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  1. L

    Compression Issues with my 2006 Lx470/Landcruiser

    Sorry if I make mistakes, I'm new here. Also I'm not a mechanical expert, I'm just a dumb kid really. 2006 Lexus Lx470 with 181k miles on the odometer Tl;DR: To understand my situation ur gonna have to read a short sequence of events: Last year I took my truck in for service with all the...
  2. DesertCruiser80

    Spark Plug Analysis Help

    Hello Mud, I took off my spark plugs from my 92 3FE to see what condition they were in and see if everything is normal. What prompted me to do this was coolant loss so I want to triple check its not HG failure, before replacing everything in the cooling system. These plugs were put in about...
  3. Spino

    Variable spark plug conditions ... normal?

    Changed the spark plugs today on my ‘84 FJ60. It’s just one of many little things I’ve been doing in the last month or two since I bought it to know that you the details are taken care of. I notice that the plugs toward the front of the engine were running hot, while those at the back were...
  4. N

    Compression & plugs check

    Running a 79 fj40, desmogged, with Weber 38 carb. Tired of rough starts, and heavy exhaust fumes all the time. Checking for exhaust leaks, and doing carb tune, valve adjustment tomorrow. Drive about 2000 miles/year. Plugs are 2 years old. Did a warm compression test today. Here are results...
  5. K

    Torque for Coil Packs, Spark Plugs & Head Cover Bolts?

    I replaced all 8 of my Coil Packs this weekend with Denso packs & Denso Iridium Spark Plugs. When reading this forum I thought that I found the right torque values but, I am pretty sure that the Coil Pack bolts torque was off because I snapped the very first one off. Luckily I was able to get...
  6. onedownfiveup

    Spark Plugs with Oil

    2008 LC. So I'm just over 100k in miles and took to the shop for routine maintenance. Oil change, differential fluids changed, fuel system cleaning, spark plugs replaced. When they pulled the plugs they told me that the plugs had oil on the threads, especially 1 and 8. He showed me the plugs...
  7. FullultraLX470

    Recommended Spark Plugs for Lexus LX 470 2005

    Hi Guys , I recently bought a LX470 GCC specs (185,000km) ODO ,was wondering if any one could advise the best spark plugs as i am doing a major service.So far what i have researched seems like the OEM Denso are recommended. Thanks :)
  8. starclassic

    Replace all ignition coils and spark plugs simultaneously?

    I have a '99 2UZ-FE with 170k miles. Driver's side ignition coils (1,3,5,7) and plugs were replaced OEM (Denso) about a year ago by the PO. The passenger's side cylinders (2,4,6,8) were replaced 6 months ago with non-OEM aftermarkets. Today I just had the 3rd of 4 non-OEM coils fail. I clearly...
  9. J

    I think it was time.

    I had been experiencing some shuddering during acceleration lately, and read that it could be caused by bad spark plugs/wires/distributor cap, so I decided to pull the old plugs and put some new ones in. You can see the clean new one, and see that it may have been time to do this. The number 6...
  10. J

    mechanic wants to replace PLENUM GASKET with spark plug change?

    I received a quote from a local mechanic - after I told him I was interested in changing the spark plugs, he also added a note to change the PLENUM GASKET (Lexus Plenum Gasket 17116-50010 | LexusOfKendall) without inspecting the vehicle (2003 LX470). Did a search on the forum and didn't come...
  11. J

    spark plug removal guide?

    Hi all Been searching the threads and can't seem to find a thread includes how to remove a spark plug. Is it simple enough to not need a guide? Step by step guide Recommended tools to make the job easier Recommends parts to replace that are related to the spark plug replacement Sorry to ask...
  12. J

    POLL + risk of delaying spark plug replacement?

    Hi, I'm at 123,000 miles on a 2003 LX470. The spark plug replacement was recommended at 120,000 miles. What are the risks of delaying this replacement? Or is this something I should have done ASAP? Thanks!
  13. CaptKevman

    What do my spark plugs tell you?

    Old plugs pulled, #5 looks suspicious. Tell me what you guys think.
  14. Cgbeachbum

    2 Spark Plugs Fouling Quickly

    Aloha Mudders! Im trying to diagnose a spark plug fouling issue that is happening on #1 and #2 cylinders. I first noticed the issue when I was checking the timing on the engine, had some random stumbles and my Induction Light was not giving me consistent light pulses. So I pulled the wire and...
  15. meatloaf

    Serpentine belt & Spark Plugs for my '11

    Have any of you tried the Bando belt? Rock Auto sells the 7PK2150 belt for a whopping $7.27 vs Toyota oem for ~$85. I can get the belt & DENSO 3421 {#SK20HR11} Iridium Long-Life plugs shipped to me for under $60. The link below is from the blue room... Serpentine belt: Bando 7PK2150 =...
  16. Judger

    Helping reading these spark plugs

    So as I mentioned earlier, I am new to these things. I just pulled the plugs out of the engine. Obviously I have carbon on these, which is a no no, that much I know. There also seems to be some sort of stalagtite-type features growing on it. Not sure what it is, but to explain if the picture...
  17. K

    For Sale  FJ40 Pedals, harness, new spark plugs and wires

    From my 76 FJ40 Selling throttle and clutch pedal assemblies. They're in good shape and $50/ea. Rear body harness, $50 Spark plugs and wires for 2f $25
  18. H

    Do check and replace spark plugs frequently...

    My old V8 just blew a plug. Yes, that is right. Blew a plug. The core of the plug ejected upwards. The thread was still in place. The inner core of the plug blew through the ignition coil, kind of exploded now. If that happens, stand still, stop engine, do not try to drive home. Because you...
  19. roostabunny

    3FE Basic Ignition maintenance

    Finally changing plugs/wires/disty/rotor. Partly because I've been driving the truck for two years without doing it and I have no idea when/if the PO ever did it, partly because she's running a bit uneven, and partly as prep and "rehearsal" for an overdue valve adjustment. This post is...
  20. D

    1996 Valve cover gasket & pics

    So my radiator starting leaking, and my valve cover gasket needed replacing, so one thing let to another. I'm doing lots of stuff (water pump, belts, thermostat, heater valve, hoses, etc.) but I thought I'd post some pics and a few lessons-learned. Here is the engine before starting any work...
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