1. I

    FSM TOYOTA-L-2L-2L-T-ENGINE- WORKSHOP-SERVICE-REPAIR MANUAL Publication number 3625 August 1984

  2. A

    For Sale  1985 LJ-70 Diesel For sale in FL $17,500

    Selling my 1985 LJ 70. She's in great shape and runs like a champ. Asking $17,500. Located in the Florida Panhandle.
  3. J

    2L-T Diesel Pump allignment

    Hey guys A Friend of mine has a 1996 2.4 l Diesel Toyota Hilux (2L-T Engine) and asked me for advice / help. I am very familiar with 1HD, 1HZ, 1KD and 1KZ engine, but these engine don't have the diesel pump driven from the timing belt, so i hope to find some help here. We had to change the...
  4. MrW

    Toyota 2L part search help needed!

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here on IH8MUD. I have been successfully wrenching (thanks to forums like these) on a few Toyotas ( 95 T100 5vz-fe w/ 459km on it, and more recently a 85 Hiace Pickup 2L with 92km) now for a while. I find much of the information here useful and I am hoping to...
  5. CIR

    For Sale  1988 Toyota Hilux 4WD LN65 in Canary Islands Spain

    New listing from the personal collection of Canary Island Rover: 1988 Toyota Hilux 4WD LN65 Double Cabin Two owner 122,000 kms Restored 2L diesel motor 5 speed manual
  6. Mauiwowie

    Wanted  2L Fan Blade

    Greetings Aloha, I’m looking for OEM part # 1636164020. Any help would be much appreciated! Mahalo
  7. AirheadNut

    SOLD  Complete, Low Mileage 2L-TE in NW Montana - Sale Pending

    SOLD I just pulled this running 2L-TE from my Prado at 70,536 miles. It is complete from the fan to the bell housing, and includes the ECU and all of the associated wiring plugs (would have to be reconnected). The bell housing will bolt directly to any pre-1995 V6 5-speed (post '95 will require...
  8. pseudodiesel

    1985 2L - Mismatched Injectors

    Hi All, Got a quandary for you, any wisdom much appreciated! I pulled the injectors out of my 1985 2L LN56 during a rebuild (full thread forthcoming, it's been a journey) and discovered that one of the injectors is mismatched, see pics below. I didn't think anything of it until I was about to...
  9. MauricioR

    Toyota 2L and 2LT Manifold compatibility

    Hi team, I been researching about this since I am turbo charging a 2L engine, but so far I have been not able to confirm this. I need to know if the 2LT manifold works for the 2L engine or should I pay to fabricate a custom one for it? PD: Turbo is a CT20
  10. Engineerscake

    Diesel Spec Table

    Howdy forumers, I'm new here... I've spent some time on looking around this forum and have prepared a table of common stock and popular swap diesel engine specs for 60 series LandCruiesers. I know that all this information is available here, but I haven't seen a comprehensive table... so I made...
  11. Zeek

    1981 Toyota pick-up (Hilux) DIESEL 2wd 1L to 5L ???

    Hello I'm new to the forum! I live in the US. I have a 1981 Toyota pick-up (hilux) 2wd. I really need help on this one. I have searched all over the internet and no one in the US has any clear answers! My truck currently has the original 1L 2.2L Diesel with L50 (2wd drive 5 speed transmission)...
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