1. Stormsd

    Mystery holes

    I could use some help identifying these holes. Holes on pass side and one set on the drivers This a 11/68 U.S. spec build. It had a CB based on the hole on the body. both sets measure 1 3/8 apart. would it be a CB mount of some kind on both sides? 40 is new to me so I am still trying to figure...
  2. Drake2

    SOLD  WI - 1977 Dash, No Extra Holes

    Nice OEM 77 dash. The only part that has been modified is the radio area. The original tabs are still there just pushed about 1/4" to the left and right. $200 shipped
  3. Jnryan

    Is my dash a mongrel?

    Gradually educating myself as I go on my FJ40, supposed to be a '77 Japan import to the UK, no VIN but chassis and engine numbers are '77. Have my suspicions that its actually from Indonesia, e.g. aftermarket heater and AC. Plus its only 3 speed, questioned PO but told JDM different from US...
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  SoCal. FJ80 Factory Padded Dash Top fits 95 to 97 and LX450 and Headliner

    Oak Brown color.. no cracks or damage. Off the car and ready to go. $275 firm. Local Pickup only. A paypal deposit will hold it for a short time, balance must be cash. Factory Headliner with all 6 pillars in BROWN Also one in GREY. These can be installed in 1991 to 1994 FJ80s with some...
  5. kpecks

    Replacing rectangle dash lights w LEDs

    Since I couldn't find a good thread on how to change the micro rectangle dash bulbs, I figured I would do a quick write up. Hopefully the pics will do most of the talking for me. Carefully pry the brown lights from the control panels. The tabs on the board are pretty strong but they will bend...
  6. prstentop

    Dakota VS. Real Gauges

    Would love to hear opinions on this....I love our 76 FJ Restomod except that the previous owner left all of the old wiring and fuses under the dash while adding newer wiring and fuses for fuel injection, ac, etc. There are wires to nowhere under there.... I think I am going to have the truck...
  7. SirBeef

    1988 FJ62 LED Interior Bulb Swap Chart (2020 Edition)

    Hey friends. I just finished upgrading all of my old dash bulbs, as well as cargo and dome lights, with new LEDs from SuperBrightLeds. I was using a list from an old thread on here, but most bulbs on the list were no longer in production. So...I made a new list with links, prices, colors...
  8. corporatecruzr

    SOLD  Northeast Alabama dash controls/console

    Pulled out of a ‘98 The fan control knob sticks Small crack as seen in picture 65$ obo
  9. J

    Wanted  Brown FJ60 Or BJ60 Dash

    Am looking for a Brown FJ60 OR BJ60 original dash without cracks. My vehicle is a 1983 FJ60. If anyone has one let me know how much you want for it. Thanks in advance!
  10. Prestonagray

    Wanted  Fj62 dash (ut/USA)

    Looking for a complete 62 dash that’s clean. Can pay cash or trade 60 dash for it. Lemme know what you’ve got.
  11. chelfy

    For Sale  2002 Lexus LX 470 Center Dash Navigation / Radio Trim Bezel Woodgrain 100 series

    This navigation / radio trim was taken out of my 2002 Lexus LX 470 with Mark Levinson Navigation. It may be compatible with previous year models, buyer responsible for compatibility check. I believe the part # is 84010-60220 I took this out of my vehicle when doing a retro-fit of an...
  12. WSOPgold2012

    Wanted  FJ60 dash Grey

    Got 1? I want 1 for my 1987 rig. #hmu Thanks
  13. E

    2013 LC200 (American) whirring noise behind the dash on cold start

    Hi everyone- I have a 2013 LC200 (American) with about 35,000 miles on it. Last winter, when it would sit in my work parking garage during the day (open air) and temperatures would be between 17-27 degrees Farenheit, upon turning on the car there would be a 3-5 minute cycle of whirring somewhere...
  14. J

    For Sale  FJ62 Dashboard

    I have an almost perfect brown FJ62 Dashboard. One tiny hairline crack as seen in picture. $180 plus shipping. Am in Portland, Oregon.
  15. M

    % of 470s w/Original Dash Not Cracked/Sticky

    Trying to decide if I want to risk buying a GX470 that hasn’t had the dash replaced. As it costs like $1700-$2000 for the parts and labor from what I’ve been told. Does anyone have a GX470 with original dash that hasn’t been replaced that isn’t sticky or cracked? If so did you do anything to...
  16. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  97 FJ80 All interior Parts Oak

    SoCal UNLESS NOTED BELOW, Everything else is available. Good Dash Pad All Seat belts except driver Door Panels, also a second set of door panels for parts. Dash board panels (INSTRUMENT CLUSTER NOT available) Steering Wheel Center (steering wheel sold) Third Row Seats (NO SHIPPING- too...
  17. T

    Dash knockouts

    I tried searching this but didn't see a relevant post I had a pioneer 8000nex installed into my 90 HDJ81 this week. Apple car play with this unit requires connecting to the rear USB port which has an extension cable Does anyone know if there is a knockout piece that would allow me to mount...
  18. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  DOOR PANELS & Interior Parts FOR 1997 FJ80 Tan/Brown

    SoCal. Prefer Pickup, as shipping is costly due to size. Very Good Condition: Front Passenger Door Panel: $55 Rear Passenger or Driver Side Door Panel $45 Headliner NO SHIPPING Middle Row Seats with Good Leather NO SHIPPING Third Row Seats with Good Leather NO SHIPPING Can easily ship these...
  19. Darb

    For Sale  Fj40 dash pads

    3 used dash pads
  20. wildling

    Lower Dash Pad Installation

    Hey all, I’m having slight difficulty in re-installing the LOWER dash pads in the 40. My approach so far has been: 1. Pre-insert the dash clips 2. Line up lower dash pad posts with the clips 3. Evenly apply pressure across all posts Where I’m hung up is failing to fully seat the posts within...
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