1. G

    Tick noise after BEB change

    So I changed my big end bearings last weekend and need some advice. I Replaced the original OEM bearings (marked with "4", BEB Pictures Here) with standard size taiho. The old bearings looked ok and all of the rod journals looked good. I plastigauged only cylinder #4 and it was right in...
  2. U

    3B engine run on low/no oil advice

    Hello Everyone, I went and looked at to early 80's Canadian BJ60's yesterday, and am looking for some advice One BJ60 had an engine in good condition, but a completely rotton body. I have no experience in body work and do not want to take on that project. The second BJ60 had a reletivly good...
  3. DanMedeiros

    Knock off snorkel

    I was wondering if anybody here can recommend one of the knock off snorkels? If they are of similar quality to a Safari Snorkel I can't imagine paying $300 more for one. Also curious if they come with a template and how hard they are to install. Thank!
  4. A

    Knock Sensor CEL Woes, Running like crap

    I have been at this for a week and a half and still can't get my truck running right. Here's what I did: 1. PHH 2. While I was doing that I accidentally broke off knock sensor entire connection 3. Installed new knock sensor, but sketchy old connector, Code 55 and no power 4. I soldered in a new...
  5. Luis Moniz

    Engine tick/ knock only when hot - Engine 3B on BJ40

    It ONLY does this when it gets warm and comes up to temperature. Has anyone else out there had this same problem ??? Have any ideas? Let me know, thanks Please check the video I'm restoring a BJ40. If you're curious, visit my Facebook page.
  6. A

    Code 55 Knock Sensor causing really rough/weak running

    I broke off the knock sensor during PHH as stated in previous thread, knew one on the way. I temporarily glued the broken one. Drove on the freeway today <10 miles after new radiator, PHH, thermostat, and heater valve. As soon as I got on it started running really rough and really weak, very...
  7. toyteg08

    Quick question - P0401 and knock sensors

    I searched, but didn't find much of anything. Is there any way at all possible for a bad knock sensor to cause a P0401 code without throwing a P0325 or 330 code? Back story: completely took off intake manifold to have hot tanked, broke connectors on TVV and rear knock sensor when unplugging...
  8. G

    Wanted  Knock sensor for 1993 1FZ

    Looking for good used functional one. Thanks,
  9. LS1FJ40

    Rod Knock or Exhaust Leak or something else...

    1993 FZJ80 335k miles She has purred like a kitten for the past 23k miles since I got her. Yesterday the low oil light came on (she burns a fair amount, no leaks). I dumped a couple of quarts of Delo 15w-40 in and drove on. Today I pulled on the interstate and heard the noise below. I was on...
  10. CAW16

    Knock Sensor Re-wiring guide?

    Does anyone have a pictures or a how to for re-wiring a 3vze Knock sensor circuit? I'm thinking about doing this soon to turn Code 52 off. Thanks, Chad
  11. H

    Knock or Thump Driver Side

    Hey guys, Over the last week, my 95 FJ80 has started knocking or thumping (felt through the foot rest) at various speeds between 28-55mph. It is felt through acceleration and de-acceleration at roughly the same speeds. I can replicate it easily going through the speed range. It seems to be...
  12. ff347

    Knock knock

    So I will try and upload a video with sound tomorrow. I have an rpm dependent knock/tapping even with the vehicle sitting still starting at 2500. below that the engine is quiet (reasonably) for a 2f. The facts- truck was down for about a year. Vacuum is good, not blowing oil and none In...
  13. 1973Guppie

    Knock sensor connector and ? connector

    Hi folks, working on an 80 series, I believe the black connector is the knock sensor connector, correct? what about the green one? If anyone has any of these used or has proper part #s for a 95 I would appreciate it. I need the 2 knock sensor connectors and the green one but not sure on what...
  14. 4Cruisers

    Help - Loud Engine Knock '84 FJ60

    When I was back at my place in Nevada in mid-December, I started up my stock '84 FJ60 (~182,000 miles) to let it run for a while, as I usually do while I'm out there. It's been sitting (off and on) for almost nine years. Just before I parked it nine years ago I installed new plugs and wires...

    Engine losing prime after sitting?

    Hey guys My wife and I had anoyher baby a few weeks ago, so she hasn't been driving her 1997 LX450. (289k miles) Today I decided to drive it to work so it wouldn't feel neglected. Well.... As soon as I turned the key I started cringing ( KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCKING ) It sounded like it was...
  16. joshoisasleep

    3b very loud knock suddenly started - clutch explosion??

    Started feeling a slight vibration when changing gears. After about 10-20 minutes I was driving in 5th and things seemed to go haywire (clutch slip I think?) and an extremely loud knock started causing me to pull over and turn off engine. Knock is in time with RPMs Initial look under hood...
  17. Snickklefrittz

    Funky Engine noise in my 1FZ-FE. Help?

    I thought the culprit was leaky flange gaskets. After getting those replaced, the sound is still there. Any ideas? It's in a 1996 LC80 with 184k miles. > Thanks!
  18. J

    1HD-T knock?

    Hey guys, I have an 1990 HDJ81 that sat outside in the cold (-10 - -15C) for about ten days without moving. When I started it, it idled rough so I gave it a wee bit of gentle throttle to help it, however this was likely before oil pressure came up. when I did this, it heard a dull low pitch...
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