1. B

    Found a cruiser - looking for some feedback.

    Hi all, I think I may have found a bj60 that would be good for me. before I jump to having my family’s mechanic (who has owned 13 different cruisers) inspect it I thought I would check and see if anyone could give me a ballpark value on it. I wouldn’t anticipate selling (probably ever) but if...
  2. C

    What to pay for 1989 FJ62?

    Hi, new to the forum and looking for my first FJ62. This one popped up in my neighborhood that I'm interested in. Any advice on what to pay/what it's worth...
  3. A

    Evaluating the value of my FZJ80

    Hello! Please notify me if this is not ok to post in tech forum, I wasn’t sure the proper location. Not listing classified just looking for help in valuing my ride as I am considering selling! Specs: 1994 FZJ80 lives in AZ for its first 20 years with one owner. I purchased 5 year ago and...
  4. dsw1020

    What did you buy your 100 series for?

    Hey fellow mudders, I have been scouring the forum looking for a buyers market value thread and havent been able to find one. On two other vehicle forum I am a part of, there are pinned threads where buyers can post their purchases to help others estimate fair market value of vehicles. If...
  5. C

    For Sale  Current Pricing

    I have beenreading threads for a while, but never posted...I figured now is a good time since I am looking for a 40 and prices seem to have mostly gone through the roof! I am wondering if anyone can give me an idea of pricing, or what I can expect in price ranges. I see everything from...
  6. mrjordann

    Where can I find accurate Land Cruiser value to register a truck?

    I hope this is the right subforum, if not, please let me know where to go. So I bought a 1973 FJ40. I went to my local auto license place. I paid $6000 for the old truck, which as you probably know, is fair for a beat up 73 truck. Here is the problem. The auto-license place needs proof that I...
  7. E

    Value of 91 fj80 motor and tranny

    Have the opportunity to pick up an engine and tranny from a 91 for pretty cheap, says it ran but ecu is shot and had 200k miles. Pulled and replaced with cummins. Should I snag it? I've got a 92 that was not treated well before me and as I'm getting into it I'm finding a lot of little things...
  8. T

    Value help with a Tacoma please.

    I have a quick question, I'm super interested in buying my dads Tacoma from him but struggling on what he could realistically get for it if he went to sell it along with how much I should tell him I would give him. Here are the specs on the truck. He did get it while I was big into my Land...
  9. D

    For Sale  NFS (yet) Value in US Market

    Looking to hear opinions, evidence, and get better info on the value of one of these BJ pickups if sold in the US market? Interest, places to sell one, etc...? 1992. 5 speed. 702 diesel, 61,000 original miles. Should have AC as well Location: Brazil A little background on me. I started...
  10. K

    1969 fj40 straight 6 value

    I have a running, complete straight 6 out of my 69 (did a v8 conversion) Can't really find a whole one online...anybody have an idea how much this engine is worth? Thank you!
  11. G

    Rough value of a Subtank "kit"

    Hi all, trying to get an idea of a deal or not. What would it roughly be worth to find a subtank kit with the tank, dual filler neck, interior bits, wiring harness, hoses, pump, etc., basically everything you need to install the subtank. Thanks in advance. (and please don't say "it's worth...
  12. umpqua

    H55 and Transfer Case Value - Please

    I'm headed the diesel way (1HDT) and will be parting out my H55 transmission and FJ62 transfer case. The transfer case is original to the '88 truck. The H55 has ~ 60K. Can you please provide your best estimate on the value of the parts? Thank you......
  13. customcruiser

    Help price this 80

    What is a rolled 95 80 with elockers worth? Engine, Tranny & Tcase? How about just the set of elocker axles with all wiring, computer and switch?
  14. cwmoser

    Going down in value - LX, LC's ...

    This website is showing that the 2005 LC is going down in value. Still pricey - this 2005 LC with 225K miles is below average pricing at $13,700. Check out the graph in this URL: Used 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser For Sale
  15. B

    Value of 2003-2005 Taillights?

    I just upgraded to 2006 taillights, and I wanted to get a sense of what these are going for on the used market. Any suggestions on an asking price? Complete set, mint condition, all bulbs work and harnesses included.
  16. H

    Value Question 1977 Fj40 30k original miles garge kept 1 owner

    Admins please move if this is the wrong place, I met an older gal that is selling her 77 fj40 all original with 30k miles body is very straight no rust that I saw, smog stuff removed but included. headliner is a little loose hard top is excellent not a dent or even a scratch that I saw (I am...

    LX Night Vision Value

    I have the night vision system on my 03 LX470. I've been trying to decide what to do about the IR Lights in the bumper when I finally upgrade to a steel one. Since I'm not in love with the system I considered removing everything (except the windshield) and selling it. That would also free up...
  18. FZJ80 in KC

    Opinions on Value

    Hey guys, I've been considering buying another rig to replace mine, so am trying to figure out the value of mine were I to sell it. So those of you that know my rig, chime in if you don't mind. I have $6000 in my head (if I fix the front locker and replace the crank pulley) for a relatively...
  19. fjatheart

    2006 100 Series 74k miles value?

    Greetings, I'm new to 100's and reading as much info as I can find. One question I've not be able to find an answer to is if it is not uncommon for lower mileage 100's to sale for more than the blue book value? Tomorrow I am looking at a 2006 with 74,800 miles. 2 owners, no rust, super...
  20. Psuclam

    What's a fair price for locked and Ome suspension 97 lx450?

    hi there Toying with idea of picking up the 97 lx450. Has lockers and Ome suspension and winch. Vague maintenance records but claims engine rebuild. 182,000 miles and looks in decent shape minus rusty running boards. Listed at $13,xxx in California. What is fair value? Thanks Mike
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