1. CobbleHDJ81

    1HDT turbocharger failure. Advice?

    Turbocharger on my 92 HDJ81 went pop offroading sending large shards and lots of oil on metal down the intake tube and into my front mount intercooler, possibly into engine. Made the mistake of firing it back up again after shutting it off to examine and saw oil pouring out of the turbo on to...
  2. nahtanoj

    2000 LC Transmission Failure at 50k (50,381) Miles

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know a trustworthy transmission shop in the Trinidad, CO area? I'm on a road trip and my LC decided to s*** the bed... I was going uphill on the highway at ~70mph and ~4k RPM when she suddenly lost power to the wheels, redlined to about 5.5k, and started making a weird...
  3. Alexh85

    Catastrophic 9.5" Diff failure - What happened?

    I took the truck out on the farm for a drive this afternoon, and the rear diff s*** the bed. Im trying to work out what caused it, Its a 1985 bj73 with a semi floating rear axle, 2 ARB air lockers and 34" tyres. I drove down a quite steep bumpy hill in 1st letting the engine do all the braking...
  4. EscapeWagon62

    FJ62 Electrical Failure While Driving

    Im posting this in the hopes that it helps someone out someday. I was driving down the road and experienced a major electrical malfunction. Radio, headlights, turn signals, power windows, dash gauges all inoperative but the engine still ran fine. Got home and shut the vehicle off and happily...
  5. B

    Help - Intermittent Electrical failure

    I have a 1974 FJ40 with the original 2F and an MSD electronic ignition. I have had this problem that is very concerning as it has left me dead in the middle of the street. Yesterday the vehicle fired right up and then when putting the choke in a little too early, it died. Tried to fire it up...
  6. M

    power windows, tach, speedometer, fuel, oil, volt, ac fan failure

    Any ideas what could cause my power windows, tachometer, speedometer, fuel, oil, volt, and ac fan to fail? My car seems to run fine and all the lights, radio work. The continuity for the FL30 fuse and the F11 gauge fuse, and all the fusible links were fine. Any help appreciated? Are they...
  7. R

    AHC Failure on '11 570

    I was driving with 4k lbs trailer when I saw bunch of smoke behind me. Pulled to the side and saw that liquid was pouring over the exhaust on the driver side in the rear. The height was normal at that point. I continued for another 200 miles, the smoke came again couple times (I guess as it was...
  8. Sceanzo

    Mark Levinson stereo failure

    So my ML stereo has failed. My truck is a 2003 LX 470 with rear entertainment My issue is whether the amp is bad or the radio receiver itself. I have no sound from any speakers at all. When I hit seek on the radio it just keeps scrolling. It never will settle on a station. Also my bass...
  9. dbleon

    catastrophic failure

    Sad day for me :( driving home from work got on the skinny pedal wot, downshift kicks into first.... Runs out strong shifts and then boom. Nothing but a trail of smoke and the sweet smell of tranny fluid. I slowly pull into a burger joint.... Dead duck Jump out, almost in tears already from...
  10. koifish

    Is this what a rear heater failure looks like?

    Dripping coolant along passenger side step and under carpet. Does everyone just bypass it because its cheaper and also to not worry about the failure ever again?
  11. S

    U-joint issue or driveshaft failure

    Hi I have a 99 LC with 230k in low speeds around 20mph you can hear a clicking. On the highway the whole car vibrates very badly you can feel the vibration in the seat also. I'm thinking its bad U joints but I'm not sure.
  12. dfrfsucks

    catastrophic power steering pump failure

    Has anyone ever had a pump snap in two peaces under normal driving this was a week old remaned pump
  13. R

    100 - Series Engine Failure - Help

    Hey All - Newbie here, I have been on the site and enjoyed it. First post but its a big one for me I need to ask for help/advice. I purchased a 2004 Cruiser 2.5 years ago with about 88,000 miles. Most of the service records came with it, with timing belt service being done shortly before I...
  14. SmokingRocks

    Is the Mall Crawlers HG in danger?

    Edit----I'm an idiot who didn't even think about the Valve Cover gasket until after I posted. The VC gasket is most definitely toast. Sorry. Move along---- So I just finished replacing the O2 Sensors on my pretty stock 93 FZJ80 (230,000mi) and I did my typical under truck inspection. I...
  15. Tofel

    EVAP fails on long climbs at altitude

    Hi guys, Lateley I`ve been having gasoline smell in the car. It happens only on prolonged climbs (1-2h) and at heights (between 1500 and 4000 m). From what I`ve checked in FSM EVAP system sucks the vapors into the manifold only with hot engine and RPM above 3000, so my theory is that with...
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