1. Indygbd

    craigslist  PTO Winch Driveshaft

    Not my listing. I saw a listing for a complete PTO winch driveshaft. Knowing how difficult these are to find I thought I would pass the link along. $350.00 Toyota land cruiser pto drive shaft
  2. 1973Guppie

    Wanted  FZJ80 Rear Driveshaft

    Looking for a rear driveshaft that will fit a 96 80 series.....
  3. C

    Driveshaft Lube

    I have some Mobil1 grease in my gun, and was about to use it on my drive shaft when I change the oil this week, but seem to recall reading somewhere that it calls for something different. Any input? I have always used the same synthetic grease to lube everything, but don't want to just go to...
  4. S

    U-joint issue or driveshaft failure

    Hi I have a 99 LC with 230k in low speeds around 20mph you can hear a clicking. On the highway the whole car vibrates very badly you can feel the vibration in the seat also. I'm thinking its bad U joints but I'm not sure.
  5. 4Cruisers

    SOLD  FJ62 Rear Driveshaft NM

    FJ62 rear driveshaft, removed from running donor vehicle with ~162,000 miles. $50 plus shipping. SOLD
  6. M

    Greasing the driveshaft

    I just finished my first oil change and wanted to grease the driveshaft. I found the zerks on the front and rear driveshaft. How can you tell how much grease to put in there? I put about 6 pumps in each and was watching to see if it came out anywhere but did not see anything. Also is there...
  7. 1973Guppie

    Driveshaft compatability?

    Will a 97 rear driveshaft out of an LX fit a 96 80 series LC? Buying a trail spare and wanted to verify this will work for me, thx.
  8. ZRotheohv

    So... are the 80's u-joint holes tapered or not?

    I've been reading up about changing u-joints in my front driveshaft, and half of the posts suggest pushing the cups in, and half of them suggest pushing on the sides of the yoke (or using a tiger tool). The proponents of pushing on the sides claim that the holes are tapered and the cups should...
  9. S

    Lubing Driveshaft

    How do I lube up my driveshaft, What type of grease tip do I use to lube up my driveshaft?
  10. Surf n Turf

    Seem to have alot of play in front diff ? Troubleshooting

    Hey all, so thing's i must mention is that when i got from Reverse to Drive and on and off the gas there is quite a noticeable clunk noise, had a play with the front driveshaft and it appears as though there is a fair bit of play within the front diff. Have a video i can hopefully upload of the...
  11. Hawker25

    Wanted  FJ40 front driveshaft

    Need a fj40 front driveshaft or the flange and cv joint to go to the transfer case side. Would prefer just the cv and flange cause it could ship USPS priority pretty easy. Sent to zip 80232
  12. Freewheel

    Size of front driveshaft slip yoke grease plug?

    The grease plug that fills the end of the front drive shaft is missing from my truck and I'd like to replace it. This is the plug that protects the driveshaft slip joint from water and dirt and also lets you grease the slip joint using the grease zerk. Without the plug, grease pumped into the...
  13. CPOV

    Wanted  FJ40 REAR DRIVE SHAFT, '74-84

    Looking for a complete (including u-joints and yoke flanges) rear drive shaft from a 74-84 FJ40. The yoke flange bolthole measurements are: 60x68.5mm and 11mm bolt hole diameter. I live in Northern California-Sacramento Area. PM if you've got one you're willing to part with along with condition...
  14. Skeenextreme

    Replacement Driveshaft flange studs FJ80

    Has anyone found Toyota replacement flange studs for the front flange on the rear driveshaft of the 80? I have searched around and haven't found them. The only part numbers I can find are for the bolts and nuts on the axle side flange and a part number 36209a for the front flange assembly but...
  15. Zezima288

    Front axle leak?

    In no terms do I classify myself as a mechanic, so excuse me if my analysis sounds silly, but let me get to the point. I recently did a few thousand mile round trip from Michigan to Moab, Utah, in my 1991 FJ80, during the trip after around 300-400 miles of daily travel there would be a noticable...
  16. A

    V8 conversation help

    I have 1968 fj40. I am still a newbie with FJ's but I've done my research and decided on doing a LS swap with a NV4500 5speed swap. I still have a few questions though. What modifications need to be done to drive shafts with the NV4500? I've been told that a split case for the transfer case is...
  17. franken60

    Driveshaft lengths

    Looking to get a second rear drive shaft for my SOA 60. My current setup is a SOA fj62 with a bj60 drivetrain ( 3b & h42f transmission ) and hi61 full float axles. I have a h55f waiting to be swapped in but have heard the drive shaft will need to be shortened. Instead on that I would rather chop...
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