Project - Auction Non-Run/Drive 2000 LX 470

    Hi there! I drive a 200 and have enjoyed the hell out of these forums. Amazing wealth of information and good folks, so wanted to introduce myself and start documentation of (one of) my mid-pandemic crisis project(s). Picking up a one-owner, never-left-Texas, non-running/driving 2000 LX 470 at...
  2. yotadude520

    SOLD  1978 FJ40 Crawler Project - 85k original miles - $5,000

    Hey guys! My brother and I bought this cruiser back in July and just haven't had the time to do anything with it. With some upcoming house repairs the money would be nice and we'd like to pass this on to someone who can use it and appreciate it. Here are the specs: 1978 Toyota FJ40 -2F 4.2L I6...
  3. F

    Rust consult - Is this BJ42 too far gone?

    Hi all, I recently came across a 1980 BJ42 LX (factory ac, power steering, 3B engine) for sale semi-locally. The first set of photos I received was pretty promising. Owner assured me that the vehicle runs well, but the body will "need some work". My Dad and I are a fairly handy pair, so I...
  4. Zeus0623

    For Sale  ***SOLD*** 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser

    ***SOLD*** 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale, $4,000 OBO. Great truck that needs some TLC. I have two other Cruisers that I am focusing on, hence the sale. Runs and drives great, will not restart after operating without using starting fluid. There appears to be a grounding issue in the wiring...
  5. N

    For Sale  72 FJ40 Project Vehicle, San Diego, CA

    I have a 1972 FJ40 project that I need to get rid of. I purchased it as a nearly complete stock FJ40 with minimal rust. My intention was to restore it to like new, close to stock condition. Unfortunately I can’t complete the project any time soon so I am looking for someone who wants to pick...
  6. D

    LX470 Project Build

    I currently own a 2010 Mercedes E550 it's a great car but a little tired of all these repairs becoming too frequent. I was told to buy one of these originally, but didn't listen oh well live and learn. I current taking on this project of this blizzard pearl 2005 LX470 168k one owner from Texas...
  7. Vexvader

    Builds  1977 FJ40 - USA Spec Restoration - Father & Son Project

    I am fairly new to MUD, but it is my new passion! I wanted a father and son project for me and my 12 year son. After posting a "Wanted" add on the Wanted - I GOT ONE!! - Wanted FJ40 Project - ATLANTA GA thread, I purchased a USA Spec FJ40 from another member. THE GOOD - USA Model - The price...
  8. I

    For Sale  1975 FJ40 - Project - Victoria, BC

    1975 Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser, Running 2F Engine, 4 speed transmission, majority of tub and floor rebuilt with new steel, front brakes upgrade from drums to discs. Only non-surface rust spot is in hardtop by rear door. Spare parts: set of full and half front doors, front knuckles with locking...
  9. B

    Wanted  Wanted FJ45 Troop Project

    Hello all, I am new around here and am looking to start an FJ45 project in CA next year. I'm not looking for a basket case but something that could be stripped down, equipped with some modern amenities (disc, upgraded suspension, stereo, etc.) and sent out for paint. Minimal rust would be...
  10. M

    For Sale  ‘87 FJ60 $2000

    Burbank, CA Needs clutch, was running before it went out. Salvaged title After-market wheels -have 3 of original rims. Tires in good shape Original 2F engine Red body, gray interior After-market Bluetooth stereo Don’t have time or money to keep it up. Great project car
  11. Zeus0623

    80 Series Project!!!

    Hi Mud Friends! I have a new project; 1991 FJ80! This truck was advertised as a mechanics special due to its issue with starting. You have to spray ether into the intake for it to fire up, however when it gets running she purrs! The previous owner was not mechanically inclined at all. He...
  12. cruiserboy14

    Wanted  FJ40

    Wanted- 1975-1978 FJ40. 2F engine, hard top, and ambulance doors. I’m looking for a project. willing to spend around 10k or so. depending on condition. Would like minimum rust if possible. I’m located in Arizona. Thank you for your time.
  13. Zeus0623

    Builds  Newly Restored 40 With Questions from the Past

    Hello All! I am the proud new owner of a 1972 FJ40, British Racing Green. This truck is in great shape, however the restoration it went through has left me with some loose ends to tie up! CruiserHeads, I need some help! I am hoping to use this thread to post my progress as I sort through...
  14. davesun

    After 7 years of toying with an idea, I finally pulled the trigger...

    I have no tools, no experience, and apparently no brains. I'd like to change at least two of these things. warning: long rambling post of a total noob. Some details... the body is riddled with rust the frame (as far as I can tell, which isnt very far) has surface rust but no holes or...
  15. F

    Overland Project

    320k miles. Now what? Rebuild or 5.3 vortec?
  16. B

    FJ45 Restoration Project

    Hello friends, I have this Land Cruiser and I need to restore it. I've seen some websites like "The Fj Company" and "Vintage Cruiser" but it's to faar way from my country (Mozambique) and quite expensive too. Can you guys give me some help? I uploaded some images from the car.F
  17. R

    Wanted  fj62- no more than $4000

    Looking something of a project. All original, looking for engine to be in fairly good shape and as little rust as possible obviously, the rest can be somewhat of a beater. Would be willing to pay for shipping depending how far. I live in Oklahoma. Thanks!
  18. nw_fj62

    Project : VR12000 switch to synthetic line and...

    I bought a well built 2002 100 series with a TJM front bumper housing a Warn VR12000 winch (my first winch). I've used the winch to move some downed tree from trails, and cars stuck in snowy parking lots (light work) - but never had the line out very far. I haven't had success getting it to...
  19. Strait Cruisin

    Builds  Climate Change: Project Global Warming '76 fj-40

    Ok, I’m finally going to do this. I’ve meaning to start a build thread for mine but being the expert level procrastinator that I am, I was always waiting for tomorrow. Anyway, in previous posts , I’ve described my progress on my truck as being glacial, so I am naming this thread: Climate...
  20. E

    For Sale  1974 FJ40 Restoration Project

    1974 FJ40 Restoration Project For Sale: All details are on the website I setup for it: SwitchItUp It is basically at the stage of sandblast good body, paint and mount to frame, everything else is done, 1F motor rebuilt, sand blast powder coating of everything is done. Runs great and you will...
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