1. E

    For Sale  2000 Black LX 470 - 188k Miles - $10.5k Austin TX

    Great condition 00' LX 470. No Rust. Completely stock. I have owned this for 2 years and only put 4k Miles on it. The only two things I've done: 1. Oil change (filters, etc.) 2. Brand new Duratracs approx $1k Exterior Condition = Fair -Light scratching on all sides (none that are deep) -Rear...
  2. LostLTinJP

    New Owner of a 1995 KZJ78 1KZ-TE

    Intro Thread Post! Finally the owner of a Black 1995 Prado here in Okinawa, Japan. Vehicle was shipped from mainland JP with 206,000 km, 33in. Dueler M/Ts and a near perfect condition interior. I would like to undertake a few projects somewhat in this order: Rust proofing/coating the...
  3. M

    Pros/Cons of black/grey/silver paint on GX470s

    I'm leaning towards grey (ash blue mica) or silver (silver pine/titanium metallic) BUT a few black (black onyx) GX470s have caught my eye... Anyone have any issues with the black paint... I had a civic back in the day and it had crazy paint swirls that drove me nuts... I'm guessing they'd be...
  4. yonah

    Thoughts regarding black as an exterior color

    I've been searching for a 2013+ for awhile and originally discounted black as an exterior color due to the maintenance factor (harder to keep clean) and that blemishes tend to be more pronounced against a glossy, dark surface. My wife has a black Audi and I find that it doesn't take that much...
  5. Arch

    For Sale  97 landcruiser, Black, no locks, $11,500

    Selling my 1997 LC. Has 208,000 miles. Well maintained, garaged, everything is in excellent working order. Has the 18x9 enkei rims with 33” nitto terra grapplers. Has a pioneer head unit with DVD, CD, Bluetooth, and navigation. Infinity 6.5” in all four doors and an alpine 12” subwoofer. No...
  6. 0

    craigslist  100 series. All weather floor mats.

    I saw these very nice all weather floor mats on Craigslist, thought somebody on here might want them. If they were tan or brown I would buy them myself. Lexus LX 470 original rubber floor mats

    80 Series 2nd Row step nuts in std or ext lenght (black, brown, gray)

    For those of you with an 80 Series you probably are already missing one or more of the little plastic set nuts used to hold down the second row step or maybe you added sound Dynamat or other sound deadener and the plastic nuts aren't long enough anymore. Well, because I have nothing else better...
  8. cbmontgo

    Trade  Gray Bestop Fold & Tumble Seat for Black

    I've got one similar to the one pictured below, but would prefer black. Let me know if anyone wants to trade.
  9. G

    Wanted  2013+ LC with Black interior

    Have been searching for a new LC for my wife. Our 2012 4runner is getting to small for the family so it's time to upgrade! Here is what we are looking for: 2013+ Black interior Color preference: magnetic gray. There is a chance she would go for white, but REALLY wants gray. Mileage isn't a...
  10. Joshau

    mystery black box on firewall

    Bought a nice rust free, 119k mile '95 FZJ80 a couple months ago that didn't come with the keyless entry fobs but oddly had zero key scratches around any of the door locks, making me think it had to have keyless entry at some point or owners with surgeon-like steadiness in their hands...
  11. S4Cruiser

    Mudship: Black Mountain / Fletcher to RTP area

    Ive got an H42 and splitcase that I've purchased in the area above. Looking to see if maybe anyone in thT area is heading this way or if anyone in this area is heading to GSMTR and could grab this on the way back. In zero hurry or time crunch for this as its not for my current build, just...
  12. Crazylegspete

    Pro Comp series 69 black wheels?

    Pro Comp Alloy Series 69 Wheel 16x10 5x150 Matte Black -25 MM Offset - # FREE LUG NUTS w/ THIS SET # Anyone on here rocking a set of these? A tough bolt pattern to shop for but I think these would look great
  13. Austin Hot Shoe

    Wanted  5, 18" black Tundra steel wheels - Austin TX

    The wheels with the round holes. Thanks.
  14. Bryanseye

    Back to black roof rack

    I made this rack for my Grand Cherokee in 2005. It is all aluminum and the brackets were designed to fit the roof nutserts (10 anchor points) instead of bolting to the factory plastic feet. It worked great for years and removing it was the first thing done to prepare the WJ for sale. Now I am...
  15. Recon Aircrew

    Aftermarket Black Hex Grille Thread

    Modifying with the black Bentley-style Hex Grille and FJ40 emblem badge seems to be a pretty common thing to do, so I thought I would start a thread for others who may be considering giving it a try. I ordered the following items from eBay: OEM Toyota 1969-1974 Land Cruiser BJ40 FJ40 Front...
  16. Dharma Dude

    Black Forest Gear Cargo Slides

    I have no affiliation with Black Forest Gear but I saw this on YouTube Almost the same size as the ARB cargo slide but cost about half the price. Does anybody have any experience with this product?
  17. rc51kid

    FREE  black leather SAAB front seats

    I have some SAAB seats that i put in my 80. Black leather power. They are in OK condition with some stitching that came out in the driver bottom. A small rip on the driver that is down on the bottom. Supper comfortable just not right in the 80 for me. But might work for someone else or could be...
  18. MattSEG

    Wanted  2003+ LX or LC white or black under 150k miles in the Southwest

    Looking for: 2003 or newer 150k miles or lower. White or black ( really just not gold, sdp ok) No rust, good condition. I'd like to keep it under 18k, but can go higher for a nicer rig.
  19. Webster77

    Black smoke

    Noticed after my last fill up a puff of black smoke on startup or when I rev the motor. Could this be the diesel fuel or turbo lag. I've been watching the exhaust since purchase to see if there were any signs of issues. Idles fine, no issues with start up plenty of power through entire band. I...
  20. Webster77

    Black puff of smoke..

    Noticed after my last fill up a puff of black smoke on start up or when I rev the motor. Could this be the diesel or turbo lag. I've been watching the exhaust since purchase to see if there were any signs of issues. Idles fine, no issues with start up plenty of power through entire band. I did...
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