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  1. Grimmjow

    Front End Wobbly - Fluid All Over but Can't Find Source

    Back in an 80 for less than a month and already posting up an advice thread... It's a beautiful start of a love hate :) Picked up a 91 with 179k miles in West Phoenix. Mechanic owned. Checked out when I bought it. 1 week later noticed a pretty significant leak in the far front driver side when...
  2. rcrracingfan29

    Front axle swap and turn for driveshaft angle

    I will post pics of front end but someone has swapped to a bigger axle in front with like the knuckles on it I can rolled and fix the angle no problem but the steering bar will need to be dropped do they make and sell a drop pitman arm and if so where do I get it?
  3. js47

    Has anyone seen a CV boot leaking like this?

    I went to check out a 1999 LX470 this afternoon and it was looking ok until I got to the front end — the passenger side CV boot had all kinds of grease around it, including slung on the inside of the wheel and tire and the rear of the fender. The owner said he just had this boot replaced. Maybe...
  4. jchoop

    It can be done. Differential seal replace - w/o pulling axles

    This is in relation to my previous post where I had a front diff leak and was worried about water intrusion. Anyway, I eventually determined no water in the differential, but did confirm the leak was the differential to...
  5. jchoop

    Did something stupid

    Feel free to skip this backstory to get to the nitty gritty. So went for what I was hoping was a routine weekend camping getaway and came back with a leaking front axle/diff. Headed for Great Sand Dunes National Park in CO and all the recent posts regarding the 4x4 trail said the creek crossing...
  6. Serge1988

    Wanted  front differential 1994

    I’m looking for front differential fo my Land Cruiser 1994.
  7. FJ40 Annie

    For Sale  FJ40 Axle and Transfer Case

    Front FJ40 Axle with tie rod. Year unknown but I think it is in the early '70s. Complete Drum to Drum. Has Warn Brand Locking Hubs. $450 Transfer Case $250. Empty Transfer Case $100.
  8. K

    FJ40 Rear Knuckle Oil Seal Bracket Bolt Torque

    Hey guys, I've searched the FAQ and every possible related thread, but all I got is "don't over torque or you will bend the bracket". Well, turns out the force is minimal because my brackets are bent around every bolt hole. At no point in tightening did they ever feel tight enough to where they...
  9. 94lc80series

    Front Axle Rebuild

    Noticed some sludge coming from the wheel nuts a few days ago. Thinking I have a bad inner axle seal. Here's the writeup from a local shop: "Your front diff fluid is contaminated with knuckle grease due to the bad inner axle seals and has turned into a nasty mud. It is going to require...
  10. Zackz123

    Front axle problems on my 80 series

    Alright guys my front axle locked up on me yesterday so I got it home and took my wheels off, the shaft coming out of the pumpkin won't move, but I can turn the wheel and the wheel on the other side spins opposite. What do I do and what can it be, it isn't converted to 2 wheel drive it's still...
  11. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Complete Front Axle from 1994 (non locker)

    SoCal $550 including brakes, drag link and tie rod. Still in the car. Car will be on Jackstands. You will be pulling it. NO shipping. You can have the lower control arms too! I am not parting this axle out. If you need front parts, I also have the following: Hubs, Spindles, Axle Shafts...
  12. Clymetyme

    Front diff locker will not disengage

    I have just replaced the gears in my front diff. I also pulled my rear pumpkin off and checked those gears. I reassembled both front and rear and the rear is fine but the frond diff locker shows as locked while the switch is on the off position. I pulled the truck forward and reversed it as...
  13. HumbleDaddy

    Wanted  Fzj80 front and rear axles with ecu, wiring harness and switch

    Wanted: complete set of Fzj80 front and rear axles with ecu, wiring harness and switch.
  14. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal 1997 Complete Rear Axle, also front axle parts

    TWO NOW AVAILABLE 8/12/17 Nice complete rear NON LOCKER 4.10 ratio with slotted rotors. $550 firm. Front axle housing, hubs, rotors, driver side knuckle, and calipers, etc. NO diff for front NO SHIPPING ON AXLE OR FRONT AXLE HOUSING. Smaller parts can be shipped Pickup only. Paypal...
  15. John Hannon

    FJ80 n00b tackling front axle rebuild

    Hi Folks, I'm a fairly experienced DIY mechanic getting ready to do a front axle rebuild on a friend's '92 FJ80. Never worked on an FJ or any other solid-axle 4x4. Now, my friend is the sort who does not consider maintaining his vehicle until it needs a repair, so the back plates on both sides...
  16. dustinuhls

    What's an '84 solid front axle worth?

    I've been robbing parts from my uncle's Toyota junkyard. Took the power steering off an '84 for my FJ40 and just brought the front axle home so I can do the disc brake swap. A couple people asked me what I want for it when I'm done. I'm just taking the steering knuckles for the disc brakes, but...
  17. westwardCruiser

    Should I be concerned? (front axle)

    I've been inspecting my recently acquired 04 LC, and tonight I took a closer look at the front axles. The PO had some work done to the right front axle 10k miles/1yr ago which I can provide more specifics on if someone things it may be related. My question is is the gap I noticed here...
  18. UZJ40

    For Sale  40 front axle with discs and Aisin hubs

    Great condition front axle out of an early 80's BJ40. 4.11 gears and Aisin hubs. No rust. $500 picked up in Las Vegas, NV, or I can ship via Fastenal. Thanks
  19. SmokingRocks

    Front Axle Snap

    OK this is really starting to bother me. If I accelerate occasionally (more now than before) there will be a pop from the front left ish. I'm thinking its axle related. It sounds like something is binding then releasing. Then if I brake it will pop again. Last week I had the front drive...
  20. ccslider

    Wanted  Front axle shafts fjz80

    I'm looking for good condition axle shafts, I do not need birfs. If you have a set that does not have a groovy seal area then I'm interested. Thank you
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