1. Drake2

    For Sale  M8 - 1.25 Nylock (Lock Nuts) Yellow Zinc, Class 8, DIN 985

    Clearing out some business inventory. Probably over 500 pcs here. Packs of 50 $15.00 shipped Dia/Thread Size M8-1.25 Specification DIN 985 Thickness 8mm Wrench Size 13mm
  2. T

    Wanted  Help/needed asap - FJ62 Crankshaft nut and keyway, locking tab

    Tracked a rattle down to an almost sheared crank keyway- Never looked, but seems someone left off the crank nut. So- need a keyway, nut, and lock tab for a 1988 FJ62. Currently stuck near Lava Hot springs, Idaho, I'd obviously pay for shipping to the local post office. Or if anyone is local...
  3. HawkGunner

    HELP!! I can't get my crankshaft pulley nut off!

    I'm pulling the motor to change all the seals and gaskets. I need to get the C/S pulley nut off. I have a 46mm socket, and I've hammered on it with an impact gun. No luck. I put a breaker bar on it and bumped the starter. It doesn't look like it's budged even a little. Im new to the 2F...
  4. bwakeling

    Large Rear Wiper Nut Removal

    Is there a secret to removing the large nut that is exposed once the rear wiper arm is removed? Just turns and turns and turns. Repainting the rear hatch so trying remove it without pulling the entire mechanism on the inside.
  5. barneymc

    Car show at Bates Nut Farm - June 3

    My grandson is in the Valley Center Jazz Band, and the band boosters are hosting a car show as part of a fund raiser on June 3. Anybody interested in making a showing for a good cause? Barney
  6. sokoloka

    Stock Steelies & Lug Nut Shape

    Will be taking possession of my BIL's 1976 FJ40 from him soon and have started the parts acquisition process. I have a set of new steelies on the way but wanted to definitively confirm the lug nut threading and shape. 12mm x 1.5 is the correct size? 60 degree conical seat? Any and all help...
  7. Honger

    Question on Warn Remote Nut

    Can anyone help me out on this? I am missing the nut that snugs down on the toggle switch for my older Warn 8274 remote. I'm in the States and want to pick up a replacement but I left the remote in the UAE. Can anyone tell me the thread size of this? Thanks, Joel
  8. MyCruiserisaHogBeast

    Real time help- spit case output shaft nut

    Hey guys working on a split case, what size is he output shaft nut? Gotta pick up a socket asap
  9. NMC_EXP

    Need Advice: Rivet Nut Install Tool

    I need to buy a rivet nut installation tool. Wish list: -- Capable of at least 1/4". -- Fairly durable -- Price $75 max Question: Are the blank rivet nut slugs standard or do you have to buy Brand X nuts to use with a Brand X install tool? Ran across the Astro Pneumatic Tool Co model...
  10. ewillis

    Water Pump Stud Double Nut Method...What Went Wrong?

    So...finishing up the water pump and have these studs to the clutch that came uninstalled. Common Toyota pump with the logo dremeled off and the Aisin sticker applied that's going around. results suggested double nutting the studs to get them on snug. I used the method, but the...
  11. T

    FJ62 Rear 3-Point Seatbelt - retaining nut

    I have read several great threads about options for adding rear 3-point seatbelts to early Fj62s. I can feel the hole where the upper would be bolted but I do not know if there is a retaining nut. I have not found a definitive answer on how early Toyota started installing the nut. My FJ62 has a...
  12. 78f150tx

    Need a 54mm Axle Lock Nut Socket

    Anyone in or near Conway that owns one I could borrow for the afternoon? Repacking my front bearings and would like to use the correct tool rather than go completely shade tree. Thnx!
  13. mwebfj60

    Wanted  SOLD 2F Crank Nut

    Looking for the nut for the crank in front of the pulleys.
  14. piecemeal

    Wanted  (Sold) 1974 FJ40 Wiper arm nut (1)

    Anybody got one of these to sell? Or can you recommend a suitable alternative (not doing a resto, just want both wipers instead of the only one I've used for 8 years)?
  15. P

    Nut size? - carb cooling fan ground wire to temp sensor bracket

    Can't seem to find this in any partslist online, so hoping someone knows the answer off-hand (before I start trial and error). Anyone know the size and type of nut that fits on the bolt where the carb cooling fan grounding wire is attached to the temp sensor bracket? '83 FJ60 if it matters...
  16. hidesertwheelin

    Nut size help

    I've searched and cant find the answer. I also tried to download the 2004 manual, but the link is dead. Does anyone know the size of the nut for the front lower shock mount bolt? The bolt worked out part way and dropped the passenger side a little so the tire is rubbing. I got the bolt back in...
  17. MScruiser

    Builds  My 1978 Nut and Bolt Frame Off Restoration

    Since I was a kid, I had always been in love with the original Toyota Landcruiser body style; I always said I would get one when I was older. Several years ago, my dream came true; I found one out in Los Angeles, and flew out there with my very supportive wife to pick it up. We drove it across...
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