1. B

    35s, no flares, and within the guards... Help!

    Hi all, I know that the flareless look is really popular here, so I am hoping someone can help me out. I am looking for pictures and wheel information (width and offset/backspace) for anyone is running 35" tyres, no flares, and the tyres are still under the guards or in line with the guards...
  2. dylanray

    Front spring offset/toe out.

    This is something that has been bothering me since I bought the truck and now that its down to the frame in preparation for an SOA setup I gotta ask a few questions. And yes I have probably spent over 30 hours in the last 4 weeks reading through post here on mud. The PO did a shackle reversal...
  3. E

    Wheel Offset

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and have a few questions relating to wheel offset. I have the 5.7l VXR 2013 model and I am reasonably confident that the stock wheels are at +60mm offset. (If anyone knows for sure and could confirm, that would be great). I want to change the wheels to Braid...
  4. T

    Wheel offset question

    So a friend of mine just gave me a set of 2005ish Tacoma trd wheels. Does any one know off hand what the stock offset is, for the 80 or for the Tacoma, thank you in advance sorry im was misinformed, looks like they are 2005ish trd wheels, has any one tried running these? looks like they are...
  5. GXWagon

    Do I need Offset Wheels? (GX470)

    I am in the process of upgrading my GX470. She's got a full armour package. RCI alum underneath and Metal Tech front and rears. She's got OPAR sliders. I am doing a 2.5 lift and pulling the airbags. I am not going to do any crazy off road but I want her to be the capable beast she was born to...
  6. sailor

    offset trunnion bearing opinion?

    Does anyone have any thoughts about the durability of offset (caster correcting) trunnion bearings over the stock units? Pros/cons? Thanks.
  7. Guu

    Wheel Offset

    Hello, i have a 1985 FJ73 the mid wheel base with lead springs all around. Some nice second hand wheels have come available but the they are a 16x8 with negative 20 offset. Will these still be okay on my cruiser?
  8. cc1999

    Fuel Trophy wheels DD551 ? 20MM OFFSET 18X9

    I really like the look of these wheels on this LC 200 Mine is a 2011 this one pictured is a 2013-15 model I have the fender flairs on mine. I thinking about buying these, however doing the math and comparing them to my current setup with the OEM 285/60/18 oem size tires and oem 18x8 60mm offset...
  9. Lil'John

    For Sale  x

  10. Al Grain

    Rear Suspension Question: Does a lift result in an offset rear axle?

    We've been replacing rear-end components damaged by a former owner to get the truck straight and level. After replacing a bent trailing arm and a leaking KDSS cylinder ($$$) the alignment tech noticed the rear axle is offset 1" to the side. Factory spec allows for 1/2" with stock...
  11. AussieRedneck

    For Sale  Rigid Duallies and factor 55 thimble, 1.25" and 1.5" wheel spacers: oklahoma

    I have several sets of rigid duallies. I will sell them for $50 a light (that's $100 for a pair) obo. They do not come with wiring, just light, mount and plug. Spots and floods. I also have a red factor 55 thimble (sold). Two pairs of wheel spacers in good shape. 1 pair of 1.25 wheel spacers...
  12. BurnsTACP

    16" wheel specs for 35x12.5 on KZJ78 with 4" lift???

    Hey guys I'm about to put a Dobinsons 4" kit and Nitto 35x12.5" Trail Grapplers on my KZJ78. I'm having trouble figuring out what wheel specs I need to minimize trimming keep from having to run spacers. I'm ok with things sitting a tad outside the flares, and I prefer a wider track. The main...
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