1. G

    RTH: Terrible brake noises when driving [SOLVED]

    Hello! First time posting here, hoping I can get some help. My front right brake has been making some awful noises while driving, and breaking for that matter, after a fellow landcruiser-enthusiast friend and I replaced both front rotors, brakes, and wheel bearings. He’s replaced his 80s front...
  2. J

    RTH HG rebuild --> running rough

    Hey all, I recently (lol ok it was like 2 months ago) did a head gasket rebuild on a 95 FZJ. It mostly went smoothly, but now the engine is running very rough, to the point I didnt even try to drive it. was hoping you all could offer advice on the order with which you'd go through stuff. Here...
  3. vegansbane

    Not-quite-RTH: Good downstream O2 sensor readings? '96 FZJ80

    I'm having a heck of a time troubleshooting an issue keeping my 96 FZJ80 from passing smog, and I'm hoping the braintrust on Mud can help me out with some diagnostic data. Does anyone have a graph showing good downstream O2 sensor data (at temp), preferably both idle and up in the 2k+ rpm...
  4. Bryanseye

    RTH - 07 Sequoia

    Got a call from :princess: that the Sequoia is dead. Dash lights come on, but no crank or attempt. I am a few hours away, so any common issues to know before getting there and do the basic electrical connection checks and jump start? If it needs a new battery, what size is everyone running...
  5. cruisermatt

    RTH stuck I-75 Adairsville

    Hey guys, heading up to GSMTR and around Macon lost 5th gear on my NV4500. Pulled over and checked to see if reverse still worked (it did) and decided to press on with a 4-speed. Pulled over for gas outside Adairsville and after parked in a shady spot for lunch and now it's stuck in reverse. I...
  6. ericb1

    Need RTH for spongy brake problem before and after rebuild

    History: My brakes are "spongy" for lack of a better word. The pedal depresses almost to the floor and then there is slight resistance for a few inches before the brakes engage. Over these few inches of resistance, the pedal travel is spongy and at no time "firm". I replaced all soft lines...
  7. midfat

    Crank bolt tightness: RTH check me

    I'm pretty damn comfortable around tools, but admittedly, this is my first foray into the world of 3/4 drive. Just tightened the crank bolt on the 1FZ to 300+ lbfts. I used the big monster Harbor Freight torque wrench, using a 6pt 30mm socket. Getting the bolt to break free (breaker bar...
  8. jp_waltz

    RTH stuck on Miller Jeep trail

    hey y'all. I hit a bad corner on Miller Jeep and I'm on my side and having a rough time pulling it over. Anybody in or near Frazier park feel like lending a hand? My buddies jeep is now 2 wheel drive due to trying to pull me over. Part of the problem is that there's no real wench point and...
  9. Hayes

    RTH request: Steering rack fluke or impending doom?

    Looking for some real time advice from Cruise Moab. Yesterday I discovered that the end of my ds steering boot had popped off and apparently puked out some fluid. The reservoir is full, there is NO active leaking, and the steering is fine with no odd behaviors. I reset the clamp and the end...
  10. DirtScaresMe

    Rth - cant get alternator belts on

    Alternator tension bolt on the ground, slammed alternator all the way to engine. Coming up nearly 3/4" short. Oem parts, 90916 02353 83 for my 94. Can't get first one on, second would be even more nightmareish. Battery out.
  11. rc51kid

    RTH lower trunnion bearing stud torque spec

    Quick question. I am replacing my lower trunnion bearing studs with new OEM hardware. Plan is to install STUDS with red loctite. Any idea of the torque spec on the STUDS themselves? The original ones were not very tight. Should i just use red loctite and tighten down to a reasonable torque such...
  12. musthave

    RTH Seattle battery / idle

    Land cruiser, 97. Two batteries. Stored in Seattle since July. Went to start it today, dead battery. Got a jump and it started. Let it sit for a minute or a two, put it in drive and it died. Jumped again, noticed very low idle. Disconnected jumpers put it in drive and it stalled. Did this a 4th...
  13. LS1FJ40

    RTH 2004 Sequoia Serpentine Belt Shredded

    Hey Guys, I'm active over on the 80 Series Land Cruiser side but I need some help. My brother is stranded on the side of the road outside Chicago. He's driving my old 2004 Sequoia. He lost all power and coasted to the side of the interstate. At first discussion I figured it must be an...
  14. Bleu62

    RTH Alternator pivot seized

    Hey, it's been a while since I've had to ask anything bc everything that you can do w a TLC is talked about here. Anyway, I was changing my belts today and I loosened the pivot bolt on my alternator and the tension bolt below and still no budging. I hit the alternator w a drift and hammer and a...
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