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  1. Gnarwgn

    Deferred Maintenance (PO) Advice For a Rookie Hundy Owner...

    Hey Team - Need some help. Picked up my 2001 Hundy over the summer (in my rookie year still) and since have been accruing a list of 'small' deferred maintenance items (thanks previous owner), none of which I believe are that serious (fingers crossed). As a whole however (10 items total), it has...
  2. brd

    Identifying BJ40 power steering parts (retrofit)

    Hi I'm looking for help identifying the retrofit power steering parts for my BJ40 (1979) as the ball joint is worn and I'm trying to find a replacement ball joint. The system was fitted many years before I got it - and uses a hydraulic ram. The pump is a Saginaw type (HINT: If you overhaul the...
  3. K

    Advance Adapters Saginaw Installation Problem

    Hey guys, I am currently trying to install the advance adapters power steering conversion kit and a J20 Saginaw box onto my 1976 FJ40. I am having problem lining the adapter plate and box up that also leaves clearance between the box and the OME shackle and shackle bolts. There seems to be no...
  4. lilevo

    Wanted  FZJ80 power steering cooler 44420-60220

    Need a good power steering cooler tube assembly 93-97. Shipped to 52402. Thanks
  5. RFB

    Oil leak or Power steering pump

    I pulled my rock plate and have this one leak took some pics that will hopefully look familair to some of you . is this my power steering pump leaking or the oring on front of engine? Its got cold here in north east and this truck has never seen the cold. on start up the PS whines till shes...
  6. F

    PS pump bracket mod for air pump protection.

    Has anyone welded some sheet metal or something underneath the PS pump bracket to prevent ATF fluid from ruining the smog pump if/when the PS pump goes ? I don't have any PS or smog pump issues yet with my stock 1983 FJ60. However, in reading several threads concerning smog pump and PS pump...
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Steering Cooler (fits under radiator/bumper) Pump also

    SoCal Not rusted or leaking or any issues of any sort. 2 available. $96.24 includes shipping. They are long and take up a large box. Local Pickup, save $45 on shipping. This is for Left hand drive steering with steering box on Driver Side. May not fit diesel models, not sure. PS pump in...
  8. lechnito

    Sloppy steering on my FJ62

    My steering wheel has a few degrees of motion where there is very little resistance and movement is not reciprocated in the movement of the wheels. Here's a video: This has always been an issue and installing new tie rod ends did not make an appreciable difference. However, it didn't really...
  9. Tareq

    Steering is not smooth

    Bought my LX with small steering rack leak that mechanics assured me is very minor, and in 3 months I never had to top off the fluids, but did flush the oil 3 times (turkey baster method) because I always had issues with the steering not being smooth. I thought the oil was old. It feels like...
  10. brutledge

    For Sale  FJ60 Power Steering Hose

    Brand new never opened FJ60 power steering hose 81-87. Bought it and ended up not needing it. There is a 20% restocking fee to send it back so seeing if anyone on here can use it. $45 shipped in the lower 48
  11. J

    Power Steering Cooler - Replacement

    I just spent a couple evenings working on my 1994 Land Cruiser. The power steering cooler had some pretty bad corrosion/rust that lead to a leak in the "paper clip" cooler. To help the next guy I wanted to let you know what all needs to done to replace the cooler with an OEM part or like me, a...
  12. RFB

    OEM vs. GATES

    I installed the gates hi pressure line on my rig, only to have to loosen the bolt holding it to the pump and when I did so, it snapped like the flimsy tubing it was, now the OEM hi pressure hose just showed up and its far and away different thicked stronger(cue siz million dollar man theme) and...
  13. RFB


    Ok so I literally just got my FSM today and I discovered the 10 a pint "japanese" PS fluid I used is wrong, so I can never bleed it. My question is whats the best method to totally drain the wrong fluid and fill it with dexron 2 or 3 like I was supposed to use intially.
  14. RFB

    Power steering lines Hi or Lo pressure

    I split a PS line on the trail the other day, If one looks at the diagram it would appear its the 220. dollar hi pressure line, and yet it has squeeze and remove clamps at either end. so how come I cant just replace it with same length and rated hose. In the diagram it is indeed number 6, its...
  15. RFB

    Power steering lines

    Just took the rig up some very nasty trails, trying out the new tough dog steering stabilizer and such and lo and behold If I didnt blow a lower power steering line kinda ruining the end of the day, still patched it enough to drive home 60 miles, BUT my question Is there a better type of lines...
  16. Pumpkin Troopy

    SOLD  RHD Power Steering Box And Idler

    SOLD .. I recently installed a 4 Link on my troopy and as part of that moved to Hydraulic Ram and had to replace the factory power steering I had this rebuilt before i realized it would not work, It does have a non factory pitman arm currently installed This is just the Steering Box and the...
  17. Rebelle110

    Power Steering Lines Wrapped Around the Frame

    I am trying to replace my power steering gearbox. I'm guessing it's all original because the fluid lines WILL NOT come out of the top of the gearbox. Got a lot of recommendations to cut the lines, because really they need replacing anyway. Dove into that this weekend, and I realize the lines...
  18. Geezer Cruzzer

    Cost of power steering for 1982 FJ40

    Just joined the forum. A little background. In 1978, we bought a beautiful FJ40 which we kept for 20 years. Selling it was one of the dumbest things I ever did. It would be one of those $35K Cruisers today. Long story short. Wife got the itch to buy a Cruiser for her 65th birthday. I'm more than...
  19. dkdnt232

    For Sale  ****sold****mini power steering box from 1982 hilux 4x4 truck (92335)

    hello guys, i am selling a power steering box from a mini truck. it was removed from a running truck that was upgraded to the crossover steering. the box turns freely and comes with pitman arm, low pressure fitting, and stock mini pedestal. i am asking *****it's been sold***** including the...
  20. Adrigan

    What Steering Box Do I have?

    So I got a '76FJ40 about 3 weeks ago. Since then I've changed all the fluids, Tie rods, Parking Brake, Fixed a crap load of electrical issues. Now I'm onto rebuilding the power steering since it is all wet down there. From this wonderful forum I know there is Saginaw, minitruck, ETC. However...
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