1. M

    DIY 80 Series Bed Build

    Hey guys hope everyone's well I've seen a bit of discussion on beds inside their wagons as appose to swag or tent. Here are my thoughts on the matter, the pros and cons and how I made mine for roughly 30$. I love mine and provide a bit of info if your thinking of doing it yourself.
  2. P

    Looking for brake help in DMV

    Hey guys, I unfortunately don’t drive a LC but I do drive a 4runner (2003 sr5 V8 118k) and I was hoping one of you could meet up with me and help me diagnose/fix an issue my truck just started having. My rear passenger side brake is making an awful grinding noise. I’m hoping its not the...
  3. RFB

    Lithium/red arc power system

    Ok heres the plan, I cuurently(no pun intended) have 170AH worth of odyssey extremmes under the hood a 70AH starter battery and a 100AH house/auxilary both fed off a 150amp seqoia alternator TO A NATIONAL LUNA dual battery setup I installed with battery the house battery runs to a bussman...
  4. CruiseLanderAZ

    Steering rack - what else to fix "while you're in there"?

    Well, at just over 180k my steering rack is starting to leak pretty heavily. I'm going to do the lift-engine method and replace it. Anything else I should consider checking/replacing "while I'm in there"? Plan: New OEM steering rack OEM steering rack bushing 555 Outer tie rods
  5. T

    Rear Suspension Conversion Spring question 81081 vs 81045 HELP

    I've got an air leak somewhere and don't feel like band aiding the air ride system, so I have my order on the way for the conversion. I need to do it this weekend, and it seems like all the manufactured kits are 2-3 week run time before I could get them, so I have decided to make my own. I...
  6. mgsmith125

    New Owner DIY Questions (2006 LC with 110K miles)

    Hey All, I just bought a 2006 Land Cruiser with about 110K miles on it. The maintenance records were pretty good with no major issues as far as I saw. I deleted the ACH myself and replaced with 1.5" OME medium kit, new 33" Goodyear wrangler Trailrunners, brake pads, rotors. I have a couple...
  7. P

    PMcB's hundie and diy thread...

    I've had a few 80 series, and one hundie Lexus before, and we just found ourselves with another hundy. A 99 with 215k, that spent most of it's life as a mall crawler in California as evidenced by the ht tires, wedding ring damage on the steering wheel, and the cleanest undercarriage I have ever...
  8. M

    Mice chewed ABS harness causing lights on dash

    Hey gents, First post on here, did a search but couldn’t find anything to help so please excuse me if the helps here and I didn’t find it. Recently purchased my first LC 100 series (224k miles) and love it so far. Did the timing belt/water pump and now I need to figure out the lights on the...
  9. tbisaacs

    I installed Slee Offroad LX570 sliders, here's how it went

    It took a couple of months of being on the waiting list, but they finally came this Friday. This is absolutely a DIY job - but it wasn't without challenges. Also, be warned: this is dirty job. My truck had probably 3-4 pounds of mud underneath. I can still taste dirt. My hope is that this...
  10. Alexh85

    Cheap DIY Bead lock rims

    I wanted a set of bead locks for my bush truck but didn't want to spend too much money. I bought 4 second hand 15x8 steel rims. Instead of buying a weld on bead lock kit i went to an engineering shop and got 8 rings water jet cut out of 6mm mild steel sheet I drilled the holes myself to keep...
  11. 88IslandCruiser

    Storage modification

    Saw some threads in here about rear storage ideas. I did a pretty simple modification. Thought I would share for the DIYers out there.
  12. fabianspeth

    DIY roof rack - floor mesh material?

    Hey guys! I'm in the process of building my own roof rack for my HJ60, as classic looking racks aren't really available in Germany, and shipping from the states would be ridiculously expensive! I already resorted to the Gamiviti Feet, since I like their design a lot, and again couldn't find...

    Replacing Engine Air Filter - Tips, Videos ?

    Hey everyone, I had Toyota Atlanta order an OEM Engine Air Filter as Lexus of Atlanta said it was extremely dirty. I see that it's the circular kind etc. and note clamps on it etc. Is it hard to replace as a DIY ? Any advice or pictures or previous threads please? Will get the part in on...
  14. Chachi254

    DIY Fail -- OME 861/862 Springs installed on wrong side

    Saturday, I spent the day swapping out my saggy, worn out, 200k, OEM springs on my LX450 with OME 861/862 stock-height springs. The springs were labeled A and B, as I had read they would be on Slee - OME Suspension Installation (Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser) and many other forum posts. I knew...
  15. B

    Tailgate Removal?

    Hi all. New to the forum. Just bought my first Land Cruiser the other week. Does anyone know how to remove the rear tailgate from the car? I haven't been able to find anything other than the tailgate lid install for extra storage. It looks like there is a torsional spring that could cause...
  16. Chachi254

    Dash-lights turn on when I press the brake, Cruise-Control doesn't work with headlights on

    Hi everyone, I've seen a few different posts on here for random interior lights/headlight/taillight/cruise control issues so I figured I'd post here to get all the answers on one post. Issue #1: Cruise Control immediately cancels when turning ON blinker (left-blinker, in my case) Issue...
  17. RFB

    For Sale  new in box ready welder 2

    $$$SOLD$$$$$$ cant use it for what I intended 425 tyd CONUS comes with case anderson plg welder extra consumabes coil and clamps. SOLD ext me Ill send pics. price is frim...
  18. kwest

    Brake lines or master cylinder?

    Weird story, but I'll proceed. On Thanksgiving night, I had my FJ62 broken into. They damaged the lock cylinders on the hatch and the driver-side door, and eventually entered by breaking the rear, driver-side door window. Long story,short, I booked an appt with A Touch of Glass for the window...
  19. O

    2007 Tundra DIYs

  20. TacticalAnt

    How to: DIY Countersunk Washers and Mounts for Drawer System Install

    Thanks to some advice from 619TOY, I came up with this plan for fabricating mounts and countersunk washers for my drawer system install. The motivation for the mounts is that its next to impossible to find a flat head bolt with a M10-1.25 thread. Hex heads are no problem. For the mounts, I cut...
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