1. Delmer

    For Sale  '99 100 Western NC

    Selling my 1999 Landcruiser, $6800, has 275k on it. It has ARB front bumper with 9k pound winch. Heavy duty Slee Offroad lift kit. Nito Terra Grappler tires. Full roof rack. Located in Arden NC. Please email with questions or offers '99 Toyota Land Cruiser
  2. Spc54

    Need some help and or advice on purchase... 99 Land Cruiser 261k

    Truck is in rough shape inside and out.... 261k miles, Florida truck originally from Texas. Interior driver seat is torn pretty bad, steering wheels is worn bad, and carpet is pretty dirty. Seems everything is in working order though, AC blows cold, it seemed to drive great.... Owner did...
  3. Nathan Neumeyer

    Bone stock 99

    Hello all! I have always followed this page and read and learned as much as I could about land cruisers as they have always been a passion of mine! I must say everyone on here is so nice and willing to teach and give their knowledge out, it is awesome! Well I finally recently acquired a 99 100...
  4. F

    craigslist  99 Toyota Land Cruiser clean title w/lockers

    socal, no rust 99 Toyota Land Cruiser (similar to LX470) clean title w/lockers
  5. MattSEG

    craigslist  99 LX with 190k miles for 5700 NM

    I'm looking for a later year, but this looks like it could be a great deal. I'm totally unaffiliated. 1999 Lexus LX470 AWD 1999 Lexus LX470 AWD Selling 1999 Lexus LX470. In a good condition. Clean NM Title. 190k miles V8, 4.7 Liter , Automatic, 4WD Air Conditioning Power Windows Power Door...
  6. blackdeath

    For Sale  * FS 99 Land cruiser with goodies in Salt Lake City*

    I'm selling my 1999 100 series Land cruiser. I absolutely love this rig, but selling to get 4 other things I don't need haha.. It has 215k and will go up slowly as I use it as a daily driver right now. It has the rear diff lock and It runs and drives awesome. These 4.7 V8's are known to go well...
  7. incudie

    Moving OEM rear lockers from 98 LC to 99 LX

    Hey so I thought I'd ask aloud as I'm not finding much on the topic. Would anyone have any advice about moving a 98 LCs stock rear diff locker to a 99 LX? I wrecked my LC and replaced it with an LX and unfortunately it doesn't have that nice rear locker. I suspect it will require moving quite...
  8. connorbray

    99 UZJ100 - opinion on Rust

    Hello, Im Connor Im new to the forums and just picked up my 99 UZJ100 LC 4 days ago. Im living in Georgia and picked up the truck in NC. It spent a good portion of its life up in Massachusetts. I don't know the maintenance records from the PO, But the car runs strong and overall feels healthy...
  9. flintknapper

    99 LX470 Dome Light function..............?

    Hopefully, this will not sound too confusing. Wife has been working until after dark lately (Tax Season) and when She goes to get in the Lexus....the Dome Light (up front) does not come on when unlocking the door (key FOB) or when opening the door. Come to find out, it is not supposed to...
  10. B

    99 rolled. Advise?

    Well, my GF rolled my much loved 99.... I have State Farm full coverage but do not know what to expect. ARB bumper, aftermarket stereo, cloth interior, excellent shape. 200k. I have owned for a long time and know how hard it is to replace. I have spent $$$ on preventive mx. CA car no...
  11. G

    Parting Out  (SC) 99 locked 100 series

    Got into a wreck the other day and I don't think it's worth repairing. I only had liability on it so I need to recoup some cost one way or another. Just putting out feelers to see if anyone is interested my my cruiser whole before I part it out. The lift, tires andJDM swing out tire carrier are...
  12. LockedCollector

    craigslist  Locked 99 LC

    Not affiliated. 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ100
  13. semlin

    fuel sender ewd diagram needed for a 99

    can anyone post the fuel tank sender info from the ewd? i have a problem with what i think is a bad ground or damaged wire somewhere in my harness. symptoms are fuel gauge dropping down to empty over time during long drives when there is plenty of fuel, and empty fuel light coming on at...
  14. gndm93

    Wanted  99 lx470 Rear passager ahc shock

    Hello, I am looking for a rear passenger side shock 99 lx470 with ahc. Thank you, Andy
  15. M

    A 1999 100 series LC landed in my lap...where do I start?

    What would you all do if someone handed you a 1999 LC with 280,000 miles on it and you wanted to get it a bit more off road-capable? I figured tires/lift would be a good start, but I think I'll need to save up a bit more to lift it (unless you have any good budget options)...so I'm looking at...
  16. I

    Anybody need some running boards?

    Been lurking for the last few months but this is my first post... I just removed the stock running boards from my 99 LC today and I would much rather see somebody put them to use rather than let them rot in the local scrap yard, if anyone wants them you can have them as long as you can pick them...
  17. L

    New member intro

    Hey everyone! My name is Al and I'm a proud and happy new owner of a 99 LC with 223k miles on her . I'm super stoked and have been super happy with it so far. The PO was a lady and kept it dealer maintained . So far I've upgraded the tires with bfg 285/75/16 ko2''s, just got my snorkel in...
  18. 2001LC

    Wanted  Hood LX470 99-02

    Preferred color GOLDEN PEARL but any will do. Would like in good to excellent condition. No rust or past accident damage to hood.
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