1. SchnooderValve

    For Sale  FJ40 Hard Top 1974 for sale $1,100

    Selling the hard top that came with my 1974 Land Cruiser FJ40. Message me for more detailed photos The sides shown in the photos and included with the hardtop do not have the rounded rear glass. However I do have a pair of rounded rear windows available in another extra hardtop that I own, if...
  2. Matt1260

    For Sale  FJ40 hardtop parts and doors

    Hardtop parts off of 1981 BJ40. In PDX. Oregon. All look restorable and are straight with no dents or cracks. All glass is in great shape. Mostly surface rust! Fiberglass top $300 Right panel $100 Left panel $100 Left ambulance door $100 Right ambulance door $100 These are worth a lot...
  3. Cravati

    Anybody stretch a hard top?

    I have a 1977 FJ40 that I stretched to FJ43 specs. I just found a hard top for a good price and I would love to pick it up and stretch it to match. I haven't done that much fiberglass work before, but I'm tempted to take it on. Has anyone on here been able to stretch a hard top and lived to tell...
  4. DocuDude

    Ok, LC 100's are tough to find. How hard is it, to make a 470 have Toyota LC badges?

    I'm a Toyota man Not a Lexus But there are many more 470's to choose from Has anyone else changed the badges in the rear and the front grille so that to the casual observer, they would think I am a Toyota Landcruiser and not a foo-foo Lexus
  5. veiloctane

    Hard time removing injector washer seal.

    I did my injectors today and had a issue with removing 1 injector seal. I was able to get it out with a lot of effort but I may have caused some damage. I tried to split the washer with a flat head screwdriver to pull it out. I went slowly to try and not damage the surface I stopped before...
  6. fj62max

    Throttle cable/kickdown how hard is it to replace?

    I have a hdj81 1991. Beside the mess how hard is it? Do i have to take off the vavle body?
  7. flash02

    FJ40 hard top

    I have, left over from when I had a 40, a left and right side as well two roofs for an FJ40 hard top. No doors or flip up back window. The sides are virtually rust free. The rain gutters have been removed from both roofs as they were rotted out. Glass while removed is in good condition. Any...
  8. T

    Slightly hard torque converter unlock?

    Hi all, been reading this forum for a while but finally made an account to post. I have a 2000 LC and noticed that when cruising on the highway in o/d (4th gear) with the torque converter locked and I give it a bit of throttle the unlock of the torque converter is a bit harsh, nothing crazy just...
  9. David70FJ40

    Scored A Used Hard Top Yesterday

    I have been looking for one to put on my FST in the winter. Overall I believe it is in better condition than I expected. There is rust in all the usual places, the glass is unbroken and the gaskets need to be replaced, all of the gaskets in the top need to be replaced and the fiberglass top...
  10. C

    For Sale  fj40 hood, seats, hard top, fenders

    Hood 200 Gas tank 100 Frame 20 Rough hard top. 100 Rear seats. 200 Some other not perfect body parts available all located in goodrich, michigan
  11. R

    Hard starts

    Whenever I don't use my '87 FJ60 for a few days, it's really hard to get started. I've got a pump on the gas pedal and turn the starter over several times. Anybody else experiencing this? What is it, and what's the fix? Fuel lines? Carburetor? Faulty gas cap? Seems like every mechanic...
  12. TractorDoc

    Hard Top Repair I Had Not Considered. . .

    I know the moderator will probably smack my fingers with the ruler but I couldnt help myself. At least they left the hood alone o_O. 1964 Toyota Land cruiser FJ40 antique
  13. Randy88FJ62

    Viar compressor, tank, and flared hard lines to all 4 corners/tires. Line OD?

    I recently did my own flared brake lines and since it was easy I was thinking of running hard lines from my viar tank to all 4 tires. The goal would be to air up all 4 tires at once with a pressure shutoff around 40 PSI. This would automate the air up time from 4 min a tire to 16 minutes and I...
  14. 73tlcv8

    Wanted  FJ40 Side Glass for 71-75 hard top, NC 28461

    Looking for a pair of side glass (R&L) for a 71-75 hard top. It should be the larger size 34 1/4" x 15 1/2" for use with the one piece weather-strip, for the top without the side vents. Un-tinted version. Thanks.
  15. overpaid slacker

    76 FJ40 hard top parts diagram

    my 76 fj40 appears to be missing some sort of panel that goes just under the front lip of the hard top shell (and attaches to the windshield frame). Anybody happen to have a pic of what this part looks like, and where in haddes I can buy one? Many thx!
  16. tstepp920

    Aftermarket Hard Top Sides

    Anyone else watching this progression? LAND CRUISER 40 METAL PARTS
  17. MauricioR

    Clutch - Hard to push

    Hi guys, My clutch is too hard to push. This is happening since I bought the car (80 series / 1HDT) (almost 1 year ago). I though that it was a matter of rebuilding the Clutch, so I took down the transmission and took the clutch to the Shop. I took some pictures about this. The Flywheel...
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