1. r2m

    GX 460: Add the factory front and right mirror cam's?

    Has anybody looked into adding the factory front and right mirror cam's? I've found some info on other Lexus websites, but they usually refer to the Lexus sedans and not the GX 460's. Anyone given it a go yet?
  2. LostAfrican

    Back-up camera with intelligent tracks

    I found this on AliExpress and ordered one ... I am pleased with the fitment and results. It works with a gyro in the camera assembly to detect the yaw and predict where the vehicle will track in reverse. The unit replaces one of your license plate lights and has a slot to insert your...
  3. purdytj

    Reverse camera switch splice???

    Hi all, has anyone tried finding a wire to splice into to have the reverse camera on with a switch on the dash (or center console) in addition to when the gear selector is in reverse? I'd be OK with the reverse lights coming in as well when I switch it on. This function would be for off roading...
  4. cru1s3r

    2017 200 Camera Article

    Very interesting: This surprisingly self-aware SUV points cameras everywhere I didn't know you could use the knob to change views! Must play with this feature when I return home...
  5. W

    Backup camera install help

    Clear this up real quick... I am terrible with electronics/electrical work. It's just something I've never been able to grasp in the smallest amount. If it's not plug and play, I struggle with it. I hate to be "that guy" asking this question... So my problem is I have a Pioneer Sph-da120 head...
  6. J

    ARB Rear Bumper with Camera & Parking Sensors

    Does anyone know if the rear camera and parking sensors work with an ARB rear bumper setup with the tire carrier on the right and jerry can on left side of vehicle (2017 Land Cruiser). If not, do you know of any rear bumper/tire carrier which does allow the rear camera and parking sensors to...
  7. S

    2011 LC - replacing the back up camera with a unit displays "lines"

    Has anyone successfully replaced the back up camera on a 2001 LC? This camera is useless for navigating into a parking slot without the indicator lines. I'm wondering if you can splice into the existing wires to power a replacement camera with the indicator lines? Any thoughts?? Thanks Shad O Matic
  8. h2opl20

    Back up camera monitor in visor- who makes this?

    Hello all- Wondering if anyone knows who makes this, where I can get it or has anyone done this before? I searched the forum and all I could find this costco install- but I'm looking for one that would replace the mirror. Also I'm trying to install it on a 100 LC rather than LX...
  9. Bryanseye

    Reverse camera

    Working on installing a backup cam in the 2007 Sequoia. Does anyine know what this harness is? Hoping it may offer a shortcut to fishing the nee wire to the front. Location is right by liftgate ecu.
  10. V

    Front wide view camera problems

    Hello. My 2009 LX570 front wide view camera shows up cloudy on the screen. I have tried to take it apart but can not get deep enough in to the lens with the film. Has anyone else had this problem and figured out a solution? I did search google with the Toyota part number on the camera and...
  11. Chris FJ80

    Custom Mounting Bracket for Backup Camera on Slee Rear Bumper

    For a few years now I have had my backup camera mounted inside the CB antenna bracket on my Slee rear bumper. While it has been a secure location, I've had two major issues. First, the right side of the video frame has been dominated by the bumper catch handle (not a showstopper, but it takes...
  12. JonD

    New head unit / backup cam / remote start

    Finally treated Vicki to some upgrades I had been planning on from the start. Headunit: Sony XAV-AX100 6.4" Media Receiver with Bluetooth: Cell Phones & Accessories Remote start: PRIME G9 | Remote Car Starters | Compustar Not sure about the brand of backup camera as I had a...
  13. cwmoser

    Install Backup Camera ...

    I'm wanting to install a Backup Camera in my 2002 LX470. The dash display does not have video inputs - so I've been looking at those inexpensive backup cameras on Ebay that use a small 7 or 9" monitor. I have some questions: 1- anyone have experience with this? 2- better to run a video wire...
  14. M

    New to me 2000 LX470 (Pic heavy)

    I have always been wanting to get a hundy and I finally found the right one after selling my e36. Picked it up with 144k and alot of maintenance records. She had the 90k service done at 100k so TB/WP should be good for another 100k :). Its been in Texas its whole life so zero rust! The plan with...
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