1. Porzingis213

    Underbody cover

    Hi guys I am wondering if anyone can tell me why this is so cheap. I have been looking for the underbody cover for my 2000 lc because my mechanic forgot to put it back on and they have all been like 400 dollars but I found this and it’s $26. Is it a picture of the cover or is it really just...
  2. Baja73

    Wanted  Lower vapor collector cover

    I am looking for the lower vapor collector cover. Shispped to 34787. Thank you.
  3. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  70-series Steering Column Cover (LHD)

    I have a used but clean and healthy steering column cover in gray for a LHD 70-series. All legs and tabs are there and not broken. Asking $50 shipped in the U.S. Make it a combo with the mirror I have listed and will give you a great deal on both :)...
  4. Fuentesfranko

    Mysterious Cover

    When I purchased my 1973 FJ40 in Vancouver, Canada. The seller included this cover. I've never unrolled it, but the seller said it's shaped specifically for the FJ40. It's super heavy duty and super HEAVY. Looks like military grade. Previous owner said to keep it because it's very valuable. I...
  5. AussieInExile

    Really dumb question about hitch cover

    First off, these forum's were an immense help in my purchasing decision, managed to get an extremely low milage, well taken care of, "Black on Black" LX570 2011. Love the way the thing drives and looks. Ofcourse I plan to tow some stuff. DUMB QUESTION INCOMING: How do you get the hitch cover...
  6. Schep

    For Sale  LX450 Rear Bumper Parts (Tan) - Portland Or.

    Tan LX450 Bumper covers are in good shape with just a few minor scratches and dings. Would like to see them go to a good home $25 or best offer. Thanks, Kyle
  7. FJ40 glove box cover (used)

    FJ40 glove box cover (used)

    for sale, $40
  8. Z

    Leather Seat Covers - 200 Series? Perforated?

    Hi I recently purchased a 2014 LC with black perforated "leather". THere is a rip the size of a quarter in the middle of the drivers seat so I am looking at replacing the bottom drivers side cover. I've previously purchased a set from Metric TLC for a 2000 LX470. Any ideas where I can find a...
  9. sunrk

    Do you cover your spare wheel(s) or not if on a rear carrier ?

    If you have a rear wheel carrier that holds spares behind the rear barn doors or tailgate, do you cover your spare(s) or just leave them uncovered? Given that the spare(s) are going to be getting bulk sun-time and never rotate on the spare wheel carrier(s), what's the likelihood that spare(s)...
  10. alohamade

    For Sale  FJ40 Glove Box Cover w 3 Speed Info Plate

    FJ40 Glove Box Cover, Not sure the Year, think 70's $30 + Shipping Message for details Ships from Hawaii
  11. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Steering Column Cover (Clamshell) 1997

    SoCal Good shape, no broken connectors, fits together like factory made it. $95.26 including shipping to your door within US. This model is for cruise control Paypal OK
  12. J

    FJ40 Jump Sheet Upholstery

    I working on recovering my 1977 FJ40 jump sheets using the Spector Offroad deluxe seat covers. I am finding that a little bit of the foam on the back corner of the seat bottoms is exposed. I am also finding the bottom covers (where they screw into the back of the seat) do not extend as far as...
  13. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Steering Wheel Column Cover (Clamshell)

    SoCal NOW OFF THE CAR AND READY TO SHIP From a 1997 Tan Color - XLNT condition $92.74 including shipping.
  14. daner

    Interior/ seat cover colors for 1965

    Hello all-I'm looking for the correct seat cover color for a white 1965 FJ40 . According to the Cool Cruisers webpage, this should be a Lily White: Cruiser Color Codes I had thought the mid 1960s white Cruisers usually came with the red/corral interior, but looking closer at the few remaining...
  15. LandCruiserPhil

    Tyvek Land Cruiser car cover - GOT?

    Looking to purchase a Tyvek car cover for an 80 series anyone have any experience. The Tyvek is said to be the best when it comes to reflecting heat but is recommended to be removed when it rain. What do you got?
  16. Matt1260

    Wanted  Pre-1975 valve cover nuts

    I'm looking for at least one of these. Knowing how expensive they can be I may try to weld the holes shut on the three I have.
  17. wngrog

    For Sale  Floor Shift tranny cover

    out of a 73 part out. Completely restorable. Blast and paint. $50 shipped
  18. A

    Tire cover

    Anyone know of a exterior spare tire cover for a 315x70x16 that has either toyota, Land cruiser, or bolth stenciled on it. Checked ebay, sor etc., presuming copy write issues with Mr. T
  19. mtweller

    2F / 3FE Timing Cover gasket

    Longshot: Anybody have a 2F timing cover gasket laying around? I ordered one Monday but it won't be here for the weekend and was hoping to finish off a project. Would need to be triangle area. :beer: Ramon
  20. Jason Reed

    1966 FJ40 Timing Cover Bolts w/ "Rubber Sealing Washers"

    I posted this in my 1966 FJ40 Frame-Off Build (3rd Generation Owner) build also, but thought I'd start a new thread separatly. So @Rock40 and I need some tech assistance here on a sealing washer question. #92 on SOR diagram (below) is a lower bolt on the timing cover area that goes directly into...
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