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  1. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  H55 Input Shaft and Bearing Retainer (Early Type) - Sold

    I have an H55 input shaft and corresponding bearing retainer, 3B/13BT type for the early style H55 transmission. This is used, pulled from an H55 that was converted to the F style input shaft. No weird noises on the transmission prior to disassembly. Asking $150 plus shipping from Cincinnati.
  2. 65swb45

    Undersized Input shaft

    I will add this to the list of 'just when you think you've seen it all...' Just pulled a standard H42 off of an F engine that I am servicing at the shop. Customer complained of growling noise when the trans was in neutral. I told him that most likely was the input bearing of the trans, followed...
  3. M

    H41 input shaft seal

    I need to find this seal locally if possible, it's the seal inside the input shaft housing on an H41/42 (right behind the throw out bearing). Anyone have a part number that Napa would be able to reference?
  4. C

    H55f input shaft play/ bearing removal

    Hi Guys I've just pulled my 2h out of the the 45 and almost ready to drop the 12ht in. I noticed I have a bit of play on the input shaft, both front to back and side to side. Just wondering how much is too much? does it rely on the spigot bearing? Also is the front bearing on the input shaft...
  5. EasternYeti

    Input Shaft Bearing - Shop recommendations

    I have a H55 with 30k miles that decided to eat an Input Shaft Bearing this week...incredibly irritating Given that situation, does anyone recommend a place to change the bearing in the Boston area? I'm in Franklin (close to Gillette stadium) but I commute for work Looking for a place that...
  6. C

    H42 input shaft

    I have an h42 out of a bj 40 with the 21 spine input shaft, I'm wondering if I can change it to work with my ls clutch kit with 10 spine clutch disk, my cruiser originally came with a 3 speed and I was wondering if I could use the input shaft out of that in place of the the one in my h42
  7. hskasimir

    Input shaft differences

    Hi, I have a 1978 4-speed transmission that was originally mated to an H-engine. I am doing a conversion now to a KZ-T engine (formerly KZ-TE). While doing that I realized that the input shaft was welded. Before I put everything back together, I would like to get a new input shaft. I can find...
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