1. Brentbba

    Who is it? CA Black Plate 80BRUZER

    Noticed a nice 80 in our parking lot at work here in Irvine on Michelson. Anyone here?
  2. mike mooradian

    Wanted  Black TRD Pro 18inch wheels 5 lug

    Looking for a set of Black TRD Pro wheels for my 200LC. Any out there? thanks mike
  3. Delancy

    For Sale  GX460 Black Weathertech Floormat Set

    Front, Rear, and Cargo mats from my wife's 2011 GX460, used for 6 years. Asking $100 SHIPPED IN CONUS.
  4. emac

    For Sale  used Dashtop door cards FJ40, black

    Not sure if these are of any interest to anyone. They are in good condition and aren't cracked. Too good to toss away. They are black. $45 shipped in the continental US.
  5. NButler

    Builds  NButler's 1997 FzJ80 Build Thread

    Hey guys, I wanted to make an introduction and build thread for my new Landcruiser. My name is Nick, I'm a long time BMW enthusiast. I've been driving them religiously for the last 10+ years and I think they are amazing cars. I've had a bunch of different models over the years but currently my...
  6. C

    Parting Out  1997 LX450 Black

    Have a 1997 LX450 that looks like its been in accident and repaired poorly on drivers side between 1st and 2nd pillars. Rust near on shell near roof line and floor board. Interior is in excellent shape. Door panels, belts, handles console, dash, etc. AC and Heating all good. Fendor flares...
  7. MScruiser

    Official 200 Series Black Friday Deals

    I thought we could make a thread to keep track of all the available deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I know last year, I went a little nuts with my checkbook, and I am sure this year will be no different. As far as I know, the major vendors have not posted anything yet, but it is safe...
  8. prophetone

    88 FJ62 Painting Grill and Trim Black

    Hey all, on to the next to-do... my '88 62 has some peeling chrome and paint on the grill and misc trim, etc. Pretty common, several ways to deal with it. I've read through the forums and decided that because I'll eventually be revamping the interior, adding custom front back bumpers, etc...
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