1. G

    injection pump pulling desaster

    Hi there, just want to share my experience (as a warning) from pulling a pump out of a 1993 Toyota 1HZ engine. I was probably the first pulling the pump from that engine. Except the special service tool, which I replaced by a home brew puller, I followed the manual. The puller was made from...
  2. benihana88

    Should I pull the trigger - 2003 LX470, 100k Miles, 18k

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been looking for a while for a 100 series. I finally found what i'm hoping is the right car, but I want some input on some of the issues found and any gotchas that I should look out for. The Truck - It's a 2003 out of New England with about 100k...
  3. Nixon481

    Wanted fj40 dash knobs- FAN PULL, DEF, WARM PULL (Portland Oregon)

    anyone have any extra knobs? I need the black knobs that are labelled FAN PULL, DEF, and WARM PULL. I do not need the switches, just the knobs for an A/C install I recently did. Thanks.
  4. jasheehan

    M12000 won't pull

    Pulled my winch apart and replaced solenoids that were bad. While off, I took everything (kind of) apart and cleaned and painted. I pulled the motor out and painted the housing (see pic) and thought I got it back togethe properly. Apparently not. Now in the free spool mode, the winch will go...
  5. O

    How do I pull the oil pan off the 22r?

    Just doing the timing chain on my 1989 22r engine. My book says to lift the engine about 1 inch and pull it out. I tried that - no go- lifted it over 2 inches and still no where close. It doesn't even seem like I will be able to lift it high enough to get it out. Does it have to twist out...
  6. WaTrout88

    Fresh Pull Stuck

    Any idea why my fresh pull knob feels like it is stuck in the outward position? Do I just need to lube her up?
  7. etarasoff

    Pull to right when braking

    Hi guys, It's been awhile since I've been around since a new Sprinter van has been the obsession of my automotive ADD over the last year. But I'm back...and with a problem! Background: When I last left off with my LX, I had performed a brake job (in several stages over a couple of months)...
  8. 4Cruisers

    Options for OEM (or OEM Style) Pull Switch for Manual Carb Cooling Fan?

    I'm getting ready to install an FJ60 carb cooling fan in my '76 FJ40. I was going to keep it simple and operate it manually using a switch on the dash. I'm thinking it would look better to use an OEM or OEM style pull switch instead of a toggle switch. Any ideas?
  9. mmw68

    "Toyota Parts" pull over fleece

    Cleaning out my office, I have this fleece pullover with embroidery over the left side. Also, has hand pockets. It's a med size, it has been washed a few times, and has plenty of life left in it. Grey with Black side panels. $25 shipped, paypal to mark@mellonwerch.com friends and family...
  10. tims landcruiser69

    HORN will not stop untill you pull the fuse?

    I Have a 2000 Toyota LandCruiser 100 series and I am having problems with the Horn just going off and blaring for no aperent reason . I have reset the alarm and it does not do any good and I only have the factor Alarm. Can anyone please help me to solve this problem so I don't piss off the...
  11. Brycec

    Rear seat pull

    Hey guys I thought I would post this, my rear seat pull cable wad broken, so I found a pull cable on ebay that works much better than the factory piece and I think it looks much better. Here's the part number if interested.
  12. C

    Wanted Fresh Pull and Warm Pull

    I need both heater control cables "fresh pull" and "warm pull" for a 1974 to 1979 FJ40 heater. Thanks!
  13. Kilgore

    VR vs Zeus vr 8274

    Looking at Warn winches for my ARB bumper on my FJ40. The VR series looks nice without being too expensive. Thinking about all of these, but which will fit? Feedback on the newer VR models? What pull strength should I get?
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