1. Slashzero

    P0031 - Heater Control Circuit Low

    2003 LC. My CEL light came on today during a short drive. Scanned and it’s showing P0031, Heater Control Circuit Low. I haven’t reset it yet to see if it comes back. I searched the forums and saw a couple of posts that stated replacing the faulty sensor fixed the issue for most, but... How do...
  2. Markuson

    Evap Codes GONE...Woo!

    New charcoal canister and replaced fill tubes. Sheesh. Finally! Bad news is canister is EXPENSIVE... But glad I can stop my routine with the code reader/reset. :hillbilly:
  3. R

    '03 LX470 VGRS codes

    Hey all, I am not showing the VGRS light on in the dash but I am not able to successfully keep the steering wheel centered after re-aligning via TechStream. There are some codes showing up and they re-appeared after clearing. Other threads I've read on here go through replacing the VGRS...
  4. torpedo51

    FJ62: have engine codes, need service procedures

    Hi, Looks like the FJ62 I just bought is turning out to be the sour lemon that I was hoping to avoid. In addition to a non-op AC, non-op power windows and locks, dripping diff & transfer case, I now have a check engine light with these codes. You may remember this quote from Apollo 13, "Is...
  5. aaronrules

    FINALLY got Techstream to work!

    I've searched, but apparently one code can mean a bunch of things. When checking my AHC, I got these two codes: C1712 C1776 I know my tire PSI sensors are messed up, which one of the codes. No biggie there. But I am finding a handful of reasons for code C1776. Does anybody have experience...
  6. LockedNLoaded

    Love seafoam, but now we have codes

    Hey guys. Did my annual seafoam treatment when I changed the oil this past Sunday. Nothing out of the ordinary occured. Certainlly had alot of smoke like usual. Everything was routine and the engine seemed to run better than before. Last night, the check engine light came on. LX is running...
  7. gatormark91

    LC interior color codes for dye?

    Hi all - I have a 2000 LC. Brown/tan interior. I ordered a can of the oak brown dye, code #43 from a place online ( Their web site shows it to be dark brown (which is what I needed), with the lower tan being Light Oak, #42. The can I got contains light tan, but says...
  8. coldtaco

    where do I find all the paint codes used on the 70 series?

    where do I find all the paint codes for the 70 series? I am guessing that different parts of the world got different paint colors? Thanks.
  9. RedJed78

    trouble codes

    on the way home from work the MIL came on. took it over to the autoparts store to use the code reader. P0110 and P0106. 106 i know what that is because 3 years ago i replaced it. engine coolant temp sensor 110 is the air intake temp sensor. but then it said it could be the ECM i replaced the...
  10. SgtChase

    Fj60 2FE Engine Codes

    I have a 1984 Fj60 with a 1988 Fj62 fuel injection engine head on it. The donor engine was already desmogged so i put on a desmogged EFI on. I left my catalytic converter on when i first drove it (Because i was lazy) but as soon as i cut it off i got the engine codes 25/26. the exhaust pipe i...
  11. 2

    radio codes

    is any one knows how to obtain the radio unlock codes? my still working but i like to get the code. I am trying not to go to the dealer. Thanks
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