1. mrjordann

    What is needed to replace the fiberglass top?

    I recently bought a new reproduction fiberglass top for my FJ40. What all do I need in order to assemble and install it? (Rain gutters/weatherstrip etc) and where should I buy? And does anyone know a good tutorial or instruction on painting and installing the fiberglass top? All help is...
  2. Tufve

    Ground cable engine top?

    Hey! This is a 1988 HJ61 LHD cable picture taken from the passenger side. Anyone know where these should be connected to? There is black/yellow cable coming from the same cablestack that the oil pressure sensor is connected to. The other is a ground connecting to the engine top. The sockets does...
  3. Cesarf13

    SOLD  Miami, FL 1972 FJ40 White Hard Top for Sale - Original Liner - great condition

    Guys, Im buying a soft top for My Fj40 and need some Cash so I'm selling my Original Hard top and its lateral panels with back door included. Located in Miami, Fl Want $1400 for it. Great condition. Inside Original liner in great condition.
  4. mrjordann

    Hardtop-to-Tub weatherstrip... how do I install?

    Hi, I recently bought the 2-piece hardtop to tub gasket kit from CityRacer LLC. I'm sure if you've tried to install one of these, you'll realize how difficult it is. Can somebody give me any useful information? My main issue is that the top keeps tearing the outer piece off of the rib of the...
  5. mudbutt

    For Sale  Silverwing SWT-90 Hardshell RTT roof top tent. NEW. Houston, TX

    Located in Houston, TX, PICK UP ONLY Price is $1400. New on their site is $2499 I bought a roof top tent directly from Silverwing, as a “scratch and dent”. It’s new, never been used, and comes with the tent itself, mounting hardware, mattress, ladder, ladder bag, etc. basically everything it...
  6. Terlingua

    For Sale  Texas, Top and Sides

    Ive got a righteous top and sides fo sale (one with the green sides) Firm at $2k. I live in Texas and will deliver to DFW, Houston, Austin or SA at no upcharge.
  7. F

    For Sale  Hard top and matching doors

    Located near Fresno, ca. I have a hardtop and doors I am looking to sell. Doors have all hardware. Top has a few small dings on the sides fiberglass needs redone and missing rear window. Rain gutter needs repairs or replace. No head liner. Original white paint.
  8. mrjordann

    What kind of hard top is this??

    Hi. We all know about the "FJ Company"? I was on their website looking at the before-pictures of their restorations. I found [this one], and the top caught my eye. This couldn't have been a factory top. It's got a third brake light and everything. It is super cool in a weird way. Anybody know...
  9. SchnooderValve

    For Sale  FJ40 Hard Top 1974 for sale $1,100

    Selling the hard top that came with my 1974 Land Cruiser FJ40. Message me for more detailed photos The sides shown in the photos and included with the hardtop do not have the rounded rear glass. However I do have a pair of rounded rear windows available in another extra hardtop that I own, if...
  10. J

    Wanted  FJ40 Rear Heater Top

    I am looking for a rear heater top like the one pictured below. I just need the top portion. Thanks! Jeff
  11. tweek99

    For Sale  Hard top for 1974 and earlier FJ40 South Central Nebraska

    I am looking to part ways with the hard top that I got with my 1974 fj40. The fiberglass is pretty much toasted from being stored upside down. Sides are good. One of the rear quarter glass is missing but I have a new one but it is green tint. The lift hatch is pretty rusty rehind the hinges...
  12. Cravati

    Anybody stretch a hard top?

    I have a 1977 FJ40 that I stretched to FJ43 specs. I just found a hard top for a good price and I would love to pick it up and stretch it to match. I haven't done that much fiberglass work before, but I'm tempted to take it on. Has anyone on here been able to stretch a hard top and lived to tell...
  13. stock

    Troll hole top using roll cage as bows

    So I'm going to get a Troll hole top, but I have no bows and I need a roll cage. Anyone combine the two? Why not? Save a lot of dough.
  14. J

    top places to get body work (FJ40 in Texas)

    I am new to this so sorry guys and gals if this has been posted or I just did not do my home work correctly. I just got a 1973 FJ 40 and it needs alot of body work. I leave in Houston TX so I was hopping if there are any recommendations to where to get body work done in TX? Thanks for the help
  15. Taylor Weber

    For Sale  Hard Tops for Sale (pics to come this weekend)

    Looking to get rid of a few hard tops I have acquired after purchasing my 1974 FJ40. They are both from a 1974. One is in good shape, the other had some fiberglass work done from a PO both with little rust. Pictures to come this weekend, just seeing who's interested. Located in IA 52003. Text...
  16. Wadesters

    Wanted  FJ60 (1985) Top thermostat housing

    Hello, Looking for FJ60 (1985) Top thermostat housing (isn't it the same as a late model FJ40)? Four bolt holes. Anyone have one? Need it shipped to zip code 30265 Thanks!
  17. jvincig01

    For Sale  Fj40 FJ45 Weatherstripping - top of windshield - Fits 66 and later

    Selling this weatherstripping from SOR. It's still new and in the sealed packaging. Asking $20 plus the ride.
  18. David70FJ40

    For Sale  Bestop Soft Top for FJ40

    Now that I have a hard top in the repair line, the soft top I have will no longer be needed. It is a Bestop Super top. (I know, looks like a Jeep top. It was what I could afford at the time.) Black with no tears, rips or damaged places. I have used it for two winters and it is tight and...
  19. J

    For Sale  FJ40 Kayline Soft Top Door/Window Set

    New Top, doors and windows very good condition, have 2 extra door panels will fit 70's FJ always kept indoors. $350.00 OBO.
  20. flash02

    FJ40 hard top

    I have, left over from when I had a 40, a left and right side as well two roofs for an FJ40 hard top. No doors or flip up back window. The sides are virtually rust free. The rain gutters have been removed from both roofs as they were rotted out. Glass while removed is in good condition. Any...
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