1. Spike Strip

    Wanted  Late 2F (85-87) Timing cover and backing plate, thrust plate

    Searching for a good condition Timing gear cover and backing plate and oil squirt-er from a late 2F years 85-87 out of a FJ60. Also need thrust plate and bolts, and possibly more if you're parting one ... Anyone parting out a late 2F ? Thanks. :)
  2. 4

    For Sale  trans hump cover

    1975 trans hump cover no rust $250 has gaskets for WS drip hoses and original heat padding SOLD
  3. shmukster

    For Sale  Gray FJ60 fuse cover and glovebox door in PA

    Selling a nice gray fusebox cover from an 86 FJ60 price $18. Also have the glovebox door from the same truck it has a dent but is otherwise nice includes the stopper arm price $20. Buyer pays shipping. Best to email me
  4. shmukster

    For Sale  Clutch/flywheel cover in PA

    Not sure what years this cover fits but I know they're hard to find. This one is in very good shape. Price $40 buyer pays shipping. Best to email me
  5. shmukster

    For Sale  FJ40 trans cover for H55 install like new in PA

    During one of my past builds we changed direction from using an H55 to going back to a stock 4 speed. in the meantime I had modified a perfect transmission/transfer case cover to accommodate an H55 and transfer case. The shifter holes had been professionally relocated rearward (I believe 3...
  6. LandCruiserPhil

    Engine plastic cover ya or nay?

    A lot of guys remove the engine cover, why? I dont see a lot of reason either way just thought I would see what guys have to say.
  7. Dedtruk

    For Sale  '72 FJ40 tool box lid & fuel line cover in southern NJ, USA

    The toolbox lid was sandblasted last year but picked up some surface rust in the interim. It's still in very nice condition. I found the pictured fuel line thing in a '72 parts rig a loooong time ago and assume (yes, I know) that its FJ40 but who knows? I also have the upper hardtop piece...
  8. FJ404345

    What late model gas evaporator cover do you have?

    Nothing dramatic, but there is a difference between the gas evaporator cover of the later years that I can't figure out, see picture. The most of them of years 1981,1982,1983 of junkers I found are like the "yellow" and the "green" ones, they are also the same of the 1981 and 1982's i have...
  9. fj40taz

    For Sale  fuel tank cover

    I have a very nice fuel tank cover I no longer need.. located in south jersey zip code 08360.. was removed from a 74 fj40 asking $75 for it........ must be picked up NO SHIPPING.
  10. gator25

    Sealing Cowl Vent Cover

    Hey guys need some ideas, been trying to find a gasket to seal off the cowl vent. Plan on putting a cover over it from SOR and painting it. Has any of you made a gasket and what did you use? I want do away with the drain hoses and fill in the holes in the trans hump. Any suggestion is welcome.
  11. fj62max

    Where can i get a wheel tire cover for a 315 size tire for my spare?

    Looking for a tire cover for my swingout spare. Size 315. Would like it with a logo. Thanks
  12. 4

    For Sale  1975 gas tank cover

    I have for sale a rust free 1975 gas tank cover $75 plus the ride 2 available
  13. USOffRoad

    FJ80 Hard Dash Cover

    Looking for a gray dash cover for the 91. I hate carpet/soft covers and could have sworn I had found an aftermarket hard cap but can't seem to find it now. Anyone know of a manufacturer or have a good gray dash laying around? :)
  14. Farmboy29455

    For Sale  FJ40 dash cover

    Brand new dash pad cover. $75 plus the ride from 97070
  15. wngrog

    SOLD  1976 FJ40 Fuel Gas Tank Cover

    Surface rust but solid. $40 plus shipping.
  16. obxalbemarle

    Wanted  hello MUD! i need a 2F bell housing bottom cover

    looking for a 2f bottom bellhousing cover, need for a 76 fj40, cheapest first, trying to get it on the road, thanks, Daniel in 27947 NC
  17. wngrog

    SOLD  Sold

    CityRacer product. $30 shipped. New.
  18. jdayment

    Another Seat Cover Thread

    We are looking at getting some seat covers for the LX and the wife is interested in the Leatherette ones from Seat Covers Unlimited | Your shopping cart has anyone installed this brand? She is curious to know what the center console cover looks like.
  19. drew151

    Wanted  1988 FJ62 Horn Button, Horn Cover BROWN

    I don't need the whole steering wheel. Just the horn button or horn cover. 479-871-2470 text or call. Thanks!
  20. 85FJ60SD

    For Sale  [CA] FJ60/62 Trani Cover

    Got two trani covers. Don't need them anymore. 20 each + ship Hope all is well, -Victor
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