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  1. K

    No crank start

    Having a no crank no start situation. Full power, all accessories working, battery ok and connections seem fine. Just a loud click and nothing. Ordered a fusible link replacement and preparing to take out the starter. I had someone try to turn it over and noticed a hissing sound after the...
  2. Onur

    Part Picture Request: 24V Fusible Link

    Hi: Need a bit of assistance if anyone has any time. Looking for a picture of an OEM, non-molested fusible link preferably from a 24v 7x series truck. It would be on the positive terminal of the "positive" battery-- one closest to the firewall on the LH side. You would need to pull up the...
  3. gummycarbs

    Yazaki FLWX Fusible Links

    I was just looking through photos and came across a picture of my new fusible links. They say "YAZAKI FLWX". I found this Yazaki PDF: http://connectors-catalog.sys.yzk.co.jp/cables/pdf/45_FLWX.pdf I know that people have asked about the specs of the fusible links, so here's what I can...
  4. BADM

    Searching short frying AM2 fusible link

    Here's my Sunday fun. 96 LX with 240k. It abruptly died while driving. AM2 fusible link is gone. I ordered 2 and replaced it after visual inspection of engine bay wiring. The new one went up in smoke as soon as I turned the key to ON. I have a temporary fuse for testing and one spare FL. I have...
  5. brutledge

    Electrical Problems

    I recently replaced the alternator in my 85 FJ60 and about a week later the AC and radio stopped working. I noticed my battery was saying less than 12v when running so I decided to check the back of the alternator to confirm, it also said 12. I then checked the fusible link and this is what it...
  6. J

    fusible link replace

    I am still chasing electric gremlins. I decided to replace the 3 fusible links. I found tons of good info from another thread by bj40green. Here it is Fusible Link; which one for my '78 BJ40? I bought the fusible link wires from NAPA. I wanted to reuse the quick disconnect plug that two...
  7. 60 toy ota

    A non-fuse blowing short (Fusible Link)

    At least that's what it seems to be. Assuming the wiring between the '81 diagram holds true for an '84, the problem lies within the circuit with the white fusible link, which includes the alternator, and fuses engine, defog, A/C, Stop, headlight cleaner (no fuse) tail, and dome, in that order...
  8. mep1811

    For Sale  FJ-60 fusible link

    SOLD SOLD I have the fusible link from my 1985 FJ-60. New ones are about $60.00 if you can still find one. I had this as a spare but don;t need it since my V8 swap. $30.00 CONUS shipping included.
  9. 6

    Turning on lights kills engine, and hot taillight relay?

    Guys - hope all's well. Trying to ferret out a wiring issue on my new '87 60 project, where my tail, brake, and license plate lights won't turn on. As background, I bought the 60 "not running" a week ago, but with a new battery, oil change, and some manhandling of the gas pedal, it fired right...
  10. DoubleNickels

    Wanted  FOUND! FJ62 Fusible Link (Junk OK) - Boise

    UPDATE: Found one on C-list. Thanks everyone for chiming in. Hoping to find someone's shabby FJ62 Fusible Link. I'm planning to send it off to Coolerman to have it rebuilt as a spare. Thus the connectors should be in good shape but I don't care much about the wires. Please let me know if you...
  11. Str8Razor

    Fusible Link Issues 97 LX 450

    I tried to jumpstart my 97 LX450 and for some reason it popped the fusible link. Ordered a replacement from @Kyle Toyota OEM and am having issues, it seems the plastic quick connect is slightly different, and will not go back together, checked continuity on the plastic connector leg of the old...
  12. Str8Razor

    Builds  LX450 Baseline and Build

    Needing a kid hauler as my kids have outgrown my 2nd Gen 4runner, just got this gem.....waiting on it to get here probably by the 1st of the month...it's a 97 lx 450 175k miles open diffs...needs tires, want to add ome lift air lockers bumpers sliders....thinking toyos for tires, have Terra...
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