1. B

    GX 470 new key & ignition Keys

    Bought an 07 GX470 2 weeks ago with only 1 key. Had High Tech locksmiths out to make a new one this afternoon. After 30 min of programming and cutting they say my ignition is fried and they'll have to replace it. Question is, my key won't even turn to crank now, is this an ignition issue or an...
  2. Bill F

    Sticky door locks?

    So, first decent freeze of the winter and the door locks are sticky. Think I have a combo-pack of issues, specifically: - old lock cylinders - mediocre cut on keys I recently had made - ice/cold gumming things up Research and past experience tells me to get in there with some Tri-Flow...
  3. MrCWineMan

    Lexus Wallet Key on a 2016 200?

    I want to get a Lexus wallet key for my 2016 LC. I've spent some time digging around to see if this is a doable thing, I had the impression that it was. But come to order one from Toyota and my local dealer says that they can not program keys (I mean really? It's just tech stream) so I...
  4. H

    AHC OFF light stays dimly lit after keys removed

    Dupe post. please delete
  5. H

    AHC OFF light stays dimly lit after keys removed

    I even went back to check 45 min later and it was still dimly lit. When I noticed it, I was also having issues with my radio volume not going very loud and when I turned the temp dial to a high temp, I could hear a noise I had never heard before. Electrical gremlins? Last weekend, the AHC...
  6. T

    2 keys to get in and Start my 100

    New to the site, just bought my first LC. 2001 249K. I have one key that opens the doors but does not turn the ignition. The second key doesn't open the doors but will start the engine. I am thinking that the ignition was replaced and that is the reason for the separate keys. Does anyone have...
  7. J

    LX 450 Replacement Key

    I recently bought an LX, 97, and I am in process of getting replacement keys. Unlike my 80, it seems I have to go through Lexus to get a fancy laser cut key, approx $230 quote. Surely there is a better option, short of replacing my ignition. Any suggestions?
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