1. S

    Drivers side reverse light wiring question

    Can anyone with an FSM (or reverese cam install experience) let me know what wires around the drivers side light housing i should be tapping for reverse light + and - ? Thats where my routing for a rear view camera is so i want to tap it as my power source/trigger. The other option is power...
  2. soreneagle

    Switched LED Reverse lights - Video!

    I put this video together with the highlights of the installation. Included are a few tips that will help you with your own project.
  3. 94lc80series

    Bumper Light - Brake/Parking/REVERSE converstion

    According to eBay*, the following kit allows the rear bumper light to serve 3 functions: 1) Daytime running light 2) Brake light 3) Reverse light I'm excited about #3 because despite the addition of CREE leds in the existing reverse light, my hundy is hard to back up. Has anyone installed...
  4. cruiserkreutz

    Wanted Reverse Light Lens For 1974 FJ55

    Looking for a reverse light lens for my 1974 FJ55. Right (passenger) side if that matters.
  5. M

    2002 Clunk When Shifting Forward to Reverse-TOO Much?

    I just purchased a used 2002 LC, and occasionally there is a clunk when shifting from forward to reverse or vice versa. After doing some searching, and remembering back to an FJ that I owned; this is tied to the u-joints in the drive shafts. However, the LC is much worse than the FJ; to the...
  6. Tyrone Sutton

    reverse and awning lights please help

    i have 5 led lights 4x 5inch floods to go on each corner of my roofracks and one 12 inchto go on the rear of the roof racks. I want each corner light to turn on from one switch and the 12 inch and the two back 5 inch light to turn on when I put it in reverse. now some lad helped me out but I...
  7. Elpaka

    2F SM420 swap to H42

    My 77 Fj45 has an SM420 transmission and I've bought a H42 to swap back into it as the 420 is in bad shape. Does anyone have insight on modifications that would have been done to get the Chevy trans in there? Or could the h42 be bolted back it into the housing and go from there? Thanks in advance!
  8. Bryanseye

    Reverse camera

    Working on installing a backup cam in the 2007 Sequoia. Does anyine know what this harness is? Hoping it may offer a shortcut to fishing the nee wire to the front. Location is right by liftgate ecu.
  9. cruiserjunktion

    Ball behind Reverse light switch 1978 fj40 ?

    Is there a ball that mounts behind the reverse light switch, in the transmission, on a 1978 fj40?
  10. Crick60

    Locked out of 1st, 2nd, 5th & reverse

    Brothers of mud I'm in need of help. On the way to work this morning in my 89' HJ61 H55f I started getting some minor grinding in 4th that was not overly concerning but I did notice that the vertical part of the shift was a bit short. Not 10 minutes later after having everything shifting...
  11. C

    Very hard shift between Reverse and Drive (Automatic)

    I have a 4.7 V8 Series 100 LC. When you move the shift between Reverse and Drive the whole car is moved as the gears lock in and visa versa. It is a really hard knock and the torque is considerable. I have checked the transmission box and valve body and I am in the middle of trying to...
  12. landonridge

    Transmission slow going into Reverse

    I have noticed that when my vehicle is cold, it takes the car several seconds to go into reverse once I shift. Once the car is warm, the problem goes away. I have checked the fluid levels and they are in the normal range.
  13. stevenmichael

    80 series reverse wire location

    I have a 1997 lexus lx450 and I'm getting ready to install a stereo head unit that has a connection for a backup camera. I can run a wire to the back backup bulb connect if I have to . I haven't taken the center console out yet but I'm going to because I need to disconnect the center console...
  14. C

    FJ62 Transmission slips in reverse when cold

    I have a 1988 FJ62 with about 60k on a rebuilt factory transmission. When I first start it in the morning, regardless of the ambient temperature, I will put in reverse and the transmission will engage normally and they disengage after backing up 5 or 10 feet. It will then reengage and maybe do...
  15. NC BB80

    Reverse problem on 80 series.

    My 96' lx450 sometimes sputters when i put it in reverse and it has cut of one time when slowly backing down a hill. Anyone have this problem? thanks
  16. M

    New to me 2000 LX470 (Pic heavy)

    I have always been wanting to get a hundy and I finally found the right one after selling my e36. Picked it up with 144k and alot of maintenance records. She had the 90k service done at 100k so TB/WP should be good for another 100k :). Its been in Texas its whole life so zero rust! The plan with...
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