1. FJ60BigLou

    Timing Cover REAL TIME PIX

    Ive removed all the bolts from timing cover (85 60 w/2f). I have disconnected oil cooler hose brackets. Last I whacked the tc a few times with rubber mallet. Tc won't budge. Don't want to damage cover or score surfaces. What am I doing wrong? Any advice appreciated!Timing cover 1 by FJ60BigLou...
  2. splitbuseric

    Wanted  Needed ASAP - 1HDT Timer cover on side of injection pump

    HI I need the lower left timer cover from a 1 HDT (or 1HZ too maybe?) injection pump. Anybody have a junk parts pump or a source for pump parts? Need to get the truck back on the road asap and my cover is cracked.
  3. uscmas412

    Inspection Window Cover

    I'm not entirely sure of the correct name for this piece of plastic, but it's pictured below from the FSM. Toyota vaguely refers to it as a "hole plug." Any idea as to a part number or if it's still available?
  4. 65swb45

    For Sale  Section 169- 75-77FJ40 wiper motor cover, gasket, screws,SoCal

    Good used parts. Four or five colors to choose from. $100 shipped. No PMs please.
  5. thecrazygreek

    Wanted  Valve cover nuts for 73 1f.

    Old and dirty ok.
  6. akmcruiser

    For Sale  Fj80 locker switch / fuse cover

    These parts came out of the older style interior land cruiser; I beleive it was a 1993 with 170k Prices are shipped in continental USA Differential locker switch $65 SOLD Dash light potentiometer $35 Fuse panel cover $35 Switch panel by akmcruiser posted Jan 28, 2017 at 11:09 AM Switch panel...
  7. DakotaKid

    For Sale  Hatch cover inside panel

    not sure if exact name for this part but goes on inside hatch for 74 or earlier Fj 40. It covers the cables that releases the hatch. Great shape. Hard to find 40 plus the ride.
  8. C

    Wanted  Flywheel Cover - 04/1976 2F with 4spd

    I have a 04/1976 2F with 4spd that is missing the covers under the flywheel. It should be a two piece setup with a sort of flat cover up against flywheel and a rounded pan-like cover underneath the flywheel. Should be part numbers 11363-60010 and 11361-60060 If anyone has either of these parts...
  9. graham5david

    For Sale  f engine valve cover

    $30 plus shipping
  10. JohnnyC

    Wiper Contact Covers

    The wiper auto stop cover for 68-74 (single upper wiper motor) has been discontinued for some time now Part number: COVER, WINDSHIELD WIPER MOTOR AUTO STOP SWITCH 85146-60070 I have a decent one to copy... however the copy wasn't too good so I had to build from scratch Since I was going...
  11. ErikinSC

    Wanted  4 speed Trans inspection cover

    I need to find a 4 speed flywheel inspection cover. Have a like new powder coated 3 speed cover.... Useless to me. The cover I need looks like this, with symmetrical mounting holes : Willing to trade ' offer a very nicely restored and powder coated 3 speed Trans cover to anyone interested.
  12. TNOverlander

    For Sale  LX450 Parts (springs, steps, bumper cover, hitch)

    SOLD I've got a few parts left over as I have gotten a little further in my build. I'm showing pics before I removed items from vehicle and a few others when I have them available. 1) 4 coil springs (1 set) factory 1997 Lexus LX450: $50 2) Side steps/running boards (have some surface rust...
  13. Pistorman

    For Sale  FJ40 Dash Pad and Dash Pad Cover $140 plus shipping.

    I am selling my 1970's FJ40 OEM Dash Pad and a new unused Dash Pad cover. This was the dash pad my late 1970 FJ40 came with. It has some cracks on the outer casing but no structural damage or the filler. I originally intended to have it recovered with black vinyl and to sand the mounting area...
  14. M

    Wanted  Rear Door Speaker Grill

    Looking for 1 speaker grill cover for the rear doors of my '97 fzj80. Thanks!
  15. Payara Offroad

    LC 80 SEAT COVERS - Water resistant fabric.

    Water Resistant SEAT COVER for Serie 80 Many colors available (Brown, Tan, Black, Gray, Blue "pepsi" ). Covers are made of a Polyester Water Resistant Fabric (NO NEOPRENE). The 2nd row covers allow to fold both parts individually, the arm rest won't be able to unfold.
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