1. LazyEye

    Thrust Washer importance level

    Well, this may seem like a stupid question to many and I have a good idea as to the correct answer but I guess I'm just looking for some general agreement or disagreement with my thoughts. I'm putting my drivers side hub back together after new bearings, new ceramic pads and freshly resurfaced...
  2. 9

    Parting Out  looking for 92 land cruiser parts

    hey, anybody in Washington parting out a cruiser? I'm looking for a right front fender and a bumper. maybe a couple other things. let me know what you have and where your located. thanks
  3. jda81

    92 fj80 exhaust

    Has anyone used these? Catco Direct Fit Catalytic Converters 4304 It's time to get my Cruiser back on the road and I'm trying to get her back to right. I was throwing bandaids on for a long time because she was my DD and it was all I could afford to do. Still can't afford much but if it takes...
  4. MDarius

    Wanted  PS pump for a 92 LC

    Looks like my Power Steering pulley bearing is going out. Does anybody have what I need?
  5. S

    Wanted  92 master cylinder cap

    looking for a master cylinder cap with wire and connector only for a fj80 shipped to 85249
  6. S

    Where is the obd port on a 92 land cruiser

    I've looked under the hook and under the dash but can't find anything
  7. T

    92 fj80 brake line issue

    My 92 is out of commission dued to a crack head . I was losing brake fluid and realized that the rear brakeline has rusted out . I'm planning on cutting the line from the middle and adding on another to the proportion valve . The line is rusted out so I couldn't remove it from the valve...
  8. meatloaf

    Emissions parts for 92 22re

    Where can I source emissions parts for my son's 92 truck with 22re. Need parts below... VSV for EPU VSV for AS Check valve BVSV for EGR Thanks, ML
  9. cbw4466

    For Sale  92 White FJ80 119k Miles - Upstate SC

    I have a white 92 FJ80 that I am considering selling. 119k on the odometer, bought it 2.5 years ago with 109k from an older gentleman who really pampered it. It has been a weekend driver. The interior is extremely clean with very few issues. Upon purchase I bought a set of weathertech mats...
  10. MDarius

    How do I turn off the factory alarm in a '92?

    This car is treating me like my wife in the morning. Every time I go near it the alarm goes off! I push the button, the alarm goes off. I don't push the button, the alarm goes off. I use the key, the alarm goes off. I look at it with a little sparkle in my eye and the alarm goes off. I can't...
  11. MattDsfj80

    92 fj80 diffs leaking

    I have a 92 fj80 with slow leaks in the front and rear diffs. I was just wondering if I should use a gasket or just RTV? I read about people using "Right Stuff" on pirate, but I have never heard of it before. Also the truck has lockers front and rear. The rear acts like an auto locker and I'm...
  12. PDoyle

    Found a real nice expensive 92 in VT for sale

    Somebody buy this thing! It's not mine and I don't know who owns it,but after reading the thread "If I had to do it over again" this one would be a pretty good choice if you can get the price down. 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser
  13. MDarius

    For Sale  92 Less than perfect but perfect for you!

    I figure I'll call it all out up front. If I miss anything you'll let me know! I picked up this 92 because it was a good price and the guy was going to send it to charity if he didn't sell it. I'm posting it as it was when I picked it up last night. This vehicle has had 2 owners before me. The...
  14. D

    new to me 80 -- 92 FZJ80

    picked up a 92FZJ80 a few weeks back. had to work out some gremlins with window switch, but it appears gtg now. restored/fresh paint around '09 at a dealer. seats upholsterd with jag leather/merc cloth. (not by me, PO). carb'd version of 4.5l 1FZ runs great, thought heater didn't work...
  15. T

    swap motors 91 into 92

    I completed the head gasket job on the '92 the other day and did the de-smog on it plus replaced the OEM injectors with 4 port injectors off eBay. got it started with a massive new ROAR to it. it was dark with only a 1 LED flashlight and didn't realize the water pump wasn't turning because the...
  16. S

    92 losing clock and radio memory after sitting overnight

    Need some help after sitting overnight my radio and clock loses its memory any help only been happening for about a week my battery is good
  17. D

    For Sale  92 Land Cruiser west coast Canada. Not affiliated

    Looks to be in great shape. No rust . In miles so originally from the USA i guess. 200,000 Miles… Reasonable price. $8700 Canadian is only $6600 US Sport Utility - 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser luxury in ABBOTSFORD, BC $8,700
  18. J

    92 versus 96 FZJ

    My 96 was recently rolled and totaled. In my search for the next one, I have come up with a low mile 92. Curious from the collective knowledge of the esteemed members of this site what the significant differences are between the two? Thank you
  19. mulchiro

    Wanted  91-92 fj80 grey cloth seat covers

    Looking for grey cloth seat covers from a 91 or a 92.
  20. RedComet

    92 FJ80 - Dead Battery Mystery

    Ok, I have a good one for you guys. So we've noticed that our '92 Cruiser's battery seems to die at near random points. It originally died after we brought it home from the PO which was a long drive in the rain. (Wipers, lights, heat all on) So we thought alternator. We've checked and...
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