99 LX470 Dome Light function..............?


May 22, 2004
Deep East Texas
Hopefully, this will not sound too confusing.

Wife has been working until after dark lately (Tax Season) and when She goes to get in the Lexus....the Dome Light (up front) does not come on when unlocking the door (key FOB) or when opening the door.

Come to find out, it is not supposed to. This vehicle doesn't have a second row Dome Light because there is a DVD player in the headliner at that location.

So...this leaves Her with only the courtesy lights in the drivers and passenger door (when opened) to provide light by which to see and enter the vehicle.

I have ordered a set of LED lights to replace all interior lights, which should help since the door mounted courtesy lights will be brighter.

Now to the preface and then my question: I have read that IF I manually switch the front Dome Light on when leaving the vehicle and then hit the 'lock' button twice on the key FOB....the Dome Light will go off.

I tested that....and it DOES do exactly that. Then when I hit the 'unlock' button one time, the Dome Light comes on. So, that seems like a work around for getting the Dome Light to come on automatically when She unlocks the door. All is good there.

My Question: Will the Dome light (still in the manually switched ON position) turn itself off after a period of time...or is it going to just stay on and drain the battery if she forgets to turn it off with the key FOB?

I have searched and found some saying it will turn itself off in an hour, others say it will stay on? I am in the 'it will stay on' camp, but don't know for certain.

Long winded....I know.

Thank You in advance for your patience and help.


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