1. C

    Newbie hit a roadblock- Running rough

    I bought my 1994 FZJ80 about two months ago. Previous owner thought he threw a bearing therefore needed a motor swap. He provided a 'running' replacement 1fz-fe in the price. I knowingly bought it as a project and a learning opportunity. I haven't run into any roadblocks swapping the motors in...
  2. F

    For Sale  SoCal 100 series oem fan bracket in good shape

    Replaced my timing belt/water pump this weekend. Also replaced the fan bracket but the old one is dirty but still in excellent shape. Brand new I paid over $200 from Toyota. If anyone needs it, $50 picked up from Norwalk 90650.
  3. A

    Distributor and Vacuum

    Hey All, I am trying to get my FJ60 air tight (Proven to be a headache and a half) and think I have finally done it. I hooked up my smoke tester and all seals seem to be doing their jobs. But, when I crank over the engine and get it up to temp, I am only seeing 14 inHG on the intake manifold...
  4. sunrk

    Dial indicator suggestion for genuine Toyota 1hz 1hdt IP timing tool ?

    Managed to pick up a new genuine Toyota tool for setting injector pump timing on 1hz and 1hdt motors. Is there a specific type of dial indicator required to go with it or just any one that has the right thread and scaling? Thanks, craig.
  5. B

    Failed Smog due to Timing Being Off

    I recently picked up my first 80 and for once in my life, did so without having the previous owner smog it. It's a single owner, 94, with 80k miles and had passed smog every 2 years as expected. I took it in and it passed with flying colors except for the timing. For some reason, when we...
  6. Bike

    73 F engine tuneup, timing and compression.

    I've spent a couple hours searching for an answer to my question. I hate to ask (because I'm sure it's already been answered), but I can't find the answer, so here goes. #1. I'm attempting to set the timing on my '73 F engine. My flywheel has the metal ball, but no other timing marks. I...
  7. Peru Darrell

    Service manual for FZJ105, Australia help??

    Struggling to find a FSM for a FZJ105 4.5L I6 gasoline without distributor. I think I have a timing issue and my mechanic has been unable to solve it. All I can find are manuals for the V8 100 series or the I6 80 series with distributor. Following a head gasket install, I am overheating and...
  8. Borrego

    22r destroyed dizzy rotor, now it won't time...

    HELP! I have a 1985 22r. I was driving down the trail, and all of a sudden lost all power, the truck completely shut down. I put it on the flatbed and took it home. I looked at the distributor and the rotor was destroyed and parts were melted to the cap! I've never seen this before. I cleaned...
  9. T

    FJ60 and 2F timing

    I have an US spec 1985 FJ60 with all the original equipment, smog etc... I had done everything I could to tune it up and was still not satisfied with its performance. Then I ran into an engine builder who had been a certified Toyota mechanic back in the day and he recommended I set the timing...
  10. MauricioR

    I got scammed, car now smoky - 1HDT (HDJ80

    Hi guys, I just had a bad experience and I hope someone can help me with this. I just took the car to a shop to adjust/repair the fuel pump for my HDJ80 (1HD-T) and had a very bad experience... I´ll start since the beginning, 1 year ago the car was burning eyes, too much diesel was being burn...
  11. jaybird72

    2H Timing Diesel Tech in SoCal

    So, my injector pump was apparently in need of a rebuild so instead sourced an allegedly working pump from Canada. My mechanic (not a diesel expert) said he could put it in and he did. It is smoking a ton and is not running well. He claims the pump is bad but I have reason to believe that it...
  12. mtweller

    2F / 3FE Timing Cover gasket

    Longshot: Anybody have a 2F timing cover gasket laying around? I ordered one Monday but it won't be here for the weekend and was hoping to finish off a project. Would need to be triangle area. :beer: Ramon
  13. Jason Reed

    1966 FJ40 Timing Cover Bolts w/ "Rubber Sealing Washers"

    I posted this in my 1966 FJ40 Frame-Off Build (3rd Generation Owner) build also, but thought I'd start a new thread separatly. So @Rock40 and I need some tech assistance here on a sealing washer question. #92 on SOR diagram (below) is a lower bolt on the timing cover area that goes directly into...
  14. e21pilot

    Timing for stock 2F on modern fuel?

    I recently replaced a leaking VCV near the distributor on my 1980 FJ40. The leak went away and the idle quality is better but the engine is running a little like the timing is off. I wonder what the suggested ignition timing is for a stock 2F running on modern 87 grade (10% ethanol) fuel and...
  15. AZcruisers100and80

    For Sale  103k miles CA clean 04 LX w Timing Belt+new BFGs

    SOLD TO ANOTHER MUDDER. THIS VEHICLE IS NOW SOLD AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE. (when I refer to "minor scratches" you can see the largest one in this pic, on the corner of the front bumper, driver-side corner. That black mark is a small scratch, which I will fill with matched touch-up...
  16. Spike Strip

    Wanted  Late 2F (85-87) Timing cover and backing plate, thrust plate

    Searching for a good condition Timing gear cover and backing plate and oil squirt-er from a late 2F years 85-87 out of a FJ60. Also need thrust plate and bolts, and possibly more if you're parting one ... Anyone parting out a late 2F ? Thanks. :)
  17. volinky

    Change timing belt (with pics)?

    Three pics here, showing a little cracking in the timing belt. Is there some life left here? Or time to change?
  18. SmokingRocks

    For Sale  LCE 1FZ-FE Timing Chain Kit NIB

    I bought this kit thinking I'd need it but it turned out that my machinist had order these parts when they did the valves. So here is a unused LCE Timing Chain Kit for a 1FZ-FE Details here: 1FZ-FE 4.5L i6 Timing Chain Kit 1993-1997 Land Cruiser $80 shipped (list is just under 100 + 20 bucks...
  19. S

    Is there a timing belt inspection cover?

    Looking at an lx470 tonight. The flipper swears that the auction he bought it from stated that it was done at 150k miles (12k ago) and i dont see it coming up on the lexus history. I am going to call the toyota dealership associated with that dealer group but I am not optimistic. Im hoping...
  20. digitalbuck

    2LTE timing Belt replacement

    Ive decided it's time to replace my timing belt and all that gets done at the same time. I was "inspired" by a small trickle of Coolant coming from under the timing belt case, I assume from the water pump. Can anyone point me to a well done guide to doing to repair? A video would be awesome...
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