1. yotadude520

    The life and times of my 1987 Toyota Pickup - KLF Special

    So this is the story of how I got to own a truck I’ve wanted for years and one we all know - @KLF's 1987 X-Tra Cab. Going to get it was by far the craziest thing I’ve done in my life (so far) but have to say I absolutely loved every second of it. It was an awesome adventure and I really...
  2. yotadude520

    Trade 1980 Toyota Crawler for 2nd/3rd Gen 4Runner - AZ

    Hi everybody. It pains me to do this. I literally brought this truck back from the dead..... Looking to trade for a Toyota 4Runner. Prefer a 2nd gen that's modded but would also take a 3rd gen. I'm selling my 1980 Toyota Pickup that's built to be a very capable 4x4/rock crawler. I really don't...
  3. jesus888

    For Sale 1987 Toyota XtraCab 4X4 **BUILT**

    What I've realized in my ownership of this beast is that it was built to conquer the baddest of trails but doubles easily to conquer the baddest tail-gates before a game, too, or tooling around town, being the envy of EVERY high school aged kid for miles :) This rig was built by a...
  4. 71FJnick

    For Sale Misc FJ40 and MiniTruck Axle Parts

    I have some random axle parts from a '85 Toyota Minitruck and a '71 Toyota FJ40. I'm open to offers and parting out. $50.00 + shipping - '85 Minitruck inner axle shafts (long and short sides, no birfields) $80.00 - '85 Minitruck Front Axle Housing (includes 4.11 third member, spring perches...
  5. TNpig

    Wanted FJ55 Minitruck PS gearbox mounting bracket

    I am doing a minitruck PS conversion on my pig and am looking for a bracket to mount the gearbox.
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