1. U

    P0300 code with no other codes - 1999 100

    After scanning this site, I;ve seen a lot of P0300 codes, but usually a bunch of other codes that follow along. I was driving yesterday, and the motor just started running like it dropped a cylinder. Checked the code and saw P0300 and nothing else. I have 155K on this LC. Most of these seem to...
  2. drjman

    C1241 code - Check engine Light on

    Finished degreasing and rinsing the engine bay (negative battery terminal disconnected during and while drying) and once connected again I started it up with no issues. The check engine light was on so I checked the code and it was C1241. Possible meaning from engine code: Low Battery...
  3. Nasr Qaisar

    Does anyone have the code for this color

    Hi Guys I am redoing the body and paint work on my 62 and want to consider something lighter then the current red. The Flex net site lists this color as Gold(Japanese translated by google), however they don't list the 3 digit code. Any ideas what this could be?
  4. A

    Code 55 Knock Sensor causing really rough/weak running

    I broke off the knock sensor during PHH as stated in previous thread, knew one on the way. I temporarily glued the broken one. Drove on the freeway today <10 miles after new radiator, PHH, thermostat, and heater valve. As soon as I got on it started running really rough and really weak, very...
  5. doug720

    Key Code Info

    I have my key code off the PS door lock barrel. Are the codes 4 numbers long? Ie., 2234? Not longer and no letters? I cleaned up the barrel, but all I saw was just four numbers.. Can someone post an example of a made up code combination? Thanks Doug
  6. Willard

    For Sale  Paint Quart cans Code 8B2 (1986 FJ60)

    Ok so I was planning on just Paining my quarts and lowers (after removing the spary on bedliner) but found out this paint while correct for a 1986 FJ60 was not correct for my ride. Going though the large stack of receipts I have I discovered my FJ was repainted in 2003 in IL. So I have this...
  7. Red Merle

    New exhaust now throwing Code 28 on 1994.

    I just replaced my entire exhaust system this weekend and now I am getting Code 28 which says it has to do with the No. 2 O2 sensor. I wasn't having this issue prior to the new exhaust. The only thing that I did that may have caused the problem was to clean off the old O2 sensors with brake...
  8. D

    engine code info

    Hi, I am new here and have a question. I picked up a 1974 FJ40 last summer and it came with a hole rusted out 1977 for parts. The engine was not in it but I have it. Now my 1974 should have a F code engine and it has a 3 speed tranny, I would think the other engine would be a 2F engine but the...
  9. g-man

    60 key code/worn key/alternator problems

    my fj60 key is worn pretty bad. I can pull it out of the ignition while the switch is in the run position. Lately my alternator light comes on with the brake light and the voltage drops from 14 to 12. It is intermittent and will go back to 14 volts after a few minutes. I have tested my...
  10. RockAuto Discount Code for Parts & More - Expires July 7, 2017

    5% Discount Code: 6F8890B8A95B59 Expires: July 7, 2017 Please enter this code in the ‘How Did You Hear about Us’ box to receive the discount. Please enter ONLY the discount code, no other words or numbers. Please note that orders using discount codes must be placed online and the discount code...
  11. G

    I got a po401 code, so I replaced the EGR Vacuum Solenoid, & then got a po402 code

    I have a 95 Landcruiser with 245,000 miles on it. I'm in California, and need to get a smog check. The CEL came on about 5 days ago, and I scanned it and it said I had a po401 code ("Exhaust EGR Flow Insufficient"). I noticed that the EGR Vacuum Solenoid had a green sticker on it, so I assumed...
  12. Dean780

    Paint code help

    Hello guys maybe someone from here can help, does anybody know what is yhe colour code for this 70 anniversary edition, thanks
  13. Dean780

    Color code help

    Hello guys, Would anybody know what the colour code is for this 70 sereis, thanks
  14. TydilFJ62

    Fj62 trouble code 41

    im sure there are already some threads on it but I'm have a hard time fining them. I'm getting a code for my throttle position sensor does anyone have any tips or tricks or do's and dont's before I dive into troubleshooting this the hard way? It's also showing a water temp sensor signal fault...
  15. M

    Code 71: EGR Failure.

    Found a rotten/open vacuum line at the EGR valve. Replaced it, cleared the code and went for a drive. Not sure how long it will take to verify the fix. Hopefully this was the only issue.
  16. blossett

    Rear heater paint code

    Does anyone have the paint code for the rear heater cover for a 76 fj40?
  17. I

    Code Alarm wet, going off.

    I already searched the forums. Did not find what I was looking for. Hey, does anyone here have experience with Code Alarms, in Cruisers? Mine came with one installed by the dealership. When it gets real wet and I drive in lots of heavy rain, or go through a deep puddle, like less than 12"...
  18. BrooklynFJ80

    This is what P0401 code looks like.

    So I decided to just tackle all of this and get it done. Thanks to Onur for the parts. This is what 20yr old vac lines, manifolds and ports looked like inside. Replaced modulator, vac lines, check valves, etc...
  19. petveedub

    Error code help please

    Hello all, My wife's 2001 lx470 sounds like it has an exhaust leak or vacuum leak. I can't find a leaky hose and it definitely has more of an exhaust smell than is typical in the engine bay. My neighbor is a retired master certified mechanic and he thinks probably exhaust but maybe intake. He...
  20. JackAttack13

    C1268 Code

    Hi All, I am in the process of purchasing a used 2008. The dealer said they have occasionally seen a C1268 code thrown. They have also said the battery is weak and feel that is causing it. I asked them to replace the battery and not charge it. Has anyone else seen this code? I searched...
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