1. magFJ60

    Distributor problems

    Having issues getting my 1985 FJ60 to start. I had problems in 2019 with spongy breaks so I replaced the brake booster in Sept that year with great results. I was driving it weekly and then one day in Oct 2019 it just wouldn't start. I wasn't getting a spark and due to work and other...
  2. T

    1hz timing

    Ok so a bit of a confusing one but I’d better put it out there coz I feel like a numpty atm I have a 1990 hzj75 ute I blew the motor I bought a 1hz from a 1994 80 series I switched over the injector pumps because the one I bought was f***ed thinking they would be the same or at least the same...
  3. J

    74 FJ40 Rough Running

    I have a 74 FJ40 that wont run and if I can get it to run it idles really rough and wont let me accelerate to higher rpms without dying or backfiring. It is acting like it jumped time but is that even possible with timing gears? I can turn the crank a significant amount before the rotor in the...
  4. ckennedy

    Newbie hit a roadblock- Running rough

    I bought my 1994 FZJ80 about two months ago. Previous owner thought he threw a bearing therefore needed a motor swap. He provided a 'running' replacement 1fz-fe in the price. I knowingly bought it as a project and a learning opportunity. I haven't run into any roadblocks swapping the motors in...
  5. F

    For Sale  SoCal 100 series oem fan bracket in good shape

    Replaced my timing belt/water pump this weekend. Also replaced the fan bracket but the old one is dirty but still in excellent shape. Brand new I paid over $200 from Toyota. If anyone needs it, $50 picked up from Norwalk 90650.
  6. A

    Distributor and Vacuum

    Hey All, I am trying to get my FJ60 air tight (Proven to be a headache and a half) and think I have finally done it. I hooked up my smoke tester and all seals seem to be doing their jobs. But, when I crank over the engine and get it up to temp, I am only seeing 14 inHG on the intake manifold...
  7. sunrk

    Dial indicator suggestion for genuine Toyota 1hz 1hdt IP timing tool ?

    Managed to pick up a new genuine Toyota tool for setting injector pump timing on 1hz and 1hdt motors. Is there a specific type of dial indicator required to go with it or just any one that has the right thread and scaling? Thanks, craig.
  8. B

    Failed Smog due to Timing Being Off

    I recently picked up my first 80 and for once in my life, did so without having the previous owner smog it. It's a single owner, 94, with 80k miles and had passed smog every 2 years as expected. I took it in and it passed with flying colors except for the timing. For some reason, when we...
  9. Bike

    73 F engine tuneup, timing and compression.

    I've spent a couple hours searching for an answer to my question. I hate to ask (because I'm sure it's already been answered), but I can't find the answer, so here goes. #1. I'm attempting to set the timing on my '73 F engine. My flywheel has the metal ball, but no other timing marks. I...
  10. Peru Darrell

    Service manual for FZJ105, Australia help??

    Struggling to find a FSM for a FZJ105 4.5L I6 gasoline without distributor. I think I have a timing issue and my mechanic has been unable to solve it. All I can find are manuals for the V8 100 series or the I6 80 series with distributor. Following a head gasket install, I am overheating and...
  11. Borrego

    22r destroyed dizzy rotor, now it won't time...

    HELP! I have a 1985 22r. I was driving down the trail, and all of a sudden lost all power, the truck completely shut down. I put it on the flatbed and took it home. I looked at the distributor and the rotor was destroyed and parts were melted to the cap! I've never seen this before. I cleaned...
  12. T

    FJ60 and 2F timing

    I have an US spec 1985 FJ60 with all the original equipment, smog etc... I had done everything I could to tune it up and was still not satisfied with its performance. Then I ran into an engine builder who had been a certified Toyota mechanic back in the day and he recommended I set the timing...
  13. MauricioR

    I got scammed, car now smoky - 1HDT (HDJ80

    Hi guys, I just had a bad experience and I hope someone can help me with this. I just took the car to a shop to adjust/repair the fuel pump for my HDJ80 (1HD-T) and had a very bad experience... I´ll start since the beginning, 1 year ago the car was burning eyes, too much diesel was being burn...
  14. jaybird72

    2H Timing Diesel Tech in SoCal

    So, my injector pump was apparently in need of a rebuild so instead sourced an allegedly working pump from Canada. My mechanic (not a diesel expert) said he could put it in and he did. It is smoking a ton and is not running well. He claims the pump is bad but I have reason to believe that it...
  15. mtweller

    2F / 3FE Timing Cover gasket

    Longshot: Anybody have a 2F timing cover gasket laying around? I ordered one Monday but it won't be here for the weekend and was hoping to finish off a project. Would need to be triangle area. :beer: Ramon
  16. Jason Reed

    1966 FJ40 Timing Cover Bolts w/ "Rubber Sealing Washers"

    I posted this in my 1966 FJ40 Frame-Off Build (3rd Generation Owner) build also, but thought I'd start a new thread separatly. So @Rock40 and I need some tech assistance here on a sealing washer question. #92 on SOR diagram (below) is a lower bolt on the timing cover area that goes directly into...
  17. e21pilot

    Timing for stock 2F on modern fuel?

    I recently replaced a leaking VCV near the distributor on my 1980 FJ40. The leak went away and the idle quality is better but the engine is running a little like the timing is off. I wonder what the suggested ignition timing is for a stock 2F running on modern 87 grade (10% ethanol) fuel and...
  18. AZcruisers100and80

    For Sale  103k miles CA clean 04 LX w Timing Belt+new BFGs

    SOLD TO ANOTHER MUDDER. THIS VEHICLE IS NOW SOLD AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE. (when I refer to "minor scratches" you can see the largest one in this pic, on the corner of the front bumper, driver-side corner. That black mark is a small scratch, which I will fill with matched touch-up...
  19. Spike Strip

    Wanted  Late 2F (85-87) Timing cover and backing plate, thrust plate

    Searching for a good condition Timing gear cover and backing plate and oil squirt-er from a late 2F years 85-87 out of a FJ60. Also need thrust plate and bolts, and possibly more if you're parting one ... Anyone parting out a late 2F ? Thanks. :)
  20. volinky

    Change timing belt (with pics)?

    Three pics here, showing a little cracking in the timing belt. Is there some life left here? Or time to change?
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