1. T

    2006 LX470 Clear Master Keys?

    Hi! I'm new to the forum, I think I'm supposed to get some kind of welcome:flipoff2::flipoff2::flipoff2:? I just picked up an '06 LX470. It's not super clean but the price was right. It's quite the upgrade from my 07 Corolla! Of course, I only got one key from the stealer dealer, so I got...
  2. WarWagon

    For Sale 1992 Land Cruiser Master Cylinder....

    Nothing wrong with this at all to my knowledge. I replaced it thinking it was faulty only to discover the culprit was really a torn brake line! OEM off my '92......$50 plus shipping. 770-654-6863
  3. brian

    driving without use of the clutch pedal.

    i've seen this come up several times in the last few months, both here and in the 60section. many already know this, but a surprising number seem to be unaware that the clutch pedal, operating correctly is not required to safely drive a manual transmission. while not the ideal situation to find...
  4. fooldall1

    Master Key Question

    All: A buddy of mine picked up a nice 99 a few days ago. He didn't realize that all he was given were valet keys. Is there any way around the 600 dollar dealer fee for creating a new master? Everything I know/read indicated that an EXISTING master key must be inserted for the programming...
  5. Catfish28

    help, whats the deal with my brake master cylinder year

    OK. I'm confused. I'm rebuilding a 78 and am to the point of rebuilding my brake master cylinder. I assumed it was original and correct for the year truck. I cleaned it up and ordered a master cylinder piston kit. PIc attached of the MC. The odd thing is my bore is 1". I didn't realize...
  6. workingdog

    Cluster Master Cylinder

    I pulled this off my FJ40. It looks like what I"m seeing at CoolCruisers for a clutch master for a 69/70 (mines a 66, but this was what was on it). When I went to NAPA, they showed me something different and smaller. I called my local Toyota dealer and they quoted me over $200. So, I"m trying to...
  7. S

    For Sale [NY] FJ40 Brake Master Cylinder

    I have this brake master cylinder left over from my 1975 FJ40 that I sold over ten years ago. I do remember I had some brake work done on the car and ordering a new master, but I not sure if it was ever installed. I believe this is the new one and was never put on the car, but I could be wrong...
  8. LC4LIFE

    Master Kit Difference?

    Hi Everyone, I can't really find good info on the difference in what it included in different gear packages. For instance, the price difference between e-locker and no e-locker is significant. Nitro shows two gear kits and about all I can tell is that some shims are different. Does anyone...
  9. C

    clutch master cylinder

    i need a new clutch master cylinder i have a 1972 fj40 and need to know if a master cylinder from a 1976 to 1980 will work thanks
  10. redfj

    For Sale [CA] FJ40 Brake Master Cylinder 9/75-7/80

    This was barely used in my '71 until I figured out it was the wrong year for my truck... whoops. Pretty much like new. $120 + shipping from Los Angeles EDIT: PRICE CHANGE: $100 shipped
  11. Farmboy29455

    For Sale F40 booster and master cylinder

    I beleve this all of 1976. It's ugly, but all worked when removed. $75 plus ride from 97070
  12. sea bass

    Wanted 92 master cylinder cap

    looking for a master cylinder cap with wire and connector only for a fj80 shipped to 85249
  13. GRM

    For Sale 1971 FJ40 Master Cylinder

    I heard these things are umobtanium these days. Mine needs to be rebuilt- but it only had 68k miles on it :). I hate to toss something in the scrap pile that someone else is searching for. Trade it for a 6 pack of Pacifico. Located in Scotts Valley CA
  14. petrolhead

    For Sale SOLD-New,OEM FJ40/55 Brake Master Cylinder

    New, OEM Toyota dual reservoir master cylinder. Fits 9/75-7/80 FJ40/55. $175 plus shipping from IN.
  15. A

    Which master cylinder?

    I have a 78 FJ40 RHD from Australia. I believe my master cylinder is shot. Does anyone know if I have to get a drum brake master cylinder for an earlier cruiser since the U.S. 1978 cruisers already had front discs? Is there a specific Master cylinder needed for a right hand drive with drums...
  16. 76 PTO

    Master Cylinder Upgrade

    Hey guys I have a 76 cruiser with the stock disks up front and drum rears. I discovered that my master cylinder was leaking a little and wanted to up grade to the 80 series master. I would also like to convert to rear disks in the future. I bought a 1994 80 series non ABS master. Should I...
  17. Von Hayek

    What Is This Master Cylinder For?

    I just replaced the master cylinder on my FJ62, and here is the master that I pulled off. Not stock. Anyone know what it is from?
  18. skippingrocks

    Please Help! Master Cylinder Connections

    I'm sure it is out there somewhere but I can't find it and I am in a time crunch. I had to replace my brake booster on my 1995 FJ80 and during all the disconnection I have forgotten where everything goes. I have a black hose that appears to gush brake fluid if I lower it below the master...
  19. F

    Stock clutch master or...? (4bd1 swap, FJ40)

    I have an FJ40 with a 1980 4bd1 engine. I'm not getting enough action out of the slave cylinder. The slave cylinder is from the NPR truck the engine came out of. The master is not the original, but is the Toyota master for my year Landcruiser (1969). I bought this vehicle with the swap already...
  20. Matt1260

    Where to buy a 73 brake master cylinder kit?

    1973 FJ40 brake master cylinder. I have been looking around for a rebuild kit, SOR is out, and other stores don't seem to have any. Anyone know where I might find one?
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