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    Front frame below radiator had more rust than I wanted to allow. Knocked it down with a wire brush and painted over it.
  2. Miamedia

    FZ-J80 / LX450 Head unit & speaker MasterSheet

    Crutchfield sent me the attached MasterSheet for the removal of all of my OEM dash & door speakers and the main stereo head unit. Please note that the CD changer and center console speaker are not covered in the attached.
  3. D

    Headliner & Interior removal / swap

    Hi all, this website is a fantastic resource. New owner and hoping you can point me in the right direction regarding a couple questions I have before tearing into the recently LX470 this weekend. 1. Will seats from a 1999 also swap into a 2000 and visa versa? (both are heated) 2. Is there a...
  4. MoJ

    Alarm removal, wire corrosion, and a dome light

    Last weekend I tackled the job of removing the Toyota alarm from Cruiser #5 (1995). All in the job isn’t bad. A few notes: 1. If you’ve had a sunroof leak or your dome light doesn’t work when opening the drivers door, you should inspect the alarm tee connector that is under the drivers sill...

    HOW TO: remove the steering wheel and replace with a pretty one

    Unfortunately I am VERY late in doing this write up but well...I've been busy. @FloridaFJ80 and I traded some gear (of which I have YET to send him :bang:) and I promised him I'd do a write up and give my feedback. So here goes... First thing first is comparing the old steering wheel with 364k...
  6. bwakeling

    Large Rear Wiper Nut Removal

    Is there a secret to removing the large nut that is exposed once the rear wiper arm is removed? Just turns and turns and turns. Repainting the rear hatch so trying remove it without pulling the entire mechanism on the inside.
  7. Paraglider

    how to remove entire windscreen and windshield to replace it?

    All I can find on a zillion threads on mud is how to remove the windshield part. I am replacing the whole thing and can't find anything on that despite the variations of search terms. Where do I disconnect the two electrical connections, one for the windshield wiper motor and the other I...
  8. C

    H55f input shaft play/ bearing removal

    Hi Guys I've just pulled my 2h out of the the 45 and almost ready to drop the 12ht in. I noticed I have a bit of play on the input shaft, both front to back and side to side. Just wondering how much is too much? does it rely on the spigot bearing? Also is the front bearing on the input shaft...
  9. meatloaf

    Fender Flare Adhesive Removal

    What have you all used to remove the tar-like adhesive after taking off the fender flares? I have acetone or paint thinner but don't want to mess up the paint. Thanks, ML
  10. BGlynn19

    Rear Wheel Bearing Removal

    After pulling my rear axles on my 1974 FJ40 I can not figure out on how to replace the actual bearings. There appears to be a race holding the bearing in place but after doing some research it would appear that this is not a removable race and is built into the axle housing. Also, with the kit...
  11. TexTiger00

    Help with Roof Rack REMOVAL

    Need some help removing my roof rack from my 2000 LX470. Has anyone done this before? Factory roof rack, looking to remove it completely. Thank you. If this is posted somewhere else, my apologies, but can you please provide the thread?
  12. thebigredrocker

    71 Front Drive cable removal

    My vacuum actuated front drive works great, but I want to restore the FD knob. Is it a bad idea to remove the cable?
  13. josh87

    Seperating rotors from hub assembly

    Quick question: I ordered some new rotors for my 1998 HZJ75. I am currently at the stage that I have removed everything, but I have no clue how to separate the current disc from the hub. I have the 6 lug nut version and there are no additional bolts or threaded holes foreseen in my current set...
  14. Cleric Duran

    Radiator removal

    Hi everyone, I am getting ready to replace my radiator on 2k LC and I was hoping if someone could share a how to. I have searched the form and tube but could not find anything on the subject. I appreciate your help and opportunity to save myself some time. E.
  15. 1

    Cone Washer Removal - Need Help

    I'm attempting to service the front axle on my 79 FJ40 but I can't remove 2 of the 4 cone washers that secure the steering arm. I've tried tapping the housing with a hammer, heat with a torch and liquid wrench. I can't get them to break free and I can't get the steering arm to budge with them...
  16. Brycec

    Front clip removal

    So a quick question, I'm getting ready to do a drivetrain swap and want to know if you can remove the front clip in one piece or do you have to remove everything individually
  17. S

    Factory Alarm Removal for 2002 LC 100 Series

    Hi I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to remove/disable the factory alarm for my 2002 LC 100 series. Seen some posts on this in the forum but nothing for my era of LC and nothing that was very detailed or helpful. Feel free to DM me if you don't want this sort of conversation...
  18. Fireguy615

    1998 LC headlight assembly unit removal

    So I managed to break off (completely) the socket that holds the clearance light bulb on the passenger side headlight assembly trying to replace that small bulb. I now need to remove the entire assembly to pull out the damaged socket. I removed all the clips/bolts on the top side and on the...
  19. A

    Bypassed and Removed Rear Heater, Here's a Video

    After reading through various threads I finally bypassed and removed the rear heater using the simplest procedure I could think of. Hopefully this thread can help someone else out that has been reading multiple threads on the topic. Please note that I did not drain or flush my system at this...
  20. L

    Instrument Cluster removal 1993

    Trying to get the instrument panel out, need to replace some lights and fix a broken odometer(stopped working a few days ago when I pressed the trip reset) in a '93. I've watched some videos and searched around on this forum but I the resources I found had me stuck at the removal of the second...
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