1. sunrk

    Fitting a full rear bar (with wheel carriers) to 80 series

    I currently have an Opposite Lock (Australian made by Outback Accessories) RHS wheel carrier fitted to my barn-door 80 series. It's been great, but my 80 has no rear chassis/body protection so I'm going to look at getting a full rear bar and dual wheel carrier. I'm presuming that the rear...
  2. sunrk

    Do you cover your spare wheel(s) or not if on a rear carrier ?

    If you have a rear wheel carrier that holds spares behind the rear barn doors or tailgate, do you cover your spare(s) or just leave them uncovered? Given that the spare(s) are going to be getting bulk sun-time and never rotate on the spare wheel carrier(s), what's the likelihood that spare(s)...
  3. 64Rotorhead

    Shocks FJ40 Outside Frame, rear shocks

    I've seen a lot on here but not on this particular question. First off, I'm a newbie, first build. I've read a bit about designing for shock mounting, locations etc. This basic article was helpful: Everything you wanted to know about Shock Absorbers - 4x4Review Off Road Magazine I realize it...
  4. AllLC

    Looking for Good 100/470 lukes 4x4 rear bumper install write up.

    Everything ive found seems to reference the 80 series install. Does anyone know if there is a good write up for the 100 series or lx 470? I know they're supposed to be the same as the 80, but i would still like to see a good one for the 100. Im preparing to install Lukes rear bumper on my 99...
  5. bulldog8934

    Wanted  Need rear locker/axle (factory/ARB/any) for 95 FZJ

    Looking for something that will fit my FZJ80. PO installed a non-locker on a factory locker and ripped out the wiring harness. So if it is factory looking for the harness too. Located in Chicago.
  6. G

    2018MY changes Rear Seat Entertainment optional!

    A nice guy over at T4R posted the changes on the LC 200 for me yesterday. Thought I would share. As a result MSRP has also been lowered $1,110. A small victory I'd say for end of model lifecycle updates.
  7. cybrstar

    Replace upper rear hatch

    Does anyone know how to replace the rear hatch of the Fzj80's. i know how to remove the bolts and the washer hookup but unable to locate the wire connector. Is it inside the headliner or the hatch? The 93-95 model is what I'm inquiring about.
  8. S

    Wanted  Rear seat for 1975 FJ 40

    Im looking for 2 rear seats for my 75 FJ 40.
  9. bwakeling

    Large Rear Wiper Nut Removal

    Is there a secret to removing the large nut that is exposed once the rear wiper arm is removed? Just turns and turns and turns. Repainting the rear hatch so trying remove it without pulling the entire mechanism on the inside.
  10. 73tlcv8

    FJ40 rear axle vent

    I have been (and still am) looking for a genuine Toyota rear axle vent, it is the longer one that also holds the brake line tee to the axle also. I was also wanting to extend the vent instead of having it right on top of the axle, so I was also looking for one of these: No luck so far, so...
  11. 4dmalamute

    Wanted  Rear tire carrier for FZJ80 needed

    I am looking to purchase a used rear tire/bumper carrier for my 1994 FZJ80. If anyone is parting out or wanting to sell theirs please let me know. I am located in Sacramento Ca. and can drive a couple hundred miles if need be. Cheers!
  12. W

    new source for stock rear 80 springs

    Hello everyone, I'm an oddball. I want STOCK replacement springs for my bone stock 80, and here's the impossible: ones that haven't been squashed under a heavy 80 for 20 years. Mine are currently about 1/2" from the bump stops when I take everything out, even the 3rd row seats. While most used...
  13. madams557

    Wanted  2008 200-series Rear Dome Light Ensemble

    Reaching out to see if any one is planning on installing a roof mounted DVD or drop down screen where the rear dome light is in their 200 series. I have an aftermarket dvd player that came with the cruiser and I am strongly considering removing it as it is an eyesore and never used. Before I...
  14. Kaninja

    Wanted  95-97 Rear Fender Flares

    Looking for rear fender flares both sides, both door and quarter panel pieces. Need to be not beoken and no rust on the metal bits. White is preferred but other colours will work. Let me know what you got.
  15. obxalbemarle

    Wanted  rear lower half doors fj40

    looking for rear fold out half doors for my 74 fj40 no ebay pricing please
  16. gummycarbs

    Is there a clear film on the rear hatch glass?

    I've searched the forum and read several threads, but couldn't really answer my question. My '94 has a clear film of some kind on the rear window (the hatch/liftgate window with the defroster wires). It's slightly blurry and peeled in a few spots. I don't know if this is OEM, or just badly...
  17. A

    For Sale  FZJ80 Rear Heater SoCal $50

    Complete working rear heater unit pulled from a '94. $50, pick it up in 92708 Fountain Valley CA
  18. chubbybunny

    For Sale  FJ40 rear jump seats-long

    A set of (2) rear jump seats for an early FJ40. In very good condition, original paint, might be original vinyl. Slight damage to one of the feet where it was hit with a grinder. Spot weld will fix it right up. $800 or best offer. CA
  19. cwags12

    Wanted  Right Rear Shackle Spring Perch Bracket

    I need one for a frame for an '80 year. Does anyone have one that's in ok shape ? 48414-60020 or Toyota Spring Hanger and Perch
  20. emaxabundance

    82 fj60 needing to mount rear sway bar

    Hey guys, got a hold of a rear sway bar and am wanting to mount it to my 82 fj60. My year did not come with a sway bar or the mounts on the axle. I have seen several ubolt applications for this type of situation and am having trouble locating ones for my ride. Any ideas or help would be greatly...
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