1. G

    Unusual vibration

    My 1988 FJ62 makes a very rough vibrating feeling and loud vibrating sound. It does not happen often but when it does it feels and sounds like you are running over rumble strips on the side of the road. And it sounds like it is mechanical that is either behind the dash or under the floorboard...
  2. fanboy

    SOLD  New OEM Toyota front driveshaft U joints ("spider kit") 04371-60060 (USA)

    I have two brand new Toyota OEM 04371-60060 U joints, still in the Toyota boxes. Want to get them out of here. Make me an offer for both together. Add $15 for Priority Mail shipping. Thanks.
  3. fanboy

    Thud from driveshaft when shifting into D -- u-joints are new

    I have a 2001 LX470 that was very poorly maintained by previous owners. It does a thud/thump when it shifts into D. It's not horrible, but it's audible from inside and outside the truck, and sounds like it's coming from (maybe) below the driver's seat. We replaced u joints (which were very...
  4. The Ark

    For Sale  Vallejo, Ca - Fj62 parts. Hitch, drive shafts, pedal bucket, bell housing.

    Hello. Im selling a few items from my 1990 FJ62 from a recent h55 conversion. Drive shafts Pedal Bucket Bell Housing and cover Tow Hitch No reasonable offer turned down.
  5. jma256

    Longtime reader, first time owner -- 1984 FJ60 -- Quick Questions

    Friends: I've had an eye on this forum for years, sometimes longingly reading the back and forth and now, as luck would have it, I have joined the joyous (and painful?) ranks of 60 series owners. Recently purchased one in fairly decent shape -- did my homework and asked the right questions...
  6. Whiphub

    Wanted  Double Cardan front driveshaft for 94 FZJ

    Put on Icon lift now getting some vibration at speed. I’m in the Denver area, would also pay shipping if not local.
  7. BreakerMark

    Drivetrain Shop North of ATL

    Hey Mudders, I've got a problem. The universal joint on my 80 is cracked, and I need a shop to replace and balance it. I usually take my money to ACC, but with them usually being booked for months out and a little farther away I wanted to reach out to the locals and see if y'all had any...
  8. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  GJ,CO FJ60 rear driveshaft. (‘84 and below)

    I have a spare driveshaft that I do not need and is up for sale. It is for an 84 and below FJ 60. The driveshaft measures from tip to approximately middle of u-joint, 40 1/4 inches. I do not have the flanges on either end nor the u-joints. $75 plus shipping cost.
  9. ChaserFJ60

    Anyone have a front driveshaft for an FJ62

    I'm doing an h55f swap on my fj60 so i can have one of the few BOSS 2FE h55F Fj60's :cool:, i have the rear drive shaft already, preferably good ujoints, slip joint has to be good of course. and if anyone happens to have a vacuum 4wd shifting solenoid ill take that too for the right price.
  10. RFB

    Reinstalling Double Cardon

    Which is more important the "phasing" of the driveshaft yokes? or the "phasing" of the driveshaft flanges? Sorry to ask again, but the FSM isnt showing the DC driveshaft and the mounting bolts for the transfer case are very difficult to get to with the IP skid in place.
  11. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Transmissions, Transfer Cases, Driveshafts FJ80

    In SoCal UPDATED: SEPT 21, 2017 1995-1997 Transmission 1993-1994 Transmission 1993-1997 Transfer Case 1991-1992 Transfer Case Shift Control Modules also available. Driveshafts available: 1991-1992 1993-1994 1995-1997 Personal Message for quotes. I have lifting...


    TOYO Universal Joint TOYO is an excellent quality universal joint with features like: -Internal seal for Japanese applications -High durability -High performance grease and nipples -All 100% made in Japan Application: 60 series front and rear (except pre-85 with double cardan joint, only 1...
  13. Salue

    Double Cardan Driveshaft Length

    Hi All, My current option I'm looking at are either a Tatton DC shaft, Tom Woods or a Tacoma DC shaft. I'm leaning toward sourcing a used tacoma rear shaft and having it shortened if I can find a good used core and it's not too expensive. From my search, it sounds like 31 inches from end of...
  14. WildernessRimFab

    3spd driveshaft slip yoke questions.

    I am replacing the ujoints on my 1972 3spd fj40 and I noticed some issues with the slip yoke: 1. The felt seal on the slip yoke cover was ripped in half and barely hanging on. Looks like these felt seals are no longer available. 2.The "welch plug" that covers the interior of the slip yoke is...
  15. 1973Guppie

    80 Driveshaft Storage

    Thought I would post a few pics of how I am storing my spare drive shafts on the frame under the 80. Trying to keep as much usable space inside the truck as possible. Found some ubolts at the hardware store and added a few large hose clamps for redundancy. Rear is strapped under the 4x4 labs...
  16. 1973Guppie

    Sleeving Driveshaft

    Pulled my rear driveshaft tonight with the intent to bring it into the driveline shop tomm to have it sleeved to a thicker wall tube. I am wondering what size other people have used? My truck is definitely not a crazy rock crawler but I do get into the rocks usually and want to thicken the...
  17. 1

    Driveshaft Restoration

    I want to paint the driveshafts for the 79 FJ40 I’m restoring. The task will be much easier if I can use carb or brake cleaner to remove the years of old grease and crud that has accumulated over the years especially around the u-joints. I don’t plan to actually disassemble the u-joints. Can...
  18. overlandcruiser

    80 Series Driveshaft GRR & HOT transfer case

    I have a 1996 80 series, 115k miles, lockers. I bought the truck a few months ago and added a OME 2.5'' lift kit with caster correction kit & 1'' Manofre Spacer in front. I had a shop install the lift. immediately after lift install I was getting the GRRRR sound while accelerating/decelerating...
  19. 1973Guppie

    Trade  FZJ80 Front Driveshaft for Rear Driveshaft

    looking for a rear, have a front, anyone interested in swapping, I just need a decent trail spare. Mine is in good working shape.
  20. ontopofm

    FS: DC Tacoma driveshaft $400

    I bought this for my truck but it doesnt solve my slight vibration. The axle end has new Toyota u-joint. The xcase end u-joints move smoothly. The driveshaft is balanced. I'll take some pictures when I get home today. I'm located in Santa Ana by 5 fwy and Irvine Ave.
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