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  1. Onur

    Understanding Toyota Hardware Part Numbers And Other Part Numbering Thoughts

    As requested, here are some insights into understanding the Toyota part number logic for both legacy and current hardware. There is some back ground to understand though and some of it is easier to understand than other aspects: 1. Toyota part numbers are either 10-digits or 12-digits using a...
  2. seth

    Land Cruiser Parts Catalogs

    I've decided that it would be helpful to the Land Cruiser community to begin open sourcing parts catalogs as I buy or find them. It takes a ton of time to disassemble and scan every page, then process them to pages on the site, but I've just completed the first one – No. 93658-67, Published...
  3. Onur

    80 Series Rear Locker Sub-Harness Information

    This is the only remaining complete locker sub-harness for the 80 series from Toyota. This will fit all of the 1993-1997 80 Series trucks. This part is barely still available from Toyota. Also integrates the locker breather tube as well. Hope this information helps folks. It is...
  4. PNWFJ80

    1996 FZJ80 Coolant & Heater Hose Part Numbers & Pictures

    This is subject to change, but here's what I've come up with so far(updated 7/6/2018): FZJ80 Heater Hose Part Numbers and Locations by PNWFJ80 posted Jul 6, 2018 at 11:17 AM FZJ80 Heater Hose Part Numbers and Locations by PNWFJ80 posted Jul 6, 2018 at 11:17 AM FZJ80 Heater Hose Part Numbers...
  5. dylanray

    ARB part number...

    Maybe I should have put this in the 60's forum but here goes: I just purchased this lovely FJ62 rear axle with TSM disk set up and an ARB with some new extra parts. Seller was a hell of a nice guy who just replaced the rear in his truck with a Dynatrac 60. I got a really good deal on the axle...
  6. serenity

    FAQ  Diesel Section Stickies: SMOKE FAQ, Part Numbers, Diesel Prices

    Diesel smoke questions? Read this first! Local Diesel Prices The Diesel Part number thread. NO CHIT CHAT or PARTS # REQUESTS!
  7. redfj

    oil pan part numbers

    So I'm confused by all the oil pan part numbers out there. I have a '71 with the original F motor. According to I need part number 12100-60060 which has been replaced with part 12101-61013. BUT, when I search the newer part number, it seems like that one is for later 2F...
  8. D

    Lx470 door trim part numbers

    Does anyone have a picture of the lx470 door trims (all 4) with the part numbers labeled? Thanks
  9. P

    FJ62/HJ61 Chrome bumper part numbers needed

    Hi' I'm looking for new chrome bumpers for my 89 HJ61 restoration project, but Toyota codes seem to have many different styles and prices also. Car's original bumpers were sold many years ago with brackets and now I would like to know what are the part numbers for typical FJ62 bumpers like...
  10. O

    p0401 part numbers

    Can someone provide me with the part numbers for a complete p0401 repair (intake gasket, throttle body gasket, vsv, vacuum hoses....and anything else I will possible need)?? I sure that info is here somewhere but I cant seem to find it. Thanks
  11. S

    Part Numbers for OEM Reman Calipers FZJ?

    I know Toyota has (or did have) a reman part. Can someone provide these part numbers?
  12. NNVATXFJ80

    1991 - Tokico Shock Part Numbers

    Hey guys, Getting ready to put OME stock height springs the FJ80 and wondered if anyone knew the correct part numbers for the Tokico shocks. My local dealer had 48511-69187 - front 48531-69256 - rear Any other shocks you would recommend for a truck that spends 90% of its miles on asphalt...
  13. 40thSagePearl

    Two different VSV Part there two ?

    Went to my local Yota stealership to get some info and pricing for the Toyota VSV for my 96 LX450 however the Parts guy told me there are two ? is this true because ive only researched on this forum and have seen one. If there is two where does the second one go, im only familiar with the one...
  14. Onur


    Hi All: Figured I would start a thread that chronicles 7x specific parts that are available through normal Toyota procurement lines here in the USA market. Obviously, we know that 7x series parts are available here as a fluke due to the suppport needed for the mining industry in North America...
  15. Onur


    Hey Guys/Gals: I don't normally post in the 40/55 section mainly due to the fact that I do not own either of these vehicles, but I did want to present some part information for folks here so that current, relevant information is available. I've received many inquiries regarding OEM exterior...
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