oil pan

  1. cstraface

    For Sale  Eagle, ID: Fj40 Parts (slave cylinder, jump seat covers, brand new front bumper, etc)

    I have the following parts available: Jump Seat Covers: SOLD Unsure of the make, they were on the seat frames when I purchased them Used Slave Cylinder: $10 + ship I believe it's in good working order; it was replaced as I troubleshooted my clutch which turned out to be a bad Master...
  2. mrjordann

    For Sale  Who needs a 1F valve cover gasket?

    I switched over to a 2F valve cover and no longer need this brand new gasket. Anybody want it? I'm also gonna buy a side lifter panel gasket and oil pan gasket if someone wants to trade. Thanks!
  3. B

    Ok to rotate oil pan 180 degrees?

    I'm trying to copy anothernord and swap a 1kz-te into my 2001 Tacoma and I foolishly got a motor from a Hiace Regius instead of a Hilux so the oil pan hits the front differential. I know I should order the correct pan but it is going to be over $500 from Japan so my current idea is to flip the...
  4. 4BD1T Oil Pan

    4BD1T Oil Pan

  5. bpm

    Oil pickup o-ring? Need help with a pet #

    Hello mudders. A buddy and I are working on the rear arch seal (among many other things) on an 97 Land Cruiser I bought recently. I’m having a hard time identifying the proper name (and how to search for) this o-ring located in the block facing the upper oil pan directly behind the oil pump. I’m...
  6. mrjordann

    F engine experts: What is this hole for?

    Hi, here's context: I'm rebuilding a 5/1973 F engine. Old oil pump is discontinued, so I had to fabricate a new oil pump output line to make the new style oil pump fit. The new custom line fits great into the threaded hole, but there is another threaded hole next to it, and I cannot figure out...
  7. mrjordann

    Rebuilding F engine- do I need a new oil pump?

    Hi. My natural instinct is yes, I do need a new oil pump. But I have a 5/73 F engine and can no longer get a new oil pump because they're discontinued. I suppose I could upgrade to a 2F oil pump, but I've heard that I would need to get a 2F oil pan too. What are my options? Can I just reuse...
  8. mrjordann

    Oil Pan/Side Cover Bolts for 5/1973 F engine?

    Hi. Does anyone have the bolt sizes for the oil pan and side cover bolts? Also looking for those three bolts that hold the steering column to the firewall. Thank you.
  9. C

    FREE  Free (pay postage) 2000 100 series oil pan

    There is an issue! Oil change shop stripped the drain plug so it currently cannot accept a bolt. I thought that someone might be able to modify/repair it instead of me tossing it in the trash. It is steel. Free to the first person who claims it and is willing to pay actual shipping. It...
  10. redfj

    oil pan part numbers

    So I'm confused by all the oil pan part numbers out there. I have a '71 with the original F motor. According to toyotapartsdeal.com I need part number 12100-60060 which has been replaced with part 12101-61013. BUT, when I search the newer part number, it seems like that one is for later 2F...
  11. shmukster

    For Sale  Older F engine oil pan excellent shape in PA

    I got this oil pan with a 64 FJ40 project I parted a few years ago. It's very solid these are no longer available. Has the big diameter drain plug. Price $100 buyer pays shipping. Best to email me shmukter@pa.metrocast.net
  12. MPTank

    Oil pan seal redone....still leaking??

    Hello I purchased a 97 lx450 a few months ago with all the normal oil leaks. Thanks to Mud I was able to fix all but one last leak. The last one was the oil pan arch /rear main seal leak. Oil was on the bell housing. Thinking the oil pan arch was the cause of the leak, I went that route to see...
  13. natas801

    Wanted  2.4 LTE oil pan with dip stick (not Hiace) oil pan

    So i ordered a 2.4LTE received it and it was out of a hiace van. long story short the oil pan will interfere with my front axle. im needing one that will fit with its own built in dipstick. let me know what ya got 801-564-9029 Ryan
  14. Mr Cimarron

    Wanted  B or 3B oil pan

    Im looking for a oil pan for my 77 BJ40 with B engine. I think a 3B pan would work but not sure. Thanks.
  15. O

    How do I pull the oil pan off the 22r?

    Just doing the timing chain on my 1989 22r engine. My book says to lift the engine about 1 inch and pull it out. I tried that - no go- lifted it over 2 inches and still no where close. It doesn't even seem like I will be able to lift it high enough to get it out. Does it have to twist out...
  16. fj40toycruiser

    For Sale  1HZ Oil Pan to Valve Cover NH

    I have a 1HZ oil pan to valve cover engine core I purchased 4 years ago with the intent to rebuild. Reality has caught up to me and I now realize I have too many other priorities. I can assist with shipping but the details and cost needs to handled by the buyer. I had it shipped from TN to NH...
  17. DanoD

    Oil pan gasket part # help

    So I need to replace my 97's oil pan gasket and I'm a bit confused on the part number. It appears to be 12151-61011, but that part seems to be from 91 to 93. Can anyone confirm? Thanks, Dan
  18. orangefj45

    Wanted  2H Oil Pan

    Looking for a 2H Oil Pan. Has to be rust and dent free Georg @ Valley Hybrids
  19. ch26

    Help! Broke oil pan bolt now what?

    help I was tightening bolts underneath my lx then al the others were tighteneing well But this one broke now what?
  20. Brycec

    Hummer oil pan for 5.3

    Hey guys, so how do you know if your getting a Hummer oil pan? When I look them up they say Hummer, Silverado, gmc, etc... does anyone have a picture of what the difference is, or will any LS 4x4 b pan work as far as driveline clearance
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