1. AK72IronPig

    Rear Heater Fan to shaft connection?

    Trying to rebuild a crunched rear heater on my 4/72 Pig and the fan is free spinning on the motor shaft, was there a set screw there? shaft is not drilled thru to pin it. I appreciate the assist.
  2. ToyotaIsLife

    Long Travel Rear Coil springs ? (Longer than stock Length)

    Recently I decided I would remove the spacer on the rear 3.0 KING bypass shocks, that extended the shock shaft about an inch. Which means one inch of extra down travel and increased internal piston movement so added travel. This in combination with the total chaos extended rear links (upper &...
  3. RedComet

    LSPV Compatibility

    Hey guys need a little input. 92 FJ80 So last summer me and my father overhauled the front brakes while we did the knuckle rebuilds. We also replaced the soft lines and a few crispy hard lines. As I get ready to rebuild my rear drums this summer I noticed my LSPV is looking really rough and...
  4. James Bentley

    Rear VENT glass rattle - FIXED!

    Rear VENT glass rattles when open Many thanks to @seanz0rz , @Tahomatom and others who contributed write-up’s and how-to’s I could not have done this so easily without your help (another great reason to contribute AND join/support this forum)! Here is a quick video of Drivers and Passenger...
  5. theone

    4th Gen Rear Strut Stuck on Mounting/Axle Post

    I'm nearly done putting on my new suspension (Dobinsons) kit, but the GD passenger rear strut refuses to budge off the mounting post (see image). So far, I have tried the standard pry bar, a 4-pound hammer and metal pipe placed against the bottom of the strut under the axle, and swearing. As...
  6. bushdoctor

    Wanted  80 series rear mat wanted

    Looking for rear mats for the 80, in good condition. PM me if you have one. Thanks
  7. HDJdreams

    Adjustable upper rear control (trailing) arms?

    I tried searching, just found threads on upper front A arms. I am looking for adjustable REAR upper control arms for my 200. Ideally adjustable on vehicle and with OEM style rubber bushings. Does anybody know of any? Would adjustable 80 arms work?
  8. J

    Wanted  FJ40 Rear Heater

    I am looking for a working FJ40 rear heater (1977). I prefer something with decent sheet metal. I am not concerned with paint quality. Jeff
  9. J

    Wanted  FJ40 Rear Heater Top

    I am looking for a rear heater top like the one pictured below. I just need the top portion. Thanks! Jeff
  10. Matt1260

    For Sale  1981 Rear Ambulance doors

    I've gone through these doors and uncovered everything there is to uncover. Really good shape. Bottoms should be replaced with the door skins (Rear Ambulance Door Replacement Skins) and the pin holes patched up and they're good to go. All threads were re-tapped at original bolt sizes. Doors...
  11. JoshieWho

    Gx rses dvd player problems

    Hey folks. I bought this GX470 (2007), it has nav and rear entertainment. The rear dvd player has not worked for me since day one. No power, nothing... I have searched the internet including Mud’ and seen many conflicting answers. Some say it can be powered up without a remote (I have no...
  12. C

    SOLD  FJ55 Rear Bumper

    TOYOTA FJ55 LAND CRUISER FJ55 Landcruiser Rear Bumper OEM It's not perfect but still a very NICE original. Been in dry storage for 20+ years, had it proffessionately sand-blasted and powder- coated in a light silver/grey color. Includes the stainless steel bumper bolts. Again, it's not...
  13. Markuson

    SOLD  100 or 470 ARB Rear Bumper EXCELLENT

    I have a VERY nice, 1.5 year old ARB Rear Bumper for 100 Series or LX 470. Comes with all harnesses, lights, and even towing electrical harness/mount. Will be super easy to install in its present form because it’s assembled. It this state, it easily slides onto frame. 14 main bolts, and it’s...
  14. sunrk

    Fitting a full rear bar (with wheel carriers) to 80 series

    I currently have an Opposite Lock (Australian made by Outback Accessories) RHS wheel carrier fitted to my barn-door 80 series. It's been great, but my 80 has no rear chassis/body protection so I'm going to look at getting a full rear bar and dual wheel carrier. I'm presuming that the rear...
  15. sunrk

    Do you cover your spare wheel(s) or not if on a rear carrier ?

    If you have a rear wheel carrier that holds spares behind the rear barn doors or tailgate, do you cover your spare(s) or just leave them uncovered? Given that the spare(s) are going to be getting bulk sun-time and never rotate on the spare wheel carrier(s), what's the likelihood that spare(s)...
  16. 64Rotorhead

    Shocks FJ40 Outside Frame, rear shocks

    I've seen a lot on here but not on this particular question. First off, I'm a newbie, first build. I've read a bit about designing for shock mounting, locations etc. This basic article was helpful: Everything you wanted to know about Shock Absorbers - 4x4Review Off Road Magazine I realize it...
  17. AllLC

    Looking for Good 100/470 lukes 4x4 rear bumper install write up.

    Everything ive found seems to reference the 80 series install. Does anyone know if there is a good write up for the 100 series or lx 470? I know they're supposed to be the same as the 80, but i would still like to see a good one for the 100. Im preparing to install Lukes rear bumper on my 99...
  18. bulldog8934

    Wanted  Need rear locker/axle (factory/ARB/any) for 95 FZJ

    Looking for something that will fit my FZJ80. PO installed a non-locker on a factory locker and ripped out the wiring harness. So if it is factory looking for the harness too. Located in Chicago.
  19. G

    2018MY changes Rear Seat Entertainment optional!

    A nice guy over at T4R posted the changes on the LC 200 for me yesterday. Thought I would share. As a result MSRP has also been lowered $1,110. A small victory I'd say for end of model lifecycle updates.
  20. cybrstar

    Replace upper rear hatch

    Does anyone know how to replace the rear hatch of the Fzj80's. i know how to remove the bolts and the washer hookup but unable to locate the wire connector. Is it inside the headliner or the hatch? The 93-95 model is what I'm inquiring about.
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