1. K

    Too much rust for 10K? Lots of pics, Carfax

    New England car with about 200k miles. Seller is asking 10k but my hunch is that it's too high. How's the rust level? Any other red flags? Thank you all-- this community is awesome!
  2. twigs

    Rough price of non-running 1HDT 80 series cruiser

    My '92 1HDT cruiser recently copped the infamous big end bearing failure... I am weighing up my options on whether to get it rebuilt, new engine, sell it as it is etc. The problem is, cash is tight at the moment so i'm not too keen on dishing out the cash to get it rebuilt. The interior and...
  3. ClayGrizzly

    2002 LC Moon Roof Broken - Affordable Part

    Morning group, first time poster, don't be too harsh! I have a '02 LC with a broken sliding roof (moon roof). Pressing the button to open just results in a single clicking sound, then nothing. I have replaced window regulators before, but never moon roof. On Toyota Parts, below, they're saying...
  4. krice118

    craigslist  Gem, only $5500

    Not mine Nice 80 with modifications front and rear 1993 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 4.5L I6 AUTOMATIC Why do people think that all Land cruisers are worth so much money???? The market is insane
  5. dsw1020

    What did you buy your 100 series for?

    Hey fellow mudders, I have been scouring the forum looking for a buyers market value thread and havent been able to find one. On two other vehicle forum I am a part of, there are pinned threads where buyers can post their purchases to help others estimate fair market value of vehicles. If...
  6. 94lc80series

    Front Axle Rebuild

    Noticed some sludge coming from the wheel nuts a few days ago. Thinking I have a bad inner axle seal. Here's the writeup from a local shop: "Your front diff fluid is contaminated with knuckle grease due to the bad inner axle seals and has turned into a nasty mud. It is going to require...
  7. stainless 40/45

    For Sale  Trailer price

    Guy around the corner is selling this,and I'm wondering if it is a fair price. He wants $900, looks to have a 6 footbed and 30 inch tires. It's in good condition Thanks in advance James
  8. Snickklefrittz

    Asking price for 1996 FZJ80 with engine knock

    Well, title says it all. I'm looking to sell my 80. It has a pretty serious lower end knock, and every resource I've read says that it will be needing a full engine rebuild. Where should I start with the price? I wish I could part it out, But I don't have the garage space or the time to tear it...
  9. AZcruisers100and80

    For Sale  price check: 03 w 180k miles. Blue

    Could use your help, 100 series friends. I'm about to buy an 03 LC, grayish-light-blue, with 180k miles from a friend. I'm more of an 80 series guy and don't know my 100 series prices as well. It's an AZ vehicle with zero rust, gray leather interior in good shape, with no rips or tears. No DVD...
  10. rc51kid

    used ARB 63qt price check

    I originally posted this up in the wrong section. So here it is now. I found a used ARB 63 qt for sale. Owner says it is about 2 years old. It looks to be a good price but thats what I need to know from you guys. What would be good price and what would be great price? I really only want a...
  11. rc51kid

    price on used 63Q ARB fridge

    Please delete.
  12. T

    2006 LX470 - 137k miles - What price to pay?

    Pictures: 2006 LX470 Vehicle was in Houston Texas for 6 years, 60k miles and then came to Florida. The gentleman that owns it has it serviced with his personal mechanic, so no records on with any information. The owner offered to let me speak with his mechanic - not sure how much...
  13. F

    Price check on 04 LC

    2004 LC 189,000 miles needs timing belt/water pump based on miles. Asking price of $9,500? No wrecks. What do you guys think? KBB comes back at $8,908- but I know KBB is low on the 100 series. The nav/climate controls always scare me on the 03+ cruisers. I like the simplicity of the 98-02 and...
  14. customcruiser

    Help price this 80

    What is a rolled 95 80 with elockers worth? Engine, Tranny & Tcase? How about just the set of elocker axles with all wiring, computer and switch?
  15. Fireguy615

    craigslist  No affiliation, PNW 2003 with a good price on it?

    Came across this while bumping around. Price looks OK on it?? 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser 4X4
  16. Rustic76

    For Sale  Bestop half doors, best price I've seen

    While searching the web for a set of half doors for my 45, I found this deal. $184 for the pair. Basically $100 cheaper that anywhere else. Ordered a set and after about a week I got the notification that they shipped and are on the way. Just wanted to pass the deal on to my fellow FJ45...
  17. cyclonus

    craigslist  Sacramento, CA. Suspiciously low price 2000 lx470

    Everything works great2000 Lexus Lx470 , Only 108,000 Miles Seems like a typo or a scam.
  18. S

    Help with Price

    Hoping someone could help me with pricing. I am considering a 1998 LC, 101K miles. Carfax is clean. Two Owner. Texas. Maintenance records, timing belt done. New ARB Bumper, Anzi Rims with KO's , 2.5 OME lift. Interior is clean, paint is clean. No rust. Looks darn good. Guy wants 25...
  19. D

    Price check, 85 4Runner SR5

    So I picked up a gx470 last year with intentions to build it up. Things have changed, that's the family hauler for now. I've been looking At first gen runners, and I've come across an 85 sr5 in fair condition. What's the going rate? It is a manual and the 22re. Interior in good condition. This...
  20. J

    For Sale  1988 FJ62 w/ rebuilt engine. Price lowered.

    Selling my 1988 FJ62. Very clean inside and out. No rust. 277K on the truck. Engine rebuilt at 268k. Bumpers and wheels are plasi-dip black and can be restored to original chrome. Black roof is a vinyl wrap that can also be removed. Original paint on roof is in good shape with the exception of...
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