1. Deebow

    80 Series Noob answers

    All: New guy to the Forum. Love me some Land Cruiser, especially the 80 (partial to the 60 series too, but not as much.) I spent a quarter century in the Military and traveled extensively overseas in 38 countries; and in every one of them Land Cruisers were ubiquitous. So know a bit about...
  2. WyattEarp1789

    Noob, complete and total noob who doesnt own an FJ at all....but working on it.

    Good afternoon, to all. 37 years old, a fed and former vet. I am new to this whole process and I do not, currently, own an Fj but I am in the midst of aggressively researching and looking. My main purpose to being on here is to learn as much as I can about my initial purchase and what I should...
  3. G

    Wildcat Ridge Loop Camping

    Hey there, Generally new to the idea of "overlanding" (camping out of your car) and I was wondering if I could get some help. I have done a brief search for what im looking for already but could not find what I was looking for, so please forgive me if Im posting something thats already on...
  4. Sippi FJ40

    New member

    Hey guys, I'm unfortunately getting on here to get rid of my very needy project baby. This however will be my introduction post to the forum. I'm from Mississippi, picked this rig up from a trail rental place in Oregon when I was 15 as little more than a shell with an out of shape drivetrain...
  5. J

    A great problem to have, two FZJ80

    Hello, What a great resource, I have been lurking for awhile. I live in central Nebraska and suprisingly we have very few Land Cruisers. Might have something to do with the fact that we have nothing higher than the median to climb... I have also been looking for a FZJ80 for a year or so. I...
  6. Paul78FJ40

    Noobie from Arkansas

    Hi Hi all, I'm new here, and just learning my way around. I bought my 78 FJ40 brand new in 1979, and it was a daily driver for several years. I also took it places that I would never go now, getting older sometimes also means getting smarter. Anyway, my Cruiser sat for several years, neglected...
  7. Scrootinizer

    New member possible FZJ80 purchase - PS pump questions

    Hey everyone, New member and my first post, I've been researching and looking for a FZJ80 for a several months now and there just happens to be a 40th anniversary edition at a local oil change and inspection shop (literally 1/4 mile from my house). The truck is what I'm looking for as a DD -...
  8. Joseaquafresca

    FJ62 Buying Advice

    Hey guys, new to the forum and am in the market for an FJ62. I've driven a 4Runner for the last 10 years and have never owned a Land Cruiser, but have always wanted to own one. I'm now trying to search for an FJ62 that doesn't have to be a driver. I've found a couple that I thought were decent...
  9. Not A CJ

    New to the Group - 78' FJ40

    This is my introduction My Name is Brad from Clemmons, North Carolina I just purchased 1978 FJ40 Dune Beige This is my first FJ40 Ready to learn and contribute when I can.
  10. Goodname4id

    For Sale Noobie looking for nice 80 near Houston

    I have been travelling around Sakhalin Island Russia in various company fleet Land Cruisers. Last Thursday it snowed 8 inches and I travelled 2 hours on a muddy road and the cruiser performed flawlessly. Seeing the performance and reliability of these cruisers that survive these terrible...
  11. RogerThat

    Do I Need a New Water Pump? Maybe I'm Just Paranoid?

    I'm a total noob here, so bear with me! About a month ago I was letting my cold blooded FJ60 warm up for about 20 or 30 minutes (it was frozen solid, only about 5 degrees outside). When I came out I noticed a large pool of coolant under that car. It took me awhile to locate the leak because...
  12. FWaltersnewbie

    Need inspection help 93238 zip--trying to buy 1st rig

    Howdy folks--I'm a noob looking for some help in inspecting a potential purchase of my first rig: 1977 Toyota Landcruiser!!!!! No cancer!! Fj40!!!! I live in Maryland and it would be cost-prohibitive to fly out and inspect it myself. Suggestions? Zip is 93238, Kernville. Also suggestions for...
  13. FWaltersnewbie

    Hello/Merry Xmas from Noobie

    Hello/Merry Xmas to all (and apologies in advance for my noobie errors), I'm about to purchase a 1970 or 1971 FJ40, but have two very different options: 1. 1970: doesn't run, has engine replaced with Chevy 350 (but current one cracked block), 2nd engine in the wings; transmission replaced with...
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