1. Barn find

    For Sale Fj40 u bolt plates

    I have 2 sets of 4 $75 a set(shipped) located in santa rosa ca . thanks
  2. landcruiserjunky

    For Sale OutBack Plates

    All sold but taking names for the next batch. What they look like on a ARB bumper, courtesy of badlander's gorgeous 100 series Tennessee80's trailer rocking out a plate They hold up to abuse! MScruiser has put them to the test.
  3. Javelin

    Vibration After Installing Slee Skid Plates

    I installed my full set of steel skids from slee last night. I noticed that the truck has a slight vibration now. I checked all the bolts and everything is tight. I am wondering if it's the exhaust pipe. It comes very close to the belly pan like 1cm or less. No rattles or squeaks just doesn't...
  4. bluecruiser

    FS: 80 Series caster plates

    Brand not known. Look like Slee, Iron Man, and Metal Tech. May be a local member remake, not really sure. Anyways, they worked just fine. I just pulled off to go with another type. They are used, kinda dirty, but totally fine. Not bent or anything weird. I have hardware that came off the truck...
  5. FJ60Seth

    SOLD Stock FJ60 Spring Plates & More

    These were removed from my 1983 FJ60 when I installed a u-bolt flip kit and rear anti-inversion shackles. The truck has always lived in the dry southwest so only surface rust. Everything in the picture is included. The rubber in the isolators is still good. The threads on one of the u-bolts is...
  6. michaelharrisco

    Brake pad plates x2?

    im still getting familiar to my new to me 100 (2000). I had a shop do CV and had them do the brakes while they were in there. Normally I'd do it myself. Got it back and the brakes are now squeaking while driving which really frustrated me. Took the brakes apart tonight and found what appears...
  7. The Beej

    Rear Leaf Spring Perches and Frame Plates Rusted Out...

    I'm relatively new Landcrusier owner. I'm learning about the wonderful world of rolling restoration, maintenance and stuffing mitts full of $100 bills into my BJ to fix things. Still love it. Just installed an OME suspension system and now see that my 81 BJ42 frame plates where my rear spring...
  8. Taco2Cruiser

    BudBuilt 200 Series Skid Plates, Sliders, High Clearance Rear Bumper

    These are not a one off project for me, these will be available as bolt on from BudBuilt. That's right, change your oil and filter without removing the armor. Also notice how the alignment cams are protected. Damaged those on my first trip. First off, these are still in development, but...
  9. dcx13

    Plates or Bushings?

    When doing a lift (looking at 2-2.5"), what are the pros/cons of using plates or bushings to correct castor? I'm contemplating doing the install myself, but lack (at the moment) a means of pressing new bushings in. The stock suspension is knackered, on a good day, and the castor bushing vs...
  10. landcruiserjunky

    For Sale Australian Outback Plates

    I have a few Outback plates. These are real take offs. $35 each to your door. See lower posts for what is available.
  11. 2fpower

    check out the drop plates on this one.....

    1980 Toyota Land Cruiser LAND CRUISER 80 DIESEL | eBay
  12. Farrell Martin

    Wanted Caster Plates or Drop Brackets for 2 - 3 Inch Lift

    I have finally pieced together the parts for my lift (850, 860) and am just missing the means to correct caster to complete the install. I don't like the CC bushing idea, so looking for either the control arm drop bracket (DD and fire road use, no rock crawling) or caster correction plates that...
  13. P

    FJ-40 on the docks in Honolulu - can anyone tell where these licence plates are from?

    I park my daily driver near the roll-on/roll-off pier (and military vehicle shipping contractor’s yard) on the Honolulu waterfront. I’ve seen a few unusual cruisers (FJ-25, FJ-45, other FJ-40s) arrive in the islands in recent years. The FJ-40 in the photo is not exactly a show car… but it has...
  14. E

    OEM skid good are they?

    Do they hold up well or is that something I should replace before heading to Moab?
  15. SMG

    For Sale "SOLD" 76 FJ40 Front Disc Backing Plates With Brake Fittings

    1976 FJ40 Front disc backing plates with brake fittings and small brake caliber lines. These are in very good shape. Slight surface rust in some areas but no cancer. $110 plus shipping
  16. K

    For Sale FJ40 blower motor, bump stops and u-bolt plates

    All from my 76 FJ40 and in good working condition. Blower motor $100, bump stops $20, u-bolt plates $20.
  17. Farrell Martin

    Why Not Camber Plates on 2.5 - 3 Inch Lift as Opposed to Camber Bushings?

    EDITED: I feel like the answer is right under my nose, but I am not seeing it......why do caster plates seem to be designed for +4 inch lifts but not smaller? This crossed my mind after reading a couple recent threads about caster bushings falling apart and the thought that OEM bushings have...
  18. Gun Runner 5

    Gauging Interest ... Skid Plates

    Odd Iron Off Road in Thomasville, GA made this skid plate for my 77 Series Land Cruiser. (1/4" steel plating) He can make skid plates for virtually every Land Cruiser. They can be fabricated from 1/4" or 3/16" steel plating. Is there any interest in a product like this? Thanks
  19. Z

    For Sale [SF, Calif.] Slee Off-road Caster Correction Plates (New in original packaging)

    ***SOLD*** I am selling a set of Slee Off-road Caster Correction Plates (NEW in original packaging). See pics below. Shipped domestically via USPS flat rate for $100. Pick them up for less in San Francisco or Richmond, CA. PM me to arrange sale. Thanks. Dropbox - 2017-01-18 12.26.16.jpg...
  20. G

    Alum Skid Plates for GX470 w/ KDSS

    Hey there, I am looking at recommendations for Aluminum skid plates for a GX470 with KDSS. Thank you!
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