cruiser for a couple years now and it's served me well on many adventures, but at the miles creep up, my quest for power drives ever onward. Now in my possession is a zero-mile '04 GM 5.3 L59 that I intend to have carry me throughout the forests and hills; getting there is...
  5. K

    Frame Reinforcement for 350+ HP V8?

    Hey guys, I searched around the internet for awhile and was unable to get a clear answere. Is it necessary to weld reinforcement plates anywhere on the frame to hand a V8 with 350+ horsepower conversion and not tear the frame up? Thanks!
  6. W

    For Sale 5.7L 350 Vortec + 4L60E Transmission ($2,500)

    Location: Everett WA - 5.7L Vortec Fuel Injected Engine. Clean no know issues. Approximately 95,000 miles on it. - 4l60E Automatic Transmission. Recently rebuilt with less than 3,000 miles. - Brand new 19 spline Advanced Adapter that mates to stock FJ60 transfer case. The drivetrain is...
  7. R

    What to Harvest from a 1999 5.3 Vortec

    Greetings, Long time lurker but first post.... I recently purchased a 1970 FJ40 that had a 350 conversion and have since sold the engine and tranny with the intent to replace it with a 5.3 fuel injected engine and a 4L60E transmission. I now have a donor truck (1999 Silverado 4x4 with auto...
  8. gumba

    For Sale 1967/2012 FJ40 VORTEC

    1967 Fj40 with 5.3 VORTEC & 4L60E six speed AUTO. motor & transfer only have 14,000 miles on them. ARB front and back locked, shift kit installed in 4l60e & ART car shifter, transfer case gone threw, disk brakes on all 4 tires, BRAND NEW FST solid cold forged aluminum BEADLOCK rims with 35 inch...
  9. meatloaf

    Resuscitating My vortec Powered 60, Wont Start

    Trying to start truck after 3+ years of it sitting. I had pulled the 5.3L Vortec/h55 a while back, sold the h55 and installed an nv4500. Cranks over fine but it appears it's got no spark. I cannot find the temp sender wire from the harness and the tranny wires are not connected, other than...
  10. meatloaf

    Trade Dual Electric Fan for Vortec to Trade for FJ60 battery tray & TC linkage

    Went with mechanical fan etc., so I have a dual fan I would like to trade for an fj60 battery tray and TC linkage. I had bought it new when my 60 got the transplant and ran it for around 30K miles. Truck has been sitting for about 3 years and now bringing it back to life. Let me know what you...
  11. meatloaf

    5.3L Vortec Starter Wire

    After about 3 years of my 60 not running, I am at the point that I can try to start it. I connected a new battery today but it does not turn over. I found the ignition (??) green wire broken but I am not sure where it connects to since I cannot find the other broken end. Motor is a 2004 5.3L...
  12. logic2

    GM expertise needed - 6.2 Vortec / 6L80e Swap - in a FJ55

    I have a 1972 FJ55 - Bone Stock. I was originally planning to swap in a 5.3 Vortec / 4L60e / with my stock Toyota Transfer case. ---> Plans may have changed <--- I just came across a 2009 Denali 4x4 Rollover and the owner sold me the low mileage drivetrain for under $1000. 6.2L (L92 I...
  13. EasternYeti

    Vortec Cooling Woes, radiator advice needed

    Looking for some suggestions here as I'm at the end of my rope and flat out fed up with Griffin Thermal Products I've had (3) of these units fail in the past two years. The unit I have is as seen below Griffin Performance Fit Radiator Combos CU-00009-LS Summit warrantied the last one 2 months...
  14. Big Sass

    Ls1 Regrets...

    Hi everyone, I would like to hear from people who have converted to the LS or vortec engine. Did you regret using the H55f over the 4l60e?? have you had problems with the h55f behind the v8? I just bought a donor car and with and ls1 and the 4l60e, i was planning on using the whole GM drive...
  15. EasternYeti

    Vortec Cold Air Intake Options? lets see your pics

    Hi Guys, The P.O of my rig had installed a FJ62 intake w/ the snorkel outlet box. With the vortec, and the way its setup, its suffocating it. Picture a fat kid running a mile while breathing through a straw. Since its not a diesel, and I wont be fording any rivers that would necessitate the...
  16. Matt1260

    What is a 1987 FJ60 Vortec 5.3L worth?

    I have plans to rebuild a nice 1987 FJ60 with a Vortec 5.3L, 5sp H55F, EMU 3" Lift, Painless wiring harness, new bucket seats, and upgraded brakes among other things. What would it be worth? I haven't seen anything similar for sale anywhere. I plan on selling it as well...so I can build...
  17. Lovinlife9393

    fair purchase price

    just wondering what the fair purchase price is on a 1991 toyota landcruiser fj80 with 5.3 vortec v8 and 4l60 auto transmission. vehicle is in great shape both mechanically and cosmetically as far as i can tell. interior has normal wear. has ARB bumper, small lift kit and 35 inch tires. has...
  18. F

    81' FJ-60 to GMC V-Tec transfer case conversion question

    After extracting the Toyo motor, tranny & t-case I laid out the Chevy/GMC motor and auto tranny alongside and wonder if I can use the GMC transfer case if I flip the tranny mount flange upside down and run it that way? Anyone ever try that? FX
  19. 64Rotorhead

    Builds 1973 FJ 40 Build,Vortec,NV4500,Atlas,Diamond

    Well hear I go! Had to build the shop first, it's done, so this marks day 1 of the FJ being rolled in to the shop. Some minor disassembly started! It'll take a while. Build plan: Vortec, NV4500, Atlas2, 37's", 4.56, Diamond front and centered rear- wider 60 or 80 width. To be decided: SOA or links.
  20. JohnCapoccia

    Need Vortec Evap advice - SoCal

    I'm looking for advice on my Evap system charcoal canister. First some background: This is for a Gen III vortec in an FJ62, and it has to pass Cali smog. I committed to using my FJ62 in-tank pump. In restrospect it may have been better to modify the tank to accept the GM unit. My harness...
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