1. Bryanseye

    UC February Monthly Meet - 2/21 - Quest Brewing Co

    From 6pm - until: Google Maps It's vinyl night (no, not your pants), so bring any records that you want the DJ to scratch. Unsure about food.
  2. RFB

    NorthEast Land Cruiser Club

    Im trying to get ALL the Land Cruisers together for a northeast Club. Hit me up and let me know what your running and how you would like to see this all come together Northeast LAND Cruiser Association Richie 508-718-8253
  3. Stumpalama

    Monthly Club Meeting 7:30PM, Wed. 3 May at Kilroy's

    It's that time again... It crept up on me. We'll meet in the back lot of Kilroy's in Springfield around 7pm and head inside at 7:30. Cheers, Stump
  4. Granite Grinder

    Club Member

    @Marine7 Is this person a CC member?
  5. lt1fire

    Newest Member of the Club

    New to the Hundo but not to cruisers in general. This was my 80 that I sold two years ago and regretted it ever since. (the one on the left) Wife and I decided to do a more expo-centric build this time after we moved to the Seattle Area. Picked this up for dirt cheap 2 days ago. Factory...
  6. B

    I think I'm in the owners club now! 2003 117k

    So, just went and looked at this today, made an offer, which was accepted. No money has changed hands yet though as the seller has a bank lien on the vehicle, so we set up a time we could meet at his bank. So, there is still some time for you guys to stop me if you think this is stupid :) And I...
  7. mtnbike28

    Hopefully not a club member!

    Man’s SUV rolls off Mesa Verde cliff Land Cruiser rolls off cliff - owner from NC
  8. JohnnyOshow22

    April Club Meeting Info

    Club meeting next week everyone! 4/26 @ 6:30 PM Pedersen Toyota. Instead of just going over the agenda and having a discussion among our members like we always do, this month I'm going to discuss how to fix a sidewall/puncture in the field and (hopefully) we will have some tires to practice on...
  9. franken60

    Club Run May

    Hey all, wanted to get a club run in may together. I was thinking the first weekend of may. we had talked about a brunch and wheel for this one so lets make it happen. any ideas on where we should go? There are some good areas if we head in towards Lake Cowichan but I'm not too familiar...
  10. R

    2017 Annual Club Dues

    This is a friendly reminder that the Georgia Cruisers annual membership fees for 2017 are due. Seems like everybody is pulled in multiple directions these days. But monthly meetings are still the first Tuesday of the month – have been trying some new locations, currently Fuddruckers near...
  11. Poupon

    Club Meeting - Breakfast at Daily Grind Sat April 15th 9 am

    Its that time again. Let's have breakfast at The Daily Grind on the 15th at 9 am . 4360 Cutler Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110 Chime up if you would like to add to the agenda. Potential Topics Cruise Moab (May 3 - 7) Overland West (May 12 - 14) HCD Ouray (Aug 2 - 6) Baja 2018 Aircraft Crash...
  12. Stumpalama

    Monthly club meeting this Wednesday 5 April 7:30 p.m. at Kilroy's

    As per usual, we'll meet in the back lot of Kilroy's in Springfield around 7pm and head inside around 7:30. Cheers, Stump
  13. Dudleyfj40

    This 80 to be in the club

    1995 Toyota Landcruiser *locked*
  14. E

    New to Austin FJ Club - Meet/Greet

    I have a green 75 FJ I have been working on. I live in South Austin in Circle C. If anyone ever wants to grab lunch one day and swap stories/advice on upgrades, feel free to hit me up. I am also a member of the Lonestar Bronco Club but relatively new/novice on the yota side so look forward to...
  15. DSLTOY

    Club work weekend

    A couple of members have projects they want to get done before GSMTR and need help. So I thought we would schedule a work weekend at my shop on Saturday April 22. I can accommodate 2-3 overnight if projects run over. I have a lift bay and a long bay the will accommodate 2 cruisers and if weather...
  16. SAS

    2017 Club Election Results

    Elections were completed on Tuesday evening. Club officers for 2017 are: President: Tracy (SAS) Vice President: Malcolm (Maldavid) Treasurer: Ryan (mountainmanryan) Secretary: Todd (twbland)
  17. BajaCruiser94

    BajaCruiser Club - Baja Mexico

    Hey guys, forgive me if this is not so tech, but just wanted to share anyway... We have had a Land Cruiser Club on Baja Mexico for almost a year now; I wanted to share some small clip from our latest trip last January. I'll upload the second part soon. p.s. - Working on the subtitles also...
  18. TeddyBoy

    April Club Meeting

    We need to stat settling on a new location and get back to some form of structured meetings. April Location: Fuddruckers Alpharetta Address: 6360 North Point Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30022 Meeting starts at 7:30 but usually people start showing around 6:30 or 7:00
  19. JohnnyOshow22

    March Club Meeting

    Club meeting in two weeks everyone, March 29, 2017! Instead of just going over the agenda and having a discussion among our members like we always do, this month Reed will give us a presentation on electrical diagrams and how to find/fix electrical prolblems out on the trail. If you are...
  20. alia176

    Club Meeting - Breakfast at Daily Grind Sat March 18th 9 am

    The Prez, Larry, asked me to post up a reminder for our monthly meeting this sat. So, here it is :D
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