1. red66toy

    Sweet FJ60 part out fire sale, need to make a quick buck

    @NookShneer left his rig in my driveway and to recoup the costs of my own rig's needs I need to unload this fast before he comes back to get it. Will let go for super cheap. Detailed build thread here. FitzJ60 1983 FJ60 Build Lots of great and rare parts. Great exterior patina from serious off...
  2. C

    For Sale  FJ45 Troop Carrier Ex Fire Vehicle in Australia

    Thought some might appreciate this cool ex fire service troopy up for Auction. Pity it is in Australia!
  3. IslandJ

    Before I fire up the engine for the first time in 13 years.

    Okay so I changed the oil and filter, new fuel filter, new pcv valve, flushed fuel lines, cleaned fuel tank, carb rebuild(mark), new plugs and wires, dropped MMO down the cylinders and rotated the engine manually. 85' FJ60 parked 13 years ago in a garage 6-12 months after a rebuild. A friend...
  4. pilotuku

    Jayco Summit pop up on fire

    Hey guys, I'd like to get the concensus of the more experienced.. I can get this for free but i'd like to know if it's worth rebuilding or spending money (that I don't have)... It's a Jayco Summit and the owner said he had brake issues on the road and caught on fire. Damage on the axle and...
  5. repentsinner

    For Sale  [SoCal] Center Axis quick-release fire extinguisher mount

    I have a surplus un-mounted fire extinguisher mount from the group buy that happened a few years ago: Official: GB: Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Mount $45 net to me by PayPal, buyer pays shipping from SoCal/90039.
  6. M

    Miss fire help needed

    Hey Guys, new member to this great forum. I have a 93 80 series and have been having an odd misfire-ish type of an issue, wondering if anyone has experienced something similar, I have searched high and low and found many useful tips but without any resolve. So on a cold start the truck idles...
  7. ElZilcho

    Electrical gremlins; or, how to start a fire by removing body trim.

    Stick with me. This might be a bit circuitous, but I'll get there. Since I bought this truck I've been chasing electrical gremlins. There seem to be three of them and every time I fix one thing the gremlin takes up residence someplace else. For instance, my horn, cigarette lighter plug, and...
  8. Markuson

    Fire Extinguisher Mounted

    Thought I'd post another "Wheelchair Mod..." -This one for quick access to an extinguisher: If you have short & tall drivers...this might restrict how far forward you can slide your seat (though you can take the extinguisher off if you absolutely MUST slide it way forward. It uses the mounts...
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