1. Bambusiero

    Front Differential Oil Capacity

    FYI - Documenting what I couldn't exactly find a number for. Just changed the front diff oil after 6 1/2 years and 35k miles of mostly low stress road use. Measured the drain out - right at 4 quarts of nice thick dark gray/green iridescent diff soup. I'd say it was about like a melted...
  2. Dashash

    HJ47 Towing Capacity

    Gents, Please forgive me...I tried the search function to no avail... What is the towing capacity of an HJ47? Does it change if said HJ47 is equipped with a 12HT motor? Does anybody here have experience towing with the old troopy? Thanks!
  3. buggyboy7

    KZJ95W Towing Capacity

    Hello 90ers Can anyone tell me what the towing capacity is for a 1996 KZJ95W Prado? Thanks
  4. bjowett

    Transmission pan - PML aluminum high capacity

    Th below pictured transmission pan is on its way to my place for testing on the Land Cruiser AB60F transmission. It is a prototype in the as cast finish. Fluid capacity has been increased by 3.25 quarts, so the total transmission circuit should hold almost 15 quarts total. How much cooler it...
  5. F

    Warn M12S Winch Line Capacity

    Does anybody know, off the top of their heads how much 3/8" synthetic winch line will spool onto an M12 drum?
  6. shmukster

    Warn 8274-50 winch line capacity question

    Looking to replace the somewhat kinked steel line on my Warn 8274-50 winch with a 3/8" synthetic line. What length line can i use- 100' or 125'? Thanks................
  7. Taco2Cruiser

    GVWR, how much can a 200 safely carry?

    We all use our 200s differently, from daily driving with families, to towing, weekend camping, to full long term expedition travel. Safely carrying extra weight seems to be an ongoing concern, as it should be. Lives are at stake. I for one use mine for long term remote travel and harder rock...
  8. jamesurq

    Towing Capacity Limits

    So the published limit for towing in the FZJ with the towing package is 5000 lbs. My question is, is that limit based on the amount of torque/HP the motor makes combined with the brake capacity? or is it more associated with the strength of the frame? IE: if I were to say add some more power...
  9. KYLandy

    2006 LC Fuel Tank Capacity

    My 2006 LC has a stated fuel tank capacity of 25.4 gallons but I am never able to get more than 21-22 gallons in the tank when I fill up. It seems like the low fuel light comes on when there is about 4 gallons of fuel left. Do you guys get similar results? My mpg has improved recently since I...
  10. T

    LX 570 AHC Load Capacity Enhancement

    A thread on the 100s forum got me thinking/reading about this again..that and my sudden fixation on gear weight as I load for an Overland Expo road trip. We know that the LC lends itself to upgrading the suspension to increase carrying capacity beyond 1200-1300lbs or so vs the LX use or replace...
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